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Just a point of view.

Ok I appear to have got off on the wrong foot with a mod or two.

How that happened I am not to sure and I dont need to relay the matter here in public however (and this is only my point of view and is not meant maliciously) I do have a suggestion or two.

New members won't always know everything in advance regarding these forums and unless it is stated in the rules they won't know if something they post is considered unnacceptable UNTIL they are advised by a mod or admin. It is difficult to know something is unnacceptable if it isnt in the rules and so new members learn from their mistakes and with interraction and guidance from the mods/admins. My suggestion is that mods interract and clarify decisions so members can know where they go wrong and why a decision is made. Action without clarification can make a decision appear to be unreasonable or personal.

Falling out (or at least giving the impression of being pissed off) with a user because a query is raised doesnt really make the member feel welcome. A brief explanation or response to queries raised can allow for full and frank discussion to resolve any issues.

Suggesting a user is a bother for raising a query also doesnt help.

I know from experience that modding and admining (is that a word) a forum based website is a thankless and sometimes tedious experience and as new members join you have to repeat yourself. Of course mods and admins are the virtual faces of the site and they set the impression through interraction. I appreciate the work of the mods as I admin a football board catering for one of the most vociferous of local rivalries in the English game.

This is not meant to bother anyone or to have a go and I trust it isn't taken that way.

Its purely meant by way of suggestion to perhaps make everyones life easier.

Its a great site and I hope to be a regular visitor and contributor.

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We have emailed back and forth, and, at the risk of sounding very rude, you are getting under my skin. I have been very polite with you and have done my best to explain how things work around here. Why the fact that you can't have a thread to solicit donations bothers you so much...I don't know. But you need to get over it and move on.

Continuing to pester us about this is not doing anything to help you.
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