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k 2 days now and after atleast 20 listens I'm ready to do my track by
tarck "review".

Beautiful Day-The song that started speaking to me a couple of weeks ago, a brlliant song and unlike anything U2 has done before.The uplifting theme of the song is my modern day anthem. 10/10

Stuck In A Moment-Eno killed this song thats all I can say.I think its
above average and has a very deep meaning to it, but all hype surrounding it makes the song mediocre, I think ppl got it wrong, Eno said it would be U2s bigest hit, not their best to date.Over all a very good song has a wonderful middle section and I think its one of my faves(But I must confess on the first listen I thought it was mediocre)

Elevation-A brilliant rocker, and when the bridge ends The Edges' guitar like firing shotgun is a little gem, but overall a very good rocker thats all, not the big,deep song, but this is as of now, surely it will change. 7/10

Walk On-A masterpiece, the reason why we all are into U2, a really big big song,I think it has Edge's best guitar work since Pride,WOWY,Streets.I want this song to be single."I know it aches...." part really gives me goosebumps and the outro is so so appealing an instant classic. 10/10

Kite- I have to say I like it, but I think this style doesn't suits U2, its a bit GNRish,Bon Jovish (BTW what I hate) but I've learned to cherish every U2 moment cause thats not gonna happen again. 8/10

In A Little While- Slow down my beating heart, amazing song really, Bono really finds a way of saying the same thing over and over again but every time it seems so fresh, most passionate U2 song since WOWY. 10/10

Wild Honey- well uummm! I don't know? I think its good, but I think summer rain is better, a great tune mind you!Hopefully it will grow soon. 6.5/10

Peace On Earth- The only song that I liked on the first listen,Its a
amazing song,I think it features some of Bono's best effort to date, a bitter sweet song of pain and ultimate way expressing frustration "A art piece" of the album. 9/10

When I Look At The World-The most underrated song of the album, a
masterpiece in every sense and lyrically the best song belongs to POP
sessions (which still is my fave U2 album).All I can say its damn good.

New York- Weakest song on the album (personally) firstly the lyrics don't appeal me and I think U2 wasted a great tune, if it would have been layered with a bit angry lyrics it could have been "the" U2 song,I think the song slows-fast a bit in a predictable fashion, hopefully it will change. 6/10

Grace- fits well for a closer and a bit understated, in a true U2 fashion the song has several hidden message, so requirea many more listens, but as of now a wonderful song, however a shade faster rhythm is what missing for classic but a very good song anyway. 7.5/10

The rating are subject to change everytime I listen to the songs, how ever ratings will only go upwards.

All in all an excelent album and could well end up as my favourite U2 album of all time, the sheer musicianship on the album masks everything else, the album lacks flow in theme but when you're listening to a particular song it has enough strenght to make you forget about the previous one.Like the band said "Stripped sown to essnece", however it has the most synths,loops as on any U2 circa electronica.A great progression towards simplicity.

overall 9/10 (after 20+ listens in 48 hrs)

Though I wrote it many days ago, some how I'm not very comfortable doing it,I'm liking it very much and I just dont wanna be so critical about it,like in case when you'll read about New York,you'll think that I'm not liking the song but as you know I very particular when evaluating things,so NY is not fitting in "my" concept of the overall embodiment of the song.

But I have to say that U2 has pulled of something special here,I just wish this album had came when ppl were expecting the "mega" album which was POP and POP today.The only reason for which is that U2 lost a lot of ground upon the fuss regarding the album and the tour,y'know what US media wrote U2 off after POPmart first leg.The nature of the music industry today compell us to judge things by numbers and I'm not sure that numerically this could be a mega album, which it deserves.I think lyrically the album is very challenging, which ppl tend ot forget amongst the simplicity,U2 lyrics at first seems to be goofy, for instance take Ultarviolet "your love was like a light bulb hanging over my head" and now I can write off the whole song but if you look in the broader context,its a great song.

Right now Walk On,In A Little While are as good as any U2 song,just dig deep into the second chorus of Walk On, when Bono goes into "I know it aches..." after this the song really finishes into epic,with the best Edge riff since Pride,the riffs after solo are just so good,really puts up a spiritual turmoil and takes over me.

Even If That Doesn't Ring True.

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