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Tribute Band : EXIT - The Exclusive Interview

by Kimberly "hippy" Egolf

On June 14, 2003 the four women of EXIT will ascend the stage at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio for their last, and perhaps greatest performance as a U2 tribute band. In just a few short years, these musicians have gained international recognition for themselves, even making the front page of twice, a status that no other U2 tribute band has achieved! Inspired by their success playing the U2 music they all love, EXIT is ready to embark on a new journey: they are ending their time as a U2 tribute band, but only beginning their journey as an original band. The Rock Hall concert will definitely not be the last time we hear from these women! Only a month before this momentous event in the band's career, Interference got the chance to sit down with the four members of EXIT and ask them some questions for this exclusive interview...

First the introductions:
Lead singer: Nikki Poynter

Guitarist: "Captive" (Courtney Lavender)

Bassist: "Affa" (Susan Hamilton)

Drummer: "Dim" (Pam Bluestein)

How did you get involved with EXIT?
Affa: Well, Court ["Captive"] and I were friends… we met over a mutual love of the Beatles, and were in a band together while we were in high school. I was a huge U2 fan at the time and Court was a big Queen fan. We decided it would be fun to share each band's music with each other. And as quickly as I gave her Boy, October, and then War, Court was stuck! I, on the other hand, did enjoy Queen, but it never went as far as Court’s love for U2. So Court and I were huge U2 fans, she was already playing guitar, and I was just starting to play bass.
Captive: It's probably more like how I got EXIT involved with us, actually. I met Pam in high school and turned her on to U2. She heard Larry, became interested in the drums and started to play. I'd been playing guitar since I was 13, and Affa had been playing bass for a little while by that time too. We had the idea of forming a band, but it wasn't until we found Nikki that the idea became more solid. It was 4 years ago (May of '99) when I posted on Wire [an online U2 fan mailing list] looking for someone who might work with us. Nikki was the right person and we all knew it immediately, though it took us nearly two years to get our act together musically and to really be able to play together at all.
Dim: Yeah, I was friends with Courtney in high school. And met Affa through Courtney, then we all met Nikki. With forces combined, we are EXIT.

What's the story behind your nicknames?
Captive: Well, I dreamt the names as the original nicknames U2 had when they were very young, and we realized they fit for us as well!
Affa: I introduce myself as Affa to people, and in general, use the nickname quite often. Somehow it really stuck, and I like it a lot.
Dim: I want to make it clear that my nickname, Dim, is by no means a reflection of my personality!
Nikki: Court dreamt my nickname was Paul. But it wasn't sticking; so I just go by Nikki.

How did you all become U2 fans?
Nikki: I always had this "thing" for 'em - like when I was small and my only concern was who I was going to play with at recess, I didn't really know my music, but I definitely took notice of U2. What little I saw of them, they seemed real and kind, they were Irish, and that lead singer; I was such a little kid, but man, I knew sexy when I saw it. It wasn't until 1997 though, that I finally got my chance to see the band and hear the music live; a friend and her mom saw my blooming fanaticism and offered to sell me their extra ticket to Popmart, and I was completely floored! Like, I loved the Joshua Tree back then, I might have owned Achtung Baby by then - but I had no idea, I had no idea. Until June 21, 1997. My first big concert in L.A., and I had never felt so crazy in love with music before in my life.
Captive: I always loved them as a child, but in January of '97, Affa let me borrow Boy, October, and War, in that order, and by the first notes of "I Will Follow," something in me stirred and I knew I'd never be the same. Being at the LA Popmart show six months later (at age 15) completely changed my life.
Affa: Hmmm…when I was in 8th grade in 1993, some friends of mine had a copy of Achtung Baby in the schoolyard. They were showing it to me, and I remember I was really interested in it. My older sister, Sara, actually used to play that and Rattle and Hum for me all the time. But not until 8th grade when my friends introduced me to Achtung Baby, and then Zooropa did I really fall. My friend lent Zooropa to me, and all he said was “track eight” which is, of course, “The First Time." This song killed me. I went out and bought Zooropa, which was actually the first CD I ever bought. I also remember around this same time this other friend of mine told me to listen to "Seconds" off of War, and I did, on headphones, and flipped out! And that same year, I saw the video for “Numb,” - well it was a lot of things I guess, but all around the same time. I’ve been a nutcase ever since!
Dim: When I first met Captive in high school, she introduced me to a wider range of music then I was listening to at the time. U2 was one of these bands she introduced me to. When I bought my first album, War, there was no turning back - I was captivated.

