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The Fly
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New Year's day - Chapter 1

Note about story: This is a story about travelling through time, the charge caracter Shuvon is feel asleep one night and the next morning she founds herself more younger than before. Than she realize that she gets back in mid 70s.

Author: Dajana ( larry's_girl)

Caracters: Bono Vox, Larry Mullen Jr., The Edge and Adam Clayton.

Other caracters: Alie, Aileen, Shuvon.

New year's day

"All is quiet on New Year's Day
A world in white gets underway
I want to be with you

Be with you night and day..."

Shuvon's P.O.V

Just on Christmast I succeded to get in fight with my silly mother over one stupid thing. Vivienne told me that I should get ahold of myself if someone has different opinnion, but somehow I can't. When I left the kitchen I closed myself in my room and put on gramophon old U2 albums. You can call me "pathetic" but I felt need to relax myself a little.

"...Nothing changes on New Year's Day
On New Year's Day..."

I listened the song "New Year's Day" after a pretty long time, and to be sinciere I always cried on that song and once when my brother noticed me and he make fun of me for crying and I hit him with a pillow and he just only grins.

" ...I will be with you again
I will be with you again..."

I started singing along with Bono's voice, I didnt see that my brother cames in, afetr sometime he spokes quietly: -You put on gramophon album "War". Is that mean that you finanly gonna admit that you actaully fancy him. - I turned around to look at him and a little rude I say: - Of course not! I just put only one song. - he grins at me and say simply okay, than he sits beside me and asked me a question which I expect that he will gonna ask me soon or later: - I hear that you have huge fight with our parents. - he gaze me while he wiats for me to answer.
- Yeah about some thing. Maybe I was just overreacting.
-What happend then?
I took huge breath before I started telling him what happend.
- When I said that I gave my nephew my horse for Christmas , she gone mad, and than we fight like never before.
- Yeah, I can imagine. So hows the little one react when he saw his present?

- He was excited he didin't knew what to say , but Vivienne whats thankfull and she told me that I shouldn't do that.
- So let's change subject. Shall we?
- Sure.
- Soo, lil sis???- he pokes her playfully, she giggles and gaze him.
- Yeah, what?
- You still have crush on mr. Mullen Jr.?
- Daniel!!!
-What?!! What did I say?
- No, nothing. And I will not say!
- Come on!!!! I am your brother, pleaseeeeee!
- NO!
- Damn!

" ...Say it's true it's true...
And we can break through
Though torn in two
We can be one...

End of Chapter 1


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i like it.
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Thank you ali! I am glad you like it be forward to writte even more chapters not sure how much chapter will have my story LOL! XD
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