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Mysterious Ways - Chapter 10

Okay, this is a quick one. I'm sorry for typos and grammatical errors. I should proofread, but I wanted to get it up.

Not real, but can imagine if it was?

It took Gloria a few minutes to regain her composure. She tried to figure out what just happened. One minute she was feeling sorry for herself. The next minute, she was in a passionate embrace with Bono - her married friend. It took all her strength to walk away from him so long ago. She cried on the plane from Australia to Los Angeles. She tossed herself into her work to forget him. In her heart, she knew this would always be the end to their love story. But she doubted her importance to him. He tried to contact her, but it was easy to hide back then. She toured with Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins. She was in the storm of Kurt Cobain’s suicide as a friend of Michael Stipe. And the calls stopped. U2 reached out to her when Pop was released. Andrew offered the album release and tour to her. Gloria declined. She was in throes of tumultuous relationship. And when she did see Bono in 1997, she knew it was still too soon.

Now where was she? Right back here? This time it was different. She knew him differently - better. She went into the bathroom and pressed a cold wet towel to her forehead and neck. She was being silly. Of course she kissed him. She was feeling lonely. They were spending a lot of time together. It was just a proximity infatuation. Nothing more. For a moment, she considered calling to the lobby and giving them the message that she was too tired for dinner. She could return to her original plan of going to bed. Sighing, she couldn’t do that. Bono had arranged for them to come a day early. Her heart caught in her chest. Bono planned to be there for her. Was that more than just being there for a friend? She laughed at herself. Clearly she was suffering from post run stupidity. She needed to get some sugars into her because she was now hallucinating.

Running her fingers through her wavy hair, she shook off the last half hour. She took in a cleansing breath, and headed to meet the guys. Her heart would not stop pounding. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, she was anxious to see Bono. They waited in the lounge for her. Bono’s back was to her as they sat at the bar. Edge saw her first.

“We thought you fell asleep in the shower,” he smiled.

Slowly, Bono turned around. Her breath stopped for a second as his eyes met hers. His gaze was filled with electricity.

Causally, she chuckled, “I was told that I stunk. It took several bottles of hotel soap to smell like a girl again.”

Adam shook his head. “They should really give you bigger bottles.”

“Hey, mine are filled with the sweat of vestal virgins - and they are wholesale sized,” Edge winked.

“Why did you want me to wear this?” she pointed to her medal.

“Free drinks, of course,” Edge answered plainly.

She forced herself to stand beside Bono. Like in the past, she pulled the iron curtain over her emotions. “Where are we headed?”

Adam motioned towards Bono. “Our fearless leader has made all the arrangements.”

Bono winked at her. “Don’t worry. You are in excellent hands.”

“I’m sure,” she muttered under her breath.

Bono led his group which picked up Paul, Dennis and Liz as they passed through the lobby. A stretch Hummer waited for them outside. A few fans caught wise to the famous residents at the posh Greek hotel and milled around outside. Edge and Bono gave a quick wave while everyone piled in the limo. Bono landed beside Gloria. He pressed his thigh against hers as he recounted the story of how they acquired their ugly tourist costumes. Sensing her blush, he leaned a little closer into her. Close enough for her to feel his heat but not enough to raise an eyebrow among their company. A day ago, Gloria would think nothing of this. There would be no effect. Tonight was a different story. Her stomach was in knots. Luckily the car was dark and no one could see her flushed cheeks.

Bono arranged for dinner at a family owned Greek night club. The entire family was there to wait on Bono and his guests. He pulled the father/owner to the side to be certain that everyone knew that Gloria was the guest of honor that night. He wanted a big fuss made over her. The Greek family plied her with Greek red wine and as many grape leaves as she wanted. The owner brought out his karaoke machine. Slowly, members of the road crew trickled into the restaurant. Gloria recounted the run mile by mile for Edge who was fascinated. He was amazed that someone would put their body through the pain of 13 miles only to get to 26 miles. While she talked to an engrossed Edge, she felt the weight of Bono’s gaze. His eyes pierced across the table - a small smile resting on his lips. Bono was quiet for most of the evening. This was Gloria’s night and he was happy to watch her. He was busy working out how he could get in position to kiss her again. As wine glasses emptied, he hoped it could be tonight. A voice in the very back of his head shamed him. He managed to silence that voice for now.