What's your favorite U2 song to perform live and why?
Affa: Well, I really am bad at just picking one song, so here are my top five in no particular order: "Discotheque" because the basslines are so fun in this song, and its fun to play. "Electric Co.,": so rock, and great bass again. "I Threw a Brick Through a Window,"- if you play bass you know this is fun! "Please,” again, just amazing. "Seconds" or "Sunday Bloody Sunday," are both such an experience to perform.
Captive: I love "Electric Co." and "Bullet the Blue Sky.” "Electric Co." for the driving energy as well as the guitar melodies, and "Bullet" for the sheer power. Every time I play it I feel that slide pulling emotions out of me I never knew I had.
Dim: "Electric Co." is my favorite because it's so high energy, it really gets us and the crowd going.
Nikki: It changes all the time, but "Ultraviolet" is always up there. "In God's Country," too, although my rhythm guitar's in need of some work.

How has it been to be an all-female band in a predominantly male world? How do you think being an all-female tribute band in a mostly male world has impacted you and your bandmates?
Dim: I think [it's made] some people a bit more curious about us.
Captive: Being an all girl band - tribute or not - really sets us aside from other bands in the LA scene. I think it's helped us gain a lot of exposure and it fuels an interest in us. I think also it has upped our drive to succeed. It's easy to see that we are different from others out there and we want everyone to know it.
Affa: I think people are more curious about us because we are girls. They wonder what a female “Bono” will sound like. They are curious if we can really play. Plus, since we are Girls, we don’t look like U2, so we also don’t act like U2. For the first year or so, EXIT used to dress up like U2, but we really have come into our own styles now, and have played off of that, rather than trying to imitate, or pretend we are U2. And I know this is different for male tributes, who are almost expected to look like U2. As far as the problem of a “predominantly male world,” we’re really not too afraid of that, and haven’t had much problem because of it. The endorsement I got from Ashdown (the company that endorses Adam) was largely due to the fact that I was a female “Adam.” So I guess that is a good thing.
Nikki: It's all we know, so it doesn't seem like a big deal, being an all-female band in a predominantly male world. We like the male world; bands of four men have been our musical influences, so it's not intimidating or anything, attempting to become a part of it. It's rather exciting. And being an all-female tribute band in a mostly male world has just impacted us in a way to keep going. We can use our own creativity, see what we can do and, hopefully, write some music that's good enough to make one forget about what sex we are.

What do you do to prepare for a show?
Affa: I brush my teeth I comb my hair. Oh wait, that’s not what you mean. EXIT rehearses 3-4 times a week. That’s preparation, right?
Captive: Listen to Elvis Costello's "Pump It Up!”
Dim: I make sure to mentally prepare myself. I have everyone wish me good luck. I also physically warm up my wrist right before the show and make a list of my drum gear so nothing is left behind.
Nikki: Just good, loud music on the way there. And "Pump It Up!" Amen to that!

You mentioned Elvis Costello and Queen already, what are some of your other musical influences?
Affa: Paul McCartney, Toni Levin. And the groups that really inspire me: Bjork, Radiohead, Coldplay, Peter Gabriel, The Beatles and so many more - but these are the biggest!
Captive: The Beatles, Peter Gabriel, The Police, and Ani Difranco.
Dim: Larry Mullen Jr., Carter Beauford, Stuart Copeland, Will Champion and Gary Ponder.
Nikki: There's so many, but the biggest are The Beatles, Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Led Zeppelin, Tori Amos, Coldplay, Elastica, and Elvis Costello.

In July of 2001, you were featured on's front page (see it here: What was your reaction to such an honor?
Affa: I freaked out! We’re actually on again right now because of the whole Rock Hall event! But yeah, a friend of mine called me up at work and said, “You’re on!” and I was like “Whaaat?!?!?” and yeah, flipped out.
Captive: Shock, amazement, excitement, awe and honour.
Dim: It was unbelievable. I must have visited that site more than I ever did just to make sure it was really there.
Nikki: Jaw on the floor, laughing out loud, I couldn't believe it.

