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Electrical Storm Part One

A/N: There are TWO authors Me(Desty) and Bonolover269. Feedback is very much wanted.

The sea it swells like a sore head
And the night it is aching
Two lovers lie with no sheets on their bed
And the day it is breaking

A man Is in in my home. The ocean, he's stealing my belongings this man has some nerves. But he is kinda handsome. He has blonde hair that sticks to his face when wet. Rather muscular and is wearing all black. I've been watching him from a pile of rocks. he seem really oblivious of the mermaid that's sitting on the rocks. I've heard humans were oblivious but really they were this oblivious to me. He has now stolen what most people refer to on land as a television. Yes even stole the thing I bath in. What is wrong with him? Has his mother tought him nothing? I guess not. I decide to swim to him beings I'm faster than him. I catch him be for he's in the ocean next.

“What are you doing? That's my stuff!“

"Getting it out of the ocean love.“ he has some sort of weird accent.

“Well stop!“


“Because I don't want my stuff out of the ocean."

“Come here I'm tired of shouting at you.“

“No, I won't!“

“Then I'll come and get you.“ He started walking in the water. Before I had a chance to disappear he had caught me. His grip was rather strong so I couldn't get away.

“What's up with the tale?“

“Are you really that dumb? Never mind I'm a mermaid if you must now.“

“And I'm not a famous drummer. I'm Larry Mullen Jr if you didn't know. But I highly dought that.“

“Cocky much Mr Mullen Jr?“

“A bit.“

"Well I'm Anne, Anne Costello."

“Nice to meet ya Anne.“

"You to Mullen.“

“Haha very punny.“


“You to, the name of my band. Where have you been for the last twenty years? In the ocean?“

“Yes actually I have.“

“Well, I haven’t and I don’t feel like bein’ here forever. I’ve got fans and a band to get back ta.”

“Well, Mullen, I want my stuff back here now. It belongs to me…”

What guts he has! He is carrying my thing known to most humans as a suitcase up to the sand. I try swimming after him and calling for him to come and give it back. I can’t catch up to him; he is too close to the beach. He ran up to the shore and up to the beach where I can’t reach him. After I called for him to come back for what must have been minutes he turned to face me and motioned for me to follow him up onto the beach and get it myself!

“If you want your stuff then come and get it,” he said with a smug smile.

“Have you learned nothing? I’m a mermaid. Just how am I supposed to do that?” I shouted to be heard over the sound of tides ripping at the shore and the cries of the sea gulls which flew in the cloudy rain anticipating sky.

“Oh are ya? Fine! I’ll swim just this out to ya,” the mysterious muscular man shouted in reply.

On rainy days we go swimming out
on rainy days, swimming in the sound
On rainy days we go swimming out

He is a pretty good swimmer for being a creature who walks most of the time. I swam towards him to help cut down on the distance and since he has my case it must have been hard for him to swim against the tides. He didn’t show it. His swimming is getting a little rougher now that the tides are stronger. He must be tired from dragging along the case and fighting the strength of the waves. I find myself swimming faster to get to him and help him and finally when I reach him I grab the case and turn and head for the large gray rocks about 30 feet away.
Even though he must be exhausted he follows me and doesn’t ask any questions. I am faster than him so I get there first and wait for him to make it to his destination. He comes and climbs the rock next to me and is breathing in short, loud, quick, gasping breaths when he lays down on his back and his face to the half way hidden sun. He sits up and looks at me and I can’t believe he didn’t collapse onto the rock and pass out he looks so drained.
I finally break the awkward feeling.

“Where are you from, Mullen?”

“Call me Larry. Ireland.”

"Why are you in France then?“

“We're recording.“

"Do I look like I care. How many other people are here?"

"Well there's Paul, Bono, Adam, Edge plus all of the
roadies and Brian Eno. So 10. Why do yo-"

"Larry where are you?? And what's up with all of the junk on the beach?" A man with a cowboy hat and mustache was calling for him.

"Im over here edge. and it's nothing Edge don't worry about it." After he said that the man named Edge. Left. My goodness does humans have weird names.

"Listen, I have to go before Edge freaks out. I'll be back tomorrow to help you get your stuff okay? And I'll make sure no one knows about your you know. Tale."

"Fine, just come early. And you better show up or I'll make your life a living hell."

"I will. I never pass the opportunity to see a pretty lady." With that he jumped back in. Thankfully the tide has calmed. I watch him swim in fascination, and in ah.
'How can humans swim like that?' I think to myself then shrug it off. Go back under water and swim to a nearby cave. Where I happen to be able to see the man. His wet blond hair in the sun light. I remember the way his eyes look. A deep piercing blue like the sea. Then I remember something. 'A love so true, only a human can break the curse. Half human half mermaid. But only one kiss so true.' Ha, like I'd love a human. But there was something different about this one. This one is something only certain words can describe. He's a bit arrogant but kind. Actually kinda sweet.

You're in my mind all of the time
I know that's not enough
If the sky can crack, there must be some way back
For love and only love

It's almost Sunset. This may sound weird Becuase in the movies most mermaids turn into mermaids during the night which for me isn't the case I turn into a human at night. And to tell you the truth only certain mermaids can turn human. Like me my mum was a mermaid but my dad a human. Hence why I have a human name. Anne which isn't as bad as that poor man named Edge. I finally remember something. My dad who lives on this island and owns a house near where I saw the human named Larry. Except I still refuse to call him. That I'll still will refer to his as the mysterious Mullen man. Who likes to steal my stuff!