It only took 3 glasses of wine to go directly to Gloria’s head. Drinking after endurance running was never a good idea. The plan was to hit several clubs and dance the night away if her legs allowed it. She was not going to make it past the restaurant. The crew, Edge and Liz carried on to the next place, while Adam and Bono guided Gloria to a taxi. She nestled between them, mumbling something about being a marathoner.

“She’s become a light weight,” Adam mused.

“It’s all this training,” Bono nodded. “We have to break her in slowly.”

Adam’s suite was a few floors below where Bono and Gloria were staying. He helped get her out of the taxi.

“Okay, now my legs hurt,” she said.

“Not as much as your head will hurt tomorrow,” Adam muttered. “Do you need help?”

Bono shook his head. “I think I can get her to her room. She’s able to walk....maybe not a straight line...but she can walk.”

She rolled her eyes. “I’m not that bad. Yes, I feel fuzzy, but I’m not shitty.”

Adam hugged her. “Congratulations on your race. See you tomorrow....afternoon.”

“Oh ha ha,” she stuck her tongue out at him as he pressed the elevator button.

“Another drink?” Bono raised an eyebrow.

She shook her head. “I think that would be a bad idea.”

“Okay, let’s get you to bed then,” he wrapped on arm around her. Her eyes widened. “To sleep...alone.....” She was relieved. “For now....”

She decided to ignore that last comment. Perhaps her head was playing tricks on her. They were quiet as they rode the elevator to the 8th floor. If she could organize her thoughts, Gloria would launch into her lecture on how the kiss was a mistake and would never happen again. Instead, she leaned against him for support and stared at the floor. He was looking at her. If she turned her head, it could happen again. As the elevator zoomed towards 8, she plunged her hand in her pocketbook for her room card. She needed to make a quick entrance to avoid being with him alone longer than necessary. In her state, she was incredibly vulnerable.

“You don’t have to walk me to my room,’ she said as the doors opened.

“I know you are just down the hall, but if something were to happen I’d never forgive myself,” he laced his fingers through hers in a very intimate way.

Gloria held her breath the whole way down the hall. Key card in hand, she plotted a swift getaway. “Thank you so much for coming today. It really made my day, really.”

He leaned in the doorway. “I’m glad. Everyone should have someone at the finish line.”

“And for dinner. Sorry I didn’t make it to the other clubs. You probably still have time to catch up with them,” she suggested.

“It’s fine. We were up all night the night before. I should have a low key early evening anyway,” he said. “We’ll be heading back to the studio tomorrow night.”

There was an awkward pause. Bono rubbed his chin as he watched her fiddle with her key card. She prayed for the little green light. Her door clicked, and she pushed it open.

“Well, good night. And thank you very much,” she gave him the one arm hug.

“Anything for you, Glory,” he hugged her tightly. His face was just inches from her. Softly, he pressed his lips against hers for a sweet kiss goodnight. He brushed her cheek with his fingers. “See you in the morning.”

Once she closed the door behind him, she flopped on her bed. She was weak in the knees. The whole night was surreal. She was aware of Bono at all times. When their eyes met, sparks lit the night. His smile was no longer just funny or cute. That impish smile turned her legs to jelly. Angrily, she kicked off her jeans. She managed to wrestle out of her bra and crawled under the cool sheets. He was only a few doors down. He was probably staring at the ceiling too - trying to make sense of how 10 minutes could change your whole life.

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I AM ADDICTED TO THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

Edit: DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!

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Hello, I'm new here but I've been reading this story longer... IT. IS. AMAZING. Keep writing!

Is it wrong for me to want to be Gloria?
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Me too, I love it!
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Originally Posted by BlueSilkenSky View Post

Is it wrong for me to want to be Gloria?

Not. At. All.
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