And right after being featured on, EXIT went to Ireland! You were at both incredible shows at Slane Castle? Tell us more!
Dim: Slane was the most incredible concert/extravaganza I ever experienced and probably ever will.
Captive: Affa and I had been talking about going to Ireland since not long after we met in '95. The circumstances had finally presented themselves, and seeing U2 there had been a dream we'd always had. That first trip was an amazing thing. We hopped over to London for one concert, we were at both Slane shows, and in between we basically explored every inch of Dublin we could get to. I spent a month just in that city, falling in love with it.
Nikki: It was just heavenly, the whole trip. Rented a car, drove on the wrong side of the road, played in Belfast, saw the Irish countryside, split up, went to Liverpool and England, saw U2 at Earl's Court with PJ Harvey, saw U2 again with Nelly Furtado, ran into a good friend from L.A. on a train traveling from England to Wales, and found we were on the same ferry ride to Ireland as well - that was just too weird - then there were many nights out, so many pints of Guinness, so many U2 fans from all over the world, it was incredible. And Slane. The Irish Woodstock. It was just like any other giant music festival in a field, which I'm always a big fan of, but there was a castle on the hill right above, and the Irish crowd was so crazy fun! They were partying along the roads that lead into Slane Castle that morning, 9am with pints in their hands and big goofy hats on their heads. And then with Coldplay, JJ72 & the Chili Peppers, and U2 headlining, it was an unreal day. They played Thin Lizzy's "The Boys Are Back In Town" right before coming out and the crowd went insaaaaaaane. And U2, rockin' everyone when there was still daylight in the air, that was beautiful! It was such a classic show. It had me cryin' a little, at least twice. Then "Unforgettable Fire" came on over the speakers at the end, fireworks went off in the air, it was magical, and the journey home to our beds at the end of the night was hell, but aww, so well worth it. And that was it for me, a smashing end to my trip and I headed home to America before Slane 2.
Affa: I spent over a month in Ireland. And the two Slane shows, and one London show I went to, were right at the end of my trip. So I was already in heaven, fell in love with the country, and the people! We went up to the North, but spent the majority of the time in Dublin. Slane was something I had to go to! There was never a question. I bought the ticket months before I bought the plane ticket. I had been dreaming of going to Ireland since I was a kid. I actually was obsessed with Ireland before I was obsessed with U2. So when I found out U2 would be playing, I had to go. Just seemed like the perfect time to go. Slane was such an incredible experience, something I am so grateful for being able to be there. To sum things up, I always say, Slane I was the event, and Slane II was the Party. The two shows were so different from one and other - to me the only thing that was the same were the fireworks after the shows!

Some of Affa's pictures from Slane:

Not only did you all get to experience Slane, but Captive has actually been onstage and played with U2! (Read about it here: How did you all react?
Captive: Need I really express that this was the best experience of my life? A dream come true; I am truly blessed.
Affa: I cried like a friggin baby!
Dim: It was completely surreal.
Nikki: I wept like a proud mother! I annoyed everyone in my section too: I was running all over the place, trying to get a closer look. I had to yell and motion to everyone around, "She's in my band! That girl is in my band!" Then the looks of annoyance turned to looks of "Oh, here, stand in front of me!" I was seriously so proud. But really not too surprised.

You've had so many incredible experiences as a U2 tribute band, what made you decide to stop being a tribute band and focus solely on original music?
Dim: Our passion towards U2, just kind of lead us to being a tribute band. It was like a stepping-stone, as we all were progressing with our instruments. And now we’re ready to express our passion and appreciation for music with our own music.
Affa: Well, EXIT was never intended to be a U2 Tribute Band in the first place. It truly just sort of happened. When we played together, we played U2, cause it’s all we could do, and it was the one common thing between us all. Now that we’ve all developed more as musicians, we’re focusing on our own writing more, and staying true to ourselves. We will never completely leave U2 behind, we owe everything to them - they drive us and inspire us! But it’s time EXIT makes it’s own waves in the music world. EXIT needs to take off its training wheels, and see where we can take this.
Captive: The transition came when we felt more secure and confident as musicians. As a result of that, we are more inspired now than we've ever been.
Nikki: It's just what you do when you're inspired enough. You can only go so far playing other people's music. And it's what you do when you've always longed to travel for work and live out of your suitcase and stay in hotels, ordering room service at 3am with your friends/co-workers. What other occupation's gonna get you all that?

What's your philosophy/motto for the band as you move in this new direction?
Affa: Honestly, it’s what we’ve all been saying for a long time now, “Never give up!” EXIT wants to make the music that makes you forget we are girls. We want to be seen as more than just a girl band.
Captive: No giving up. Period.
Dim: Never stop believing in who we are and how passionate we are towards music.