I am now fully human. And completely dry of all water. I normally hang around in this cave because it connects with the beach. I see people (couples mainly.) Walking down the beach. I can hear good times being had. I remember my confusing childhood playing on this beach mum turning into a mermaid when she got wet. And every now and again at night. When I turned 18 it all got even more confusing. Living in the ocean during the day to come home at night. Sometimes I just stay in the ocean. Because I have the choice to become human or not at night. I'd just get wet and bam im a mermaid. I can stay human until 12:00 in the afternoon that's why I wanted Mullen to come back early. I'm all most to my home thankfully. But that's when I see four men through the sliding glass window. Mullens one of them also that Edge man. They all seem to all be having fun. I make sure the house numbers are right. 453 yes they are sadly. I also see my father. He has seemed to notice me beings smiling now. And saying something to the four men dressed in black.

"Ah speaking of the devil. Here she is now my lovely daughter Anne."

"Hi daddy, hello Mullen."

"Hello baby girl. I didn't know you know Larry."

"Erm yeah we met on the beach earlier." Larry interjected then glared at me so I glared back.

"Hello I'm Edge." The man from earlier had said.

"Nice to meet you Edge."

"I'm Bono." I said basically the same thing to bono and the one named Adam.

"Anne we were thinking about going outside. And playing music. And I know how wonderful you are at bass and guitar. You wouldn't mind playing would you?"

"Not at all. I'll go and get them. Do you want me to grab yours? Or do you want the drum?"

"I'll take either or."


"Would you like some help Anne?" It was Larry A.K.A Mullen.
"Sure Mu-Larry." We walk down the hall to the room that has the instruments in silence.

"I thought you were a mermaid. Or are you just some obsessed fan who's trying to get close to me and the band?"

"Ha Mullen I have no interest in you. Or your band. And I am it's just complicated alright! You wouldn't get it!"

"Uh huh sure it is." With that he grabbed a drum a guitar and stormed out of the room. My God that iman a is a peice of work. He actually made me feel like carp. I wanted to cry. But I can't cry it's a weakness. Crying a form of weakness.

Electrical Storm
Electrical Storm
Electrical Storm
Baby don't cry

I waited a minute and just thought and then finally I grabbed a bass and walked back to the room of humans with strange names. I walked into the room and saw that Edge and Adam were talking while Edge made sure his guitar was in tune. Bono is adding some last minute lyrics to his next song and Mullen and my father are talking to each other in low, discreet voices. I stood there awkwardly for a moment until my father saw me and motioned for me to come over to him.
“Give that to Adam, sweetheart. You can be one of the first ones to hear one of their new songs if you’d like,” my dad spoke in a now louder voice.
As I walk past my dad towards Adam, Mullen looks away from me as soon as we make eye contact and I mouth the words I’ll explain later but he had already looked away. I give Adam his instrument and turn and walk back to my father and Mullen sees me but then turns away.

It's hot as hell, honey in this room
sure hope the weather will break soon
the air is heavy, heavy as a truck
hope the rain will wash away our bad luck

I stop next to my dad and kiss him on the cheek, “No, dad I’m okay.”

“Okay, I promise I’ll come see you later tomorrow morning,” my dad replies.

“Bye for now daddy. Don’t break your promise,” I say as I walk towards the door, “Don’t anybody break their promises for the morning,” I finish bitterly as walk out the door and head to the beach.
I walk to the water which reflects the face of the moon feeling worse than crap and trying hard to hold back tears. What happened to Mullen? Why does he hate me? Humans hate what they don’t believe but Mullen seems different. He is sweet but he is angry. I make sure I am far enough away from the water so that it doesn’t touch me and turn around and look at my dad and the band who calls themselves U2. They are going outside to play so I quickly turn around and run into the water until my legs turn in a tail. I swim out to rocks and position myself where I can see everyone but so they can’t see me. Mullen looks gloomy while drumming.
The water feels cold now that the sun has gone down and the ocean feels empty without Mullen. I am wondering if Mullen will come tomorrow morning but I need to stop thinking about him, it only makes me want to cry but I won’t do it.
I sit there for hours watching and listening, I can hear a song my dad plays a lot and says that the band plays a lot in their free time for some reason. Bono is singing about still not finding what he is looking for. Humans sing about the weirdest things while mermaids with red hair sing with crabs about living under the sea. I hear their songs and they are all laughing, all but Mullen.
I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew the sun was coming up over the horizon, casting a gentle glow of blues, oranges, pinks, and yellows across the sky. It must have rained because the houses’ roofs looked wet and the clouds were all gone, leaving a clear sky in its place. I sit up and look around, the lights are off in the house and there doesn’t seem to be anyone awake so it must still be very early. I don’t even see the morning joggers out yet. I suddenly notice one person walking in circles on the seaside near the house. It’s a man, this man looks like Mullen! It’s hard to contain my anticipation now as I am watching him and pondering why he isn’t coming towards me.
After about thirty minutes of walking around in small circles with his hands on hips and occasionally running them through his hair, he sits down in front of the small beach house in the sand and puts his head down and puts his hands around the curve of his neck. I can tell he is thinking hard about what happened, like I’m not! Finally I get tired of waiting and start calling him and telling him to come over to me.

“Mullen, Mullen! Please I’ll explain. MULLEN!” I yell over and over again until he finally gets up and walk towards me.
His head is down the whole time but when he gets closer he looks up. He looks angry and confