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In the Stillness of the Evening ch.1

This is a story I've been working on recently and finally got halfway through, so I thought I'd post it here and see what the general public thinks. Hope you enjoy!

Part One: When I Look At The World

“So I try to be like you
Try to feel it like you do
Pull it out, but it’s no use
I can’t see what you see
When I look at the world.”

It wasn’t long before she was asleep. He watched her breathe, slowly, steadily, her chest rising carefully to sink below her ribs. He covered her face with kisses, and she stirred only slightly, her mouth curling into the faint beginnings of a smile. He smiled himself, a deep expression of pure love.
He loved her so much.
The digital clock ticked away the minutes of the night. He leaned back against the pillows, curling his hand ever so gently around her hip. She made a soft, contented noise in the back of throat, and he knew she was dreaming. He drifted off with the smile fading on his face.
Some hours later, she dared to wake him up with a kiss on his chest. His eyes popped wide, discovering her beautiful face staring down at him.
“Come back to bed,” he murmured, hands reaching out to fold over her wrists.
She giggled musically, and his ears strained for that sound, his favorite in the world. ”I can’t,” she said. “Remember we’ve got to be sneaky about this, dear.”
He remembered. He did not like remembering this fact, every single morning. By all rights he should be allowed to have her. Having a girlfriend never did any harm. It was only the real world… their professions, the disapproving tongues of his friends, her insistence on keeping a secret…
He sighed at how complicated the universe seemed to be.
“Promise me you’ll come back as soon as you can, Kelly?”
“I will,” she swore. “I’ll stay with you every night. Yours till the sun wakes.”
He watched her dress and fix herself up until there was no suspicion that she had spent the night in a man’s bed.
His throat tightened. “Bye, Kelly.”
She paused with one hand ready to open the door. “Bye, Adam.”

Sunlight filled another room hours later, as four men gathered together to do something they hadn’t gotten to do in a long while- hang out.
The blond with the cute smile was laughing as he ducked out of the way of an attempted tackle, his blue shirt showing off his strong arm muscles perfect for beating drums. The giver of the tackle sighed in mock disappointment and sat back down, thin fingers dancing along the sides of his head to adjust the blue beanie covering what was left of his hair- fingers that could rip along and manipulate the strings of a guitar as easily as breathing. The brunette wearing blue sunglasses was changing the CD, his mouth running off at the end, making good use of his voice excellent for singing. The tall man peered out through the lenses of his glasses, gazing at the blue water of the beach below and unconsciously nodding his head to the beat of the song that was playing, a habit some bassists might develop.
“Drink anyone?” Bono asked his friends, setting the empty CD case down and making for the door.
“Is it champagne?” Edge asked warily. If there was one thing he’d learned from living in France part-time, it was that the locals were huge on that drink. His fingers crossed slowly behind his back.
Bono made a disgusted sound. “In the middle of the afternoon? What are you, nuts?”
Edge tried not to smile. “I’m sick of the stuff. Have you got anything… refreshing?”
“Sure.” Bono shrugged. “Juice, water, soda…”
“Beer?” Larry asked, his eyes lighting up.
“Em… I’m not sure if we have that…”
But now that the word was brought up, the rest of the band realized how appealing beer sounded. Adam stayed quiet while the others placed their orders, his countenance unperturbed, deep in thought. He stared into the crashing waves and thought of how warm that sun would feel on his back.
“And what would you like, Adam?” Bono inquired, bringing him back to the world.
He cleared his throat. “Em. Nothing at the moment, thank you.” Certainly nothing alcoholic.
Bono tossed a winning smile over his shoulder as he went downstairs to prepare the drinks. “But don’t get your hopes up, I’m pretty sure I haven’t got any.”
“How’s the Spaceman over there?” Larry asked, jerking his head in Adam’s direction.
“Just… thinking,” Adam responded. The sound of the music Bono had put on was unpleasantly battering his ears. He needed to go outside.
“Can we go for a swim later?”
Edge frowned. “In what, our clothes?”
“Surely we’ve brought stuff over here,” Adam mumbled.
“Was swimming our first priority?” Larry asked. “No. The point of meeting here was to get some relaxation between shows.”
“And truly hang out for the first time in months,” Edge tacked on. “However, now that you mention it, Ad, I do have my swimsuit.”
“How about we go out for a bit?” The sunshine in France was much too beautiful to pass up.
“A walk along the beach would be nice,” Edge amended. “Let’s ask Bono… WAIT-ER!”
A groan came from downstairs. “Patience is a virtue!”
“Just come up,” Edge called back. “Forget the drinks…”
He came with them anyway and handed them out to eager hands. “It’s so odd, I don’t remember bringing beer here.”
“Do you want to take a walk down the beach?” Adam asked.
Bono stared from one member of U2 to another. “That would garner some looks, don’t you think?”
“It’s such a nice day…”
“Well, I’m up for it,” Larry announced. “Need to work on my tan. Edge? Bono?”
“Maybe I’ll join you later,” Edge suggested. Bono agreed. The rhythm section left the beach house and went out for a stroll.
“How are you doing, Bono?”
“Oh… I’m thinking. I’m thinking…”
“What are you thinking about?”
“Just… things.” He switched the music off.
The next night, they would play London.

U2 rocked out London that night. After playing Walk On, Adam’s feet seemed glued to the stage. He was the last to exit, and gave the audience one final surreptitious glance. The fans cheered louder, catching sight of Adam’s lingering on the catwalk. He threw a sweeping wave over his shoulder and departed from the stage, the screams still ringing in his ears.
She was creeping outside the hotel, her supple body swallowed up by shadow. He heard her voice whispering- “Come away with me.” Adam took her cautiously in his arms and kissed her, hands lacing behind her back. She moaned as softly as possible and tore from Adam’s arms, racing into the hotel without looking back. God, but Adam loved that woman. He counted out a minute- it felt like a year- and tiptoed into the hotel, though he had nothing to fear.
Kelly had his keys- she always had his keys- but was standing outside the door when Adam got to the room, deciding to tempt him with one gaze of sparkling eyes and twisted lips before sliding the key into the lock and dashing away inside. Adam scanned for passersby in the hall- there were none- and closed the door behind them.
Her body worked over him, hands soothing the kinks from his muscles, lips touching everywhere else. Adam twisted his fingers into her dark hair and laughed, softly and briefly. Her shining eyes were mischievous in the night.
Later, when a sleepy Kelly had draped her body over Adam, her lips moving in sweet nothings that his ears could not pick up- Adam wondered how this had all began. How could he have let this vixen into his life, to charm and enchant him? He’d once thought of her as a creature of the night, something that could not exist in the daytime. But surely they’d met in a natural way- surely their lives couldn’t have twined into something this complicated out of nothing?
Adam thought. And he began to remember. Where had this all started? As far as he knew, it had begun in the bar.

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BLUUUUUUUUE! a new fanfic!
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I thought it was time.


...I just realized one of the lines in the WILATW lyircs was my misheard lyric that I told myself to correct before posting. Already making mistakes...
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adam, elevation tour, kelly, london, mysterious woman, south of france

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