What do you hope to accomplish as a band?
Affa: I want to affect people the way that U2 has affected me.
Captive: We want to play music for a living, we feel it's what we do best. I hope our music can touch people, move them, the way great artists have done that for us.
Dim: Creating music together that emotes emotion.
Nikki: We hope to touch people in the way that our favourite music has touched us. We're not concerned about fame or fortune, but if EXIT could become our one and only job and if it paid our rent and put food in our mouths, my God, I would be so grateful. That would be some accomplishment. I won't hold my breath. But we won't stop going for it.

And now for some fun stuff! If you were an animal, what would you be?
Captive: I am an animal, though I would prefer wings.
Dim: I like carrots.
Nikki: A lazy kitty.
Affa: I’d want to be a gir"affa" so I could meet Adam! ;)

Favorite article of clothing?
Affa: I guess it would be the hand painted U2 shirt (same design as the first U2 shirt made by Larry) that I have signed by Adam and Larry! I was wearing it at the time, in the pouring rain at San Jose II in 2001; that was the first time I met them, the shirt is hanging on my wall.
Captive: the "all that you can't leave behind" jeans that I painted and wore to each of the 13 Elevation concerts I attended.
Dim: A light colored fish net shirt.
Nikki: Cool shoes.

What kind of advice would you give U2?
Captive: They should be giving us advice!
Nikki: I have no advice to give. They've lived and learned much more than I have. I could give advice on haircuts, but I'm sure they've hear enough about that - especially Bono!
Dim: I would advise them in 2004/2005 era that they should get in contact with EXIT.
Affa: Yeah, I’d suggest they have this great band, EXIT, open for them on their next tour! I might let Adam know that the blonde fro was cute, but sometimes a bit much. And I would have let Bono know that the red ass pants he had on in the "Celebration" video are spectacular!

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear Bono say? (Thank you James Lipton and the Actor's Studio)
Affa: “Hi Affa, I’m Bono. Welcome to heaven! Adam’s right over there!”
Captive: It obviously does - Bono told me on two different occasions that I'm cool!
Dim: ”I’d rather skate, who cares if I’m late; life's not pure, not always sweet, but as long as I’ve you, I’ll stay on my feet at the bar. Playing track after track. And never looking back”

What U2 lyric best describes your personality or philosophy of the world?
Affa: Personality: “she’s gonna dream of the world she wants to live in, she’s gonna dream out loud” (Zooropa) Philosophy: “and I must be an acrobat, to talk like this, and act like that, and you can dream so dream out loud, and you can find your own way out, you can build, and I can will, and you can call, I can’t wait until, and you can stash, and you can seize, In dreams begin, responsibilities, and I can love, and I can love, I know that the tide is turning round. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” (Acrobat)
Captive: it's not why you're running
but where you're going
it's not what you're dreaming
but what you're gonna do

it's not where you're born
it's where you belong
it's not how weak
but what make you strong

Dim: Philosophy on life lyrics: “one but were not the same, we get to carry each other carry each other.” Self help lyrics: “I never thought you were a fool, but darling look at you. You gotta stand up straight, carry your own weight, these tears are going nowhere baby. It’s a beautiful day, don’t let it slip away.”
Nikki: "Zooropa,” the entire song, really. "And I have no compass. And I have no map."

Would you ever tour with a giant mirrorball lemon?
Affa: Why the juck not! (But definitely if it comes with an Adam inside).
Captive: Well, we wouldn't repeat what's already been done (unless of course U2 asked us to), but if/when we have the license to do something risky, out of the ordinary and damn fun - you'd better believe it!
Dim: Yes, power to the mirrorball lemon!
Nikki: You bet yer arse. I wanted one for myself the moment I laid eyes on it.

And finally, what can fans expect in Cleveland?
Dim: Fans can expect a night to remember. It’s going to be a lot of fun.
Affa: Well besides over two hours of U2 songs played by four chicks, they can expect a few of EXIT's original songs as well! We’re so proud of this stuff, and we hope everyone will enjoy them. Also we've got a few U2 tricks we’re planning on pulling out for everyone to enjoy.
Captive: We want to express our love for U2 and the thanks that they've gotten us where we are now. The only way we know how is to play our hearts out. We've got a U2-related trick or two up our collective sleeve, and we definitely are looking forward to playing a few of our own songs in front of new faces as well.
Nikki: A rockin' good time! And quality. We'll give it our all.

