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Love Rescue Me: Chapter 14

Yes, it's back, at last! Only about a year after the last part but let's not dwell on the details... Anyway, apologies to anyone at all who might have been enjoying this fic until my writing skills left me and I couldn't bring myself to do any more. I appreciate all comments so thank you! Hope you like this chapter.

As a quick round-up since it's been so long, Beth and Jen are on the JT tour with U2. Jen and Edge are in love, but Edge's wife is about to arrive. Bono and Beth are tied up in each other. Cara is Adam's ex and determined to track him down and win him back. Larry is just grumpy and lusting after someone he can't have.

On with the show!

Chapter 14

Apologising, Beth backed away from the woman whose foot she’d just stepped on, and tried to concentrate on taking photos of the crowd. It was difficult to get a good shot while U2 were on stage and people were crammed down the front to watch. It was even harder when Bono kept looking over at her and smiling; every time his eyes met hers, Beth felt a shiver run right through her body. She couldn’t wait to be alone with him, and she was hoping tonight would be the night they’d have no disturbances.

At least our relationship seems to be going well, she mused as she gave up and headed backstage, where she found Jen hanging around, looking miserable.

“Penny for them,” Beth offered, putting an arm around her.

Jen sighed. “I don’t think they’re worth that much,” she replied. “I guess Edge told Bono and Bono told you, right?”

“Well, yeah, but I hope you’d have told me anyway. I care about you, Jen, I don’t want to see you get hurt. Bono’s equally worried. I mean, when’s she supposed to be arriving?”

Jen shrugged, and started walking down the corridor, Beth following. “I don’t know. I’m guessing when we get to Montreal. I could ask Edge, but I’d rather not speak to him right now.” She pushed open the canteen door and headed for the coffee machine. Beth watched her closely, wondering what she could say that was half-way helpful. Coming up with nothing, she helped herself to a cup of tea and the two girls found an empty table at the far side of the room. Chairs scraped as they sat down across from each other. Jen stared into the plastic cup; Beth marvelled at how she still looked really pretty even after what had obviously been a tough day.

Eventually Jen drank a little coffee and it seemed to fortify her. She looked up at Beth and smiled. “Sorry,” she said.

“It’s okay, don’t apologise,” Beth replied. “You’re handling this much better than I think I would.”

“I’m not really handling it at all,” Jen admitted in return. “The thing is, I knew this would happen. Somewhere deep down, I knew she’d be here and it would get horrible. I mean, I’m naïve but not that bad. And it’s not even her fault, it’s mine. I’ve tried to stay away because it was wrong to want someone else’s husband, but I was too weak to do it. It’s unfair to Edge to avoid him; he’s the one who has to sort this out, one way or the other. But Beth, I don’t think I can be around him without something happening that shouldn’t.”

Beth felt so sorry for her, and she felt guilty for condemning people in the past for having affairs. She’d thought it was easy to switch off feelings and do the ‘right’ thing, but now she realised life just wasn’t that clear cut. Neither Jen nor Edge was a bad person, and yet they were doing something rather unwise.

“It’s not your fault,” she said. “You just fell in love. These things happen. Don’t beat yourself up about this. Wait and see what happens when his wife gets here. I know that sounds like torture but I don’t think there’s an option. Maybe you need to talk to Edge, though. I don’t know. Just, I’m worried.”

Jen nodded. “I get what you’re saying. And thanks. I’ll catch up with him after the show. This sounds terrible but I hope… I just hope he chooses me.”

That doesn’t sound terrible. It just sounds honest. Beth kept Jen company until they decided it was best to head back towards the stage. The show was coming to an end and Beth wanted to take a few photos of the band. As Adam walked past her, smiling and nodding, Beth turned to ask Jen if she’d help, but Jen had vanished. There wasn’t much time to dwell on that before Bono arrived, grabbing Beth and sweeping her off her feet. She laughed as he spun her around, raining kisses on her neck.

“Put me down!” she squealed, all too aware of the looks they were getting from members of the crew. “Bono, please,” she added, when he didn’t obey.

“Okay, okay.” He did as he was told, and then ran a hand through his hair as he smiled at her. “That was a fantastic gig, Beth, and I think it was down to you.” He slung an arm around her as they set off towards his dressing room.

“Me? I doubt it. I’m afraid I had to abandon it and comfort Jen. She seems to be coping well, but I’m not sure she will if Edge dumps her.”

