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The Month in U2 : July 2003 *

By Carrie Alison - Chief Editor

7/2 - A modern take on the classic children’s novel by Prokofiev, Peter and the Wolf, has been released, featuring illustrations by Bono and daughters Jordan and Eve, and recorded by Gavin Friday with help from Maurice Seezer.

For more information on this special book, visit:

Larry Mullen, Jnr. is nominated by PETA as a candidate for “Sexiest Vegetarian Alive,”
and loses the honor to actor Josh Hartnett.

7/3 - U2 are featured on the Spring/Summer 2003 cover of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum's Liner Notes magazine to promote the current U2 exhibition In The Name of Love: Two Decades of U2. Launched in February 2003, the U2 exhibit has elevated the spirits of all who patron its three fun and memorabilia-filled floors. Recently, it was announced that the exhibit has been extended until the end of 2003.

Edited by Museum Curator James Henke, the Liner Notes article paints an overview of what fans can anticipate seeing when visiting the U2 exhibit at the Rock Hall in Cleveland, Ohio. Noted in the magazine's exhibit writeup is Bono's famed American flag Super Bowl jacket, the first U2 t-shirt designed by Larry Mullen Jnr, Edge's bedazzled #7 shirt from the Elevation tour and Bono's green Gretsch guitar, also from the Super Bowl performance.

To receive Liner Notes magazine, you must be a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. For information on how to join, visit:

To read Interference's report from the exhibit launch, visit:

Larry Mullen Jnr has taken part in a new book by RTE Radio Presenter Alan Swan called From the Cradle to the Stage: A Complete History of Irish Music to help the Irish charity Fighting Blindness. For more information, visit:

U2News receives word on the long discussed, debated and rumored final issue of U2's World Service Magazine - Propaganda. Though not the largest info byte about the issue, this is what we know from the Prop team: there WILL be one final issue. No word as to when though. We take this to mean that the magazine will make its final curtain call just before/after the release of the new U2 album, which is rumored according to the band to make its bow in late 2003 or early 2004, to be followed by a world tour (according to recent press).

7/4 - LAUNCH announces that The Edge has contributed guitar work to ex-Fugee Wyclef Jean’s upcoming solo effort.

According to the U2 fan sites U2Achtung and, Universal France confirmed the release of the Slane Concert 2001 DVD on November 17th, 2003. The taped performance will be from the second Slane show. And, according to Universal Belgium the release would be the answer to the fans that asked for it through online petitions.

7/7 - The Irish Sunday Independent newspaper publishes and in-depth interview/article with Bono who proclaims the following nuggets:

“I wish I knew more about where I live. I started to feel recently that I don't really live in Dublin any more. I live in the Clarence. I live in various pubs and drinking holes and the kids go to school. And I'm wondering if my experience of Dublin is the same as everyone else and whether therefore my opinion is less and less valuable."

"I find that inspirational," he says. "This African stuff is the civil rights movement of this age. This will define our moment. There are probably three things that will define our moment; the internet, the war against terrorism, and about Aids. This is how we will be judged, and I think a lot of the anger that you saw in Seattle [the anti-globalisation protests] and places like that . . . it basically has at the heart of it a sort of unrivalled anger at what I would call a crisis in capitalism - that globalisation does not work for the majority, and that, in fact, it works against a lot of people”

To read the entire article, visit:

7/8 - Bono and Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern attend the launch of the Human Development Report 2003 in Dublin, Ireland. Bono tells the press: "The people I represent - the activists from my community - will take a very, very different tack in the next few years if these trends are to continue in Africa.”

"I am ready to march with my activist friends in campaigns of civil disobedience," he added. "We are about to get very noisy, we are about to bang a lot of dustbin lids. This issue is the defining issue of our time and some of us are ready to really work on it."

For more photos from this event, visit:

Bono speaks with Christianity Today magazine about his efforts on behalf of DATA, the importance of getting involved and President Bush's actions on the AIDS crisis.
To read the article, visit:

7/9 - Diane Sawyer interviews Bono on Good Morning America via satellite from his home in Dublin. Bono spoke about the AIDS pandemic in Africa and his goal of getting President Bush to commit to a financial aid plan to help the people get the care they need. Presumably, this appearance was related to Bono attending the launch of the United Nations’ Human Development Report in Dublin yesterday.

Bono and Ali Hewson attend the Dublin premiere of the film “Veronica Guerin,” starring Cate Blanchett.

7/10 - MSN publishes a lengthy profile on U2’s Clarence Hotel in Dublin, Ireland. To read the article, visit:

7/11 - Bono appears on CNN”s NewsNight to discuss President Bush's trip to Africa.

7/13 - Bono (or Paul David Hewson LLD) receives an honorary Doctorate degree from Trinity College in Dublin. "And here I am surrounded by greatness and nobility. My message to students is that crime does pay," he said at the ceremony.

For more information on the ceremony, visit:

7/14 - The Belfast Telegraph releases further details on the upcoming tell-all book from former U2 stylist Lola Cashman. Bad blood between U2 and Cashman ensued when Cashman purportedly tried to auction off items the band had given her during her tenure as an employee. For more information on this article, visit:

7/15 - Bono is named the #11 most influential person in the UK music industry - but not for what you might think. His humanitarian efforts on behalf of Africa are cited instead of U2.

Bono appeals to German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder to support a global fund to fight AIDS in Africa, attesting that Germany was blocking funds to do so.

7/16 - Designed to correspond with President Bush's trip to Africa and Congress' appropriations debate on Global AIDS funding this month, DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa) announces its "KEEP AMERICA'S PROMISE TO AFRICA" Campaign. For more information on this campaign, visit:

Those interested are encouraged to go to the DATA website(, read the Promise and sign their names to the letter. The letter will then be forwarded to the White House and Congress (if desired) automatically from the DATA website.

The German government rejects Bono’s claim that Berlin refused to allot more cash in the fight against AIDS, states Expatica online. To read the article, visit:

7/17 - According to the San Francisco Examiner, Bono had quite a time trying to convince the co-op board of the San Remo apartment building (in New York City) to let him move into the former home of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’s 3,500-square-foot two-bedroom duplex. After Bono agreed to come round and meet all of his potential neighbors, he was OK’d to move in.

VH1 names Bono as the 73rd Greatest Pop Culture Icon.

7/19 - Bono and Ali Hewson attend the 85th birthday celebration of former South African President Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, South Africa. During the Irish-themed party, Bono took to the stage with fellow Irish band The Corrs. Below are a couple pictures we have on file from the event:

(AP Photo/Obed Zilwa)

Bono performs with African star Yvonne Chaka Chaka.
(AP Photo/Themba Hadebe, Pool)

According to USA Today, Bono will host the first program for [record label] Lost Highway’s radio series highlighting their eclectic roster of musicians. A 90-minute concert from Lucinda Williams will be the topic of Bono’s broadcast.

7/24 - With all the talk of the RIAA going after fervent file sharing music fans online, it has been noted in the press that U2’s anthem “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” is one of the most popular traded songs online.

Also on this day, a pre-recorded video message from Bono urging involvement in fighting the AIDS pandemic in Africa is played to attendees of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Youth Gathering in Atlanta, Georgia.

7/25 - launches a competition to give away three copies of the brand-spanking new book from graphic design powerhouse Four5One - the company responsible for many of U2’s best loved iconic imagery.


For more information on the competition, visit:

To read Interference's review of the book, visit:

Australia’s The Age publishes a wonderful interview with Bono who speaks on such wide-ranging topics as: being “a ham,” working in U2, having an attitude problem (“"If somebody takes a piss I hold it against them. If somebody leaves to go to the bathroom I go, ‘What’s your problem?’”), the continuing fight against AIDS, Bill Clinton ("a brain on a stick"), his political hero (Nelson Mandela) and much much more. Check it out here:

7/29 Ahead of the SARSstock concert in Toronto headlined by the Rolling Stones, rumors are rampant across the city as fans report to Interference that Bono was cited at a hotel, the airport and a shopping mall. When all was sung and done, Bono did not turn-up at the concert.

Reports surface that Bono and wife Ali fly to North Sligo to look into purchasing the famed Lissadell House - but the rumors were for naught - Bono and the missus only took a tour of the estate.

Bloomsbury, the publishing company behind Bono, Maurice Seezer and Gavin Friday's retelling of the classic Sergei Prokofiev tale Peter and the Wolf has launched a feature rich mini-site for the project that has garnered attention the world over from the U2 fans.

Now included on the Bloomsbury site is pictures of Bono creating his artwork for the book, a special journal-type entry of Bono's creative process, musical excerpts, and biographies for all involved. A portion of Bono's "journal" reads:

I remember standing with my head just below the level of the black and tobacco keys of my Granny’s piano. I could reach them but I couldn’t see them. I could hear the hammer hit the string and bone machine but I didn’t know why, after choosing one ivory, I could hear a sort of rhyme for it in my head, leading me through the din and clangour of choices to a melody. I knew then that music was a playground that for the rest of my life I would be chasing in.

(photo: Bloomsbury)

For more information, visit:

That’s all dear readers! Not a whole lot going on in U2 News land this summer, but stay tuned!

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When your Column didn't appear more frequently, I became concerned as it really was something that quite a lot of us here adored, but what you've just written here concerning what the guys have been up too over July is riviting. Keep this type of Column going cause it's so informative and in a time when the Band are relatively quiet it's essential to know what they're doing. Thanks Carrie, as always.

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That was really good. Cheers
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