EXIT plays Cleveland June 13 and 14, don't miss it!

Thank you to the incredible women of EXIT. Conducting this interview was a pleasure. Never give up, because you'll have dedicated fans in your corner all the way! Good luck at the Rock Hall, and in all of your future endeavors. Please keep in touch with Interference, we are so proud of you.

Keep an eye on this band, because we're sure to see a lot of them in the future!

Visit the Official EXIT Web page at

(Photos courtesty EXIT)

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More EXIT!

Here are some of my favorite photos of the EXIT girls. See photos from almost every EXIT gig on (The website that started the buzz).

Affa @'s Acoustic Live 10/13/02

Nikki @ 92.3 FM KOMP event in Las Vegas 9/14/02

Captive @ 92.3 FM KOMP event in Las Vegas 9/14/032

Dim @ The 27th Annual Great American Irish Fair 6/15/02

Nikki @ The Great American Irish Fair 6/15/02

This is what EXIT does to U2 fans!


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great interview!!
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THANKS HIPPY!!! Thanks for putting this all together.. really ment a lot to EXIT to do this! It looks great!!!

THANK YOU AGAIN!!! also thanks for including some of my slane pictures.. i just love those!!

peace in the neon,

ps: hope everybody enjoys it!
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*note to self: Build shrine to ladies of Exit...*

Wow... Great interview, ladies.

I can't wait for Cleveland! Oh...wait... that's right. I'm not sure how I'm getting out there. Uh... so, if there's anyone (who doesn't mind riding with a complete stranger for 3000 miles) that is driving from the Sacramento/SF area... yeaaaaah... that would be greeeeeaaaat. Umkay.. thanks.

Gir-affa and El-Capitan... thanks for the CD's! I'm enjoying them immensely.

Pam... I'm gonna call you 'Shirley' from now on. Heeee...

Nikki... tell us more about... how you say... 'cool shoes'?

Your biggest fan whom you've never met...
(Hope to remedy that soon... I was a matter of FEET away from you guys at Slane Castle, and I probably served you Vodka/Red Bull at the Kitchen afterward!)

Ryan in Chico
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rock on, y'all.

Thanks, hippy for posting this. Wooo!

Seriously, if you have to opportunity to see them in person, please do so. They put on an excellent show. If you're going to be in Cleveland in June, you'll have two opportunities to see them.

I you guys! mmmmmmmmmwaaah!

Moonie (Dana)
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Woohoo! Good job girlies!! You guys are SO cool...I am, like, so not worthy.

Oh and Hi Ryan!!

I will see you all in

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It was all you guys

I'm glad it turned out so well! You guys completely deserve it! Good luck with everything!
Write for Interference!
Email or PM me ( if you're interested.
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WOWOWOWOW!!the June 21st 1997 concert was my first concert too!! and Iam trying to start a band!! bc of seeing U2 in concert that day!!
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What a most excellent interview!!!

Great job, Kimberly!!

EXIT, your answers were both entertaining and informative. I found the whole interview interesting from beginning to end.

Nice photographs at Slane, Affa!! That one of Bono... , need I say more?

I cannot fricken wait until Cleveland!!


-for fecks cake

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really nice interview!

great questions and some well thought out , endearing answers.

Okay, how fun is Cleveland going to be?


I hope the city is stocking up on extra Guinness...
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Hey ladies you ROCK!!!!!!!
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Originally posted by oktobergirl
really nice interview!

great questions and some well thought out , endearing answers.

Okay, how fun is Cleveland going to be?


I hope the city is stocking up on extra Guinness...

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Rock On EXIT!Maybe other female musicians like myself can express their love for U2 as well as you girls.U2 is the inspiration for some of my songs.They are written,but just not in music yet.Keep on going and hopefully make a trip here to Modesto,CaHAHAHA...only 7 hours away from L.A.By the way i sing and play bass guitar.A bit tricky,but fun:smiles: HAVE A NICE DAY!
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Heres to Cleveland und ze future, yes? Kick arse!
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indeej - vorsprung durch technik!
... fuck off, yeah? ;-D
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How can you not love these girls?
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Past your Bedtime?

Cap, I think you should be in Bed young lady

PS got the Outtakes copied, and all i want in return is 40 40 40....and i dont mean dollars

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