Bono shook his head. “Edge won’t do that. He loves her. I feel bad for Aislinn, I’ve known her as long as Edge has, but I can tell what Edge wants, and he wants Jen. I’ve never seen him look as happy as he does when she walks into the room.” He pushed open the dressing room door and stripped off his shirt. Beth followed him in and closed the door; she stood and watched hungrily as he ran a white towel over his body, through his hair. He looked so handsome, she thought, right before she kissed him.


Unfortunately, between the end of the second New York gig and the next day’s journey to Montreal, there were few opportunities to be alone, for anyone. The press were swarming around the band and they had no choice but to do a series of interviews for newspaper and TV. Jen and Beth had packed together, going into each other’s rooms and talking as they sorted clothes, hairdryers, toiletries. Neither of them mentioned any members of a popular Irish band, happy instead to focus on trivial topics, but Jen knew they were both good at hiding their preoccupations.

She was still dwelling on this as the bus hurtled along the highway, heading towards a new city and whatever drama that would bring. Most people on the bus were relaxing in one way or another. Jen could hear Beth and Bono laughing and kissing further down, in a pair of seats, while Edge was sitting on one of the bunks strumming his guitar and making notes. She’d forced a smile at him as she passed, but they hadn’t spoken since he’d told her about Aislinn coming. That was her fault, she’d been avoiding him, he probably thought she hated him…

“For God’s sake.”

Jen glared at Larry, across from her. “What?”

He rolled his eyes. “Just go and talk to him. You’re being stupid, you know that?”

“No, I had no idea,” Jen replied, sarcastically. “I thought I was being perfectly reasonable.”

“You’re funny,” Larry said, with equal sarcasm. If Jen had been happier, she would’ve laughed at how they spoke to each other, as if they were siblings.

“This is none of your business, anyway. Stop going on at me.”

“It’s my business when two of my friends are miserable and everyone else is being affected,” Larry pointed out, making an obvious effort to sound less harsh. “Look, I just don’t see what you can achieve by sitting here instead of trying to sort it out.”

“I can’t sort it out!” Jen hissed. “It’s not my place to do any sorting! His wife is going to be here, Larry. His wife! How can I do anything about that? You know what I have to do? I have to wait and see if Edge really wants me, or if he changes his mind about everything and goes back to her. Nothing to do with me. So I’m sorry if I can’t deal with the fact this is out of my hands, okay?” She let out a breath and sat back against the seat, frustration merging with anger within her and making her restless. This wasn’t like her, and she didn’t enjoy the way she was feeling. What Larry didn’t understand was, spending more time with Edge would only make things worse.

“She has a point, Lawrence,” Adam spoke up from his seat next to Larry, where he was smoking and watching the two of them with quiet interest. “You can’t force them, especially with the situation so awkward.”

Jen was so grateful to Adam she could have kissed him, but she settled for a smile. “Exactly. It’s not that I like the way things are… I’ve never done this before. I just. I don’t know.” She sighed, her shoulder sagging as her energy seemed to die inside. Might as well give up now. He’s bound to remember all the good times with his wife and go back to her. He’s not like my father, who abandoned my mum. Edge is a good person.

“Yes, he is.” Jen hadn’t realised she’d spoken the last sentence aloud until Adam answered. “So are you. It’ll work itself out, don’t worry.”

Jen nodded. She didn’t know what else to say, so she said nothing. Adam started to talk to Larry about the film they were making, and after a few minutes’ resistance the drummer gave in and allowed the change of subject. It was much easier, Jen found, to stare out of the window and let her eyes close, let herself drift off…

She was standing in a meadow, next to a gathering of trees. It was sunny, the air was clear, she felt at ease for the first time in weeks. She knew in her heart that Edge was hers. She didn’t need to worry any more. The wind ruffled her hair and she smiled as she felt arms wrap around her, pulling her close.

“Jen… Jen…”


She started awake to find herself nowhere near a lovely field, rather on a boring, uncomfortable bus. There were no arms around her… but it was true someone had said her name. She looked around, and there was Edge beside her, watching her fondly. He looked pale, as if he hadn’t slept, yet still handsome. Her heart skipped a beat despite herself.

“Hi.” She turned in the seat to face him, wondering briefly where Larry and Adam had disappeared to. “Was dreaming. Are you okay?”

Edge shrugged. “I don’t know. I am now you’re giving me the time of day.”

Jen blushed. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to be, you know, rude or whatever. I just, I wanted to think, I didn’t want to be near you only because whenever we are I can’t do the right thing, not that I’m blaming you but…” She heaved a sigh. “I’m stuck.”

As if he couldn’t help himself, Edge leaned over and pressed a gentle kiss to her lips. “This is all my fault, Jen, and I’m so sorry. I never intended to get involved with someone who wasn’t my wife, and I certainly didn’t think I’d fall in love with you. I thought maybe I was just going through, I don’t know, some kind of marriage crisis. But it’s not that, at least not totally. It’s you, as well. I love you, and I love Aislinn, and I know whatever I do will be wrong and someone will be hurt. I can’t work out how I got so lucky to have both of you in my life.” The little speech seemed to take something out of him, and he leaned back, looking exhausted. Jen took his hand; he squeezed it.

“Don’t feel so guilty. This took us both by surprise. If anything, it’s my fault. I knew you were married and I let us get closer anyway. I shouldn’t’ve let you come with me to my dad’s and I definitely should have made you go back to your own room after.” She smiled as his eyes met hers. “But I don’t regret it. Even if you go back to her… It was worth it. Okay? So blame me.”

Edge kissed her again, and this time she let him urge her mouth open, allowing their tongues to meet. He tasted sweet and hot and wonderful. “We’re both to blame, then,” he said, when they parted at last. “I’ll do my best to sort this out as soon as I can.”

Jen nodded. “I know you will. I think till then, we should stop. Just be friends. I can’t handle anything else.”

“Yeah. We’ll be friends. I’ll behave.” Edge smiled, Jen smiled back, and they shared another kiss, this time slightly less gentle, the two of them moaning a little when it ended.

“Okay. Don’t worry about it so much. I’ll be here whatever happens.”

They managed to spend a few more minutes together before Adam returned, bringing with him a cup of tea for Jen, and Edge decided he should go so he could keep the promise he’d just made. Jen watched him go, sadly, and forced herself to pay attention to Adam, who was watching her with concern.

“I know this sounds like a terrible cliché, but this will work out,” he said, handing her the cup. “One way or the other.”

Jen sighed. “I know. It’s the waiting. Thanks for the tea,” she added, taking a sip. It was warm, deep, just sweet enough. “This is brilliant! Did you make it?”

Adam nodded, lighting a cigarette. “Yes, I’ve come to discover that tea is something of a specialty of mine. Everyone’s got to have something they’re good at, right?”

“Well, yes, but you’ve got more than just tea,” Jen smiled. “How about being in U2? Playing bass? Nobody else could do that except you.”

“Thank you,” Adam replied, smiling back. “As self-indulgent as it might sound, I kind of needed to hear that today.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, how are things between you and that girl? Cara? Sorry if I sound nosy, tell me to mind my own business, I just wondered ‘cause you haven’t mentioned her and she’s not with us so… Sorry, this is really rude of me, I didn’t want you to think I’m not interested or worried or anything.”

Adam laughed. “It’s okay, Jen, I don’t mind you asking at all. I’m in no position to mind, after trying to give you advice, and I appreciate your concern.” He took a drag from the cigarette and shrugged. “The short answer is, things are exactly the same. Entirely my fault, of course. She turned up at Boston, as you know, and the next day I left without her. Which sounds awfully ungentlemanly, but there you go. I haven’t heard from her since, and I haven’t tried to get in touch with her. That’s the way it stands.”

“But…” Jen frowned. “I know this probably sounds really naïve, but why did you leave without her? Didn’t you want to give her a chance and see what happened?”

“Of course I did. That was all I thought about when I saw her. But when we were together before, the first time, we hurt each other too much. It became difficult to trust one another. I’m to blame for that. I was in a band, we were touring, I didn’t make enough of an effort, I suppose. There’s no point going back there, no matter how much we might want to.”

Jen thought about that for a couple of minutes; she didn’t say anything, in case it annoyed Adam, but she privately decided that if you loved someone enough – the way she loved Edge, the way Adam clearly still loved Cara – it was worth trying, even if the outcome wasn’t what you wanted. When she glanced at Adam, staring out of the window pensively, she wondered if maybe he was coming to the same conclusion.


The hotel was comfortable, Cara thought. Much better than the ones she and Adam used to sneak into after the band’s curfew, laughing and smoking and kissing, trying not to wake the others and invariably failing, stumbling into the wrong room in their drunken, stoned haze, finding it hilarious when Larry literally kicked them out of his bed, and eventually giving up and having blurry sex in the middle of the corridor where they’d lie until someone stepped on them next morning. She should probably be ashamed of the memory, but she wasn’t. She remembered nothing but fun and happiness, until it all broke down and they spent their nights fighting instead. She was sure she could recall once taking off her stilettos and throwing them, heel first, at Adam, and him retaliating with his own shoes.

Everyone else on the tour thought we were insane. Literally. They hated me, I’m sure of it.

Well, Cara was perfectly able to pretend she was calm and normal, now. For the most part, it was true, anyway. Back home in Ireland she’d been almost kept under house arrest by her furious parents when she at last got back from being on the road. No wonder she had wanted to escape to a different country. All she needed was Adam to make the picture complete. Deep down, he had to be the same, to feel the same way about her as he had before. People didn’t change that much, not even when they put all their energy into it.

Immersed in her own thoughts as she headed into the foyer, Cara didn’t notice anyone else until she bumped into someone and stepped back to apologise.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” the other person – a striking, dark-haired woman – replied. It was only when Cara looked at her properly that she recognised her.


The woman stared, her face breaking into a smile. “Cara! Oh my goodness, it’s so nice to see you!” They hugged and moved to sit in a couple of seats by the elevator, which had prime views of the front doors. “What are you doing here?”

“Waiting for Adam,” Cara confessed, because she knew Aislinn wouldn’t judge her. The two of them had been pretty good friends while Cara and Adam had been together, and it was reassuring to see a friendly face. “I don’t think he wants to see me, so it’s a bit of a gamble, but never mind. So you’ve come to, what, surprise Edge?”

Aislinn laughed. “Surprise is a good word, yes. He knows I’m here, I called to tell him when he was in New York, but I don’t think he was expecting that. I don’t know, Cara, things between us have been strained lately. I knew I had to sort it out in person, so here I am.”

“At least he’ll be pleased to see you,” Cara said. “Adam’s likely to run away the second he sees me.”

“Don’t be so silly,” Aislinn chastised gently. “You and he were a great couple. He loved you. He’ll realise he still does.”

“I hope so.” Cara sighed. “At least you have nothing to worry about. Edge is a sweetheart, he’d never give up on you.”

“That’s what I’m hoping.”

“The thing is,” Cara went on, “there’s this girl on tour with them. Lizzie. I’ve got a horrible feeling she’s got her claws into Adam. I mean, it never usually takes him too long to jump into bed with female members of the crew. Or females in general.”

Aislinn gave her a sympathetic look. “I’m sorry. Did you see them together or something?”

“No… But I’ve heard what the girl’s like, so…” Cara started to explain about Alex and what had happened back in Boston, and Aislinn in turn told Cara of the arguments she and Edge had been having. Eventually the two women’s chatter slid into silence as they each contemplated what might happen in the near future, when the U2 tour joined them here in Montreal. It couldn’t be long now, could it?

Cara checked her watch and exchanged an anxious glance with Aislinn.


Bono was kissing Beth, and he didn’t want to stop. Her mouth felt so sweet against his, every slide and twist of their tongues sending delicious sparks through his body. Her hair was long and soft, and it flowed nicely through his fingers, and her body was close enough that he could feel a few of her curves, although he didn’t dare let his free hand wander when they were on a busy tour bus. It took every bit of willpower he possessed to let her break the kiss, but it was kind of worth it when she smiled at him like that.

“I can’t wait to see Montreal,” Beth said, leaning back against the window, her legs in his lap. “I’ve never been to Canada.”

“It’s beautiful, you’ll like it,” Bono replied, unable to resist adding, “I’m sure you’ll like the hotel, too.”

Beth laughed. Bono stared at her neck. “Yes, I’m sure I will. Especially your room, right?”

“I never said any such thing.” But they were grinning and looking at each other and it was quite obvious, probably even to people half way down the bus, that the two of them were not going to remain chaste much longer. Not that Bono had wanted to leave it this long in the first place, but events had conspired against them, and the schedules hadn’t worked out right. Tonight, though, he was determined they would be alone, and he didn’t wish to see any other member of the U2 entourage until the next morning. He just hoped that having his arm in a sling wouldn’t have an adverse effect.

“You know,” Beth began, rousing Bono from his thoughts, “I hope Jen will be okay. I know Edge is your best friend and I like him too, but she’s so sad-looking, and I care about her. I told her to wait and see what happened, I hope that was good advice.”

“Of course it was. You can’t do anything to help, Beth. Edge is a smart man, and I know how much this is upsetting him. We have to give them time and support.”

Beth nodded. “I know. I will. It almost makes me feel guilty that you and I are getting on so well.” She snuggled closer and cupped her hand around his jaw, pressing a kiss to his chin and smiling. “Almost.”


Edge stretched as he stepped off the bus, closely followed by Larry. He was uncomfortable from being stuck in there for hours, and was glad to feel fresh air on his face, but he had to admit to himself he was nervous about seeing Aislinn. He had no idea what was going to happen.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I have some idea what will happen. It’ll be incredibly awkward, and we’ll end up having lots of discussions about our marriage.

That was as far as Edge could let himself think. He knew it was bound to be far worse than that, with Jen around, but the only way to get through it would be to stay calm and try to deal with the fact his wife was here, wanting to see him.

He glanced around as Bono and Beth passed him, holding hands and barely noticing anyone else, although Bono did give him a sympathetic look as he went by. At least Bono was firmly on his side, and he knew no matter what choices he made, that would never change. It felt good to have that one certainty, at least.

Edge took a deep breath and followed Bono and Beth into the hotel foyer; Larry was a little way ahead, and Adam was just behind, as Edge could hear him talking to someone. It made things both better and worse to have them around him as he spotted Aislinn, sitting in a chair near the elevators. She looked up from the conversation she was having with another woman, saw him and smiled. Edge smiled back, all the feelings he had for her flooding back. It was only when he headed towards her that he recognised the girl she’d been chatting to.

“Cara.” He turned to warn Adam with a look, but it was too late – Adam’s expression had frozen into one of shock, and he was simply staring at Cara, the smoke from his cigarette the single animation.

“Hi,” Cara said breathlessly, standing along with Aislinn. “Um, I know it looks like we’ve turned up together, but we didn’t. I just came to see you, Adam.”

Adam didn’t reply. He was still staring at her, but not as if he was particularly happy to see her. Bono was coming back over from the check-in desk, Larry beside him, and Edge realised Beth was somewhere nearby with Jen. He didn’t trust himself to look.

“How – how was the journey?” Aislinn asked, too cheerfully, but Edge was grateful for the change of subject.

“Fine, you know, not very interesting.” He thought she looked pretty.

“Good. Well, you know what I mean.”

“Yeah. Of course. Look, erm, do you want to have a drink or something? The bar here’s supposed to be nice.”

Before Aislinn could answer, Cara had produced a piece of paper and was waving it.

“Which one of you is Jennifer?” she asked, focusing her attention on Jen and Beth, who were hanging back a little, looking very uncomfortable. It probably didn’t help that Jen had been talking to Adam as they’d come in, because now Cara was eyeing her rather suspiciously.

“I am,” Jen replied. “Why do you want to know?”

“This might interest you. It was going to be printed in a newspaper, but I managed to save it. If you want to thank me, I quite like big boxes of chocolates.” She handed the paper over to Jen, whose eyes widened as she read what was written. With barely a glance at Edge, she stuffed it in her pocket and nodded to Cara.

“Thank you.”

Cara ignored her, because she was looking at Beth, her jaw dropping. “I’ve met you before, haven’t I? At the gig in Boston?”

Beth nodded, smiling. “Yeah. Beth. I gave you my press pass and then I went backstage. And I never left!”

“So I see,” Cara said, looking at Bono, who grinned and waved at her. She rolled her eyes and turned back to Beth. “Um, so, wait… You’re Lizzie?”

Beth frowned. “Well, no one calls me Lizzie any more. Apart from Alex… You know Alex?”

“Sort of,” Cara muttered, looking embarrassed. “Sorry. I met him and we were hanging out… He said loads of things about you. I had no idea it was you! And you’re with Bono!” She laughed as if relieved, looking at Aislinn. “I had the wrong idea, totally.”

Beth opened her mouth but whatever she was going to say was interrupted by Larry announcing he was going to find his room. Edge privately agreed that breaking this group up was a great idea, but Aislinn obviously had other ideas when she suggested they all meet for dinner the next evening that they didn’t have a show, which would be two days’ time. She somehow got Adam and Larry to say they’d be there, and Bono made an impressive show of sounding enthusiastic about the prospect. Jen did her best to refuse but she couldn’t come up with an excuse quickly enough, so Edge was resigned to sitting at a table with his wife and his girlfriend. Ex-girlfriend. Sort of.

All in all, Edge was heartily glad when, soon after, everyone went their own way and he was only left to deal with Aislinn. She smiled at him as he led her upstairs to his room, saying a prayer of thanks yet again that the band no longer had to share hotel rooms.

“This is lovely,” she said, stepping in ahead of him and going to look out of the window. “Better than the places we used to get stuck in when we just got married, do you remember?”

Edge nodded. “Course I do. Adam and I used to take turns to sleep on Larry and Bono’s floor, so we could each have time alone. Although I know for a fact he didn’t sleep anywhere when Cara was around. I used to find them in really strange places. I wonder what she’s doing here.”

“She wants to work things out with him,” Aislinn replied. “She’s making the effort. Not unlike what I’ve done by flying out to see you. I hope you realise this is serious. The last couple of months have been horrible, and I just want us to talk about it.”

“We will.” Edge opened the mini bar and pulled out a couple of soft drinks, handing one to Aislinn.

“Thanks. I’m thirsty after the trip.” She worked the lid off the bottle and took a sip. “It seems so long ago, sometimes. Our wedding. Don’t you think?”

“Sometimes. Usually when we’re arguing.” He sighed. “There’s obviously a reason for it, but I don’t know what.”

Aislinn came closer to him. “Maybe because we’ve been so far apart?” She pressed a kiss to his cheek. “That never helps, in my experience. Now we have less distance between us, things might get better?”

Edge allowed her to kiss him, and allowed himself to respond. After all, she was his wife, and this was what they were supposed to be doing. And if he just made sure not to think about Jen, things might work out.

But even as he followed Aislinn onto the bed, he had the uncomfortable feeling he was kidding himself.


Adam felt like he was trapped. Or ambushed. Either way, he wasn’t happy at all about the way Cara had followed him, mainly because this forced him to make a decision about her. He’d been quite content with putting it off and forgetting about her in time. Now, though, she was here, standing in front of him again, looking far too hopeful. And to make things worse, everyone else had deserted them. No doubt Edge and Aislinn had plenty to catch up on. Similarly, Bono had disappeared with Beth and there were no prizes for guessing what they were off to do. Jen had wandered away, and Larry had gone with her after shooting Adam a warning look, which he had ignored.

“So. Um. How are you?” Cara asked, smiling.

“Fine. And you?” Adam remembered his cigarette, and took a much-needed drag. She certainly didn’t look any crazier than the last time they’d met, but surely coming to find him when he’d left without her was slightly mad?

Yes, it is, and that’s exactly the sort of thing that made me fall for her the first time.

“Not bad. I left my job. I mean, I didn’t know how long I’d be away for.” Cara looked longingly at the cigarette and Adam automatically handed it to her. She had a blissful look on her face as she smoked, her cheeks hollowing as she inhaled. Adam had to force himself to pay attention.

“Do you have enough money?” Adam asked. Cara scowled.

“I didn’t come here to ask you for funds, if that’s what you’ve been thinking,” she said shortly.

Adam sighed. “Of course not. I’m just worried about you without a job and everything. It’s not cheap to stay in hotels all the time.”

“I remember,” Cara replied, returning the cigarette and folding her arms. “I suppose how long I stay is up to you. I didn’t come here for a holiday, Adam. I knew when you ran away it was because you couldn’t face me, and that’s fine. That means you still feel something for me. Otherwise why would you bother? And at the risk of sounding stupid, I still feel something for you.”

Adam stayed silent. He didn’t know how to handle this. He had been taken by surprise, seeing Cara like this, and while he couldn’t possibly deny there was something between them, he wasn’t quite ready for everything that came with admitting it.

Cara seemed to read his mind, because she made an impatient noise and shook her head. “Look, life’s too short for playing games. Didn’t you say that to me once? If you decide to talk about this, I’ll be around for a few days.” She adjusted the handbag on her shoulder, turned on her heel and walked out of the hotel, leaving Adam standing alone.


Beth knew it was silly to be nervous, but she was nervous anyway as she brushed her hair in front of the mirror and thought about what was about to happen. After all, Bono was important, famous, lusted after by all sorts of women – and yet he wanted her. It was literally unbelievable. And if Beth was honest with herself, she didn’t know if she could live up to whatever it was he expected of her. What if things just didn’t work between them? What if she made a complete fool of herself?

I have to calm down and stop being so stupid. Bono wants me. I should concentrate on that, or else I’ll lose it. And I know he’s worried about his arm, but even so he wants us to be together. I have to get over this and trust him. I do trust him. I would trust him with my life.

Beth left the room and walked along the corridor to Bono’s room, which was only a short distance from hers. There was nobody else in sight, but she was still glad when she knocked on the door and he opened it, letting her step inside.

“Hi, I just… Oh!” Beth gazed around, her words lost. There were dozens of burning candles placed on the windowsill, on the bedside table, even above the basin in the bathroom, which Beth could see through the door on her left. As a result, the room was very softly lit and very romantic. There was also a big bottle of wine on the table and an even bigger box of chocolates. In someone else’s hands this would have probably looked clichéd and tacky, but Bono was neither of those things. He had done this honestly and out of respect for Beth, and she didn’t need to worry about not measuring up to his expectations. Her anxieties seemed to slide away as she stood there, feeling him behind her, his good arm around her waist.

“Hello.” He kissed her neck.

“Bono, this is… it’s lovely,” she managed as he pressed kisses down to her shoulder, up to her ear, and everywhere in between. “You’re lovely.”

He chuckled, the sound of it rumbling through her. “I know.”

Beth turned in his embrace and laughed. “You do, do you?” she teased, kissing his cheek, just below his eye. “Is there anything you don’t know?”

“Yes.” Bono suddenly looked solemn, and he looked into Beth’s eyes, their foreheads together. “I don’t know how I got lucky enough to end up with you.”

“Don’t be silly,” Beth said, heat flooding her face. “It wasn’t luck, really, anyway, was it? I forced myself into your company in my search for a story.”

“True,” Bono grinned. “I’m glad you did.”

Beth opened her mouth to say she was glad, too, but she didn’t get the chance. Bono kissed her, properly, deeply, passionately, and she felt desire spark its way through her. Her skin was alive to his touch as he slid his free hand up her shirt, pressing her stomach gently, moving up to cup her breast. She whimpered as he let her mouth go and resumed kissing her neck. Her hand moved down his back and did what she’d been dying to do for weeks – slid inside his trousers. His moan was loud and Beth couldn’t help worrying somebody might overhear… but the things he was doing to her didn’t leave much room for unnecessary thoughts.

When they were both exhausted and happy, curled up together in the bed, Beth stroked Bono’s hair and down his face, watching as his eyes closed and he grinned languidly.

“I think that was worth the wait,” he said, stretching his good arm and draping it around her tightly.

“Definitely,” Beth replied, pulling the covers over them and thinking if she never left this bed, she’d be quite pleased.


If you would like the uncut version of this chapter, please email!

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Wow........worth the wait and I`m eagering waiting for the unedited version!!!

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New Yorker
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I'm glad this story is back & on my birthday! Hope you will continue!
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Wow, I didn't expect this to return, great chapter! I mailed you for the unedited version.
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Thought I was dreaming!! So happy to see you back, chickadee.

other version, please and thank you.

NOW- off to read.

Mmmmm, lots going on. I am very interested to see what happens..Your writing flows very well, and i can picture everything going on.
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HOly crap that was a HUGE chapter! Even tho it took a year I could still remember your story! You're still an awesome writer Kat, please don't make us wait another year!
Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
Don't worry baby, it's gonna be all right. Uncertainty can be a guiding light...
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could i have the unedited version please? thanks
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wow that was good.
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Oh my god - im so happy! i LOVE this story!
Can i have the un-edited please?

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I am so glad to see the return of this story. I really enjoyed it. Please put me on the list for the uncut version.
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I think that's everyone who has requested the uncut version who has been emailed now...

blm - my email won't deliver to you and says your email is wrong, did you type it right?
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thanks, chickadee.. was checking my emails eagerly yesterday
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Thankyou very much - it was fantastic
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I'm so glad this story is back!

I'd love the uncut version
acrobatangel at

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I'm glad this story is back,I've missed it.I would love the uncut version,please send to Thanks.
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YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the first story I read when I joined this site. I'm SO GLAD you decided to continue! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, send me the unedited version:
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Hope everyone who has requested the uncut version has received it!

Thanks for the comments!
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The Fly
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I´ve just finishing the all 14 chapters. Love your story!!!! GREAT!!

Can you send me the unedited version?

Thank you
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Thank you for sending me the uncut version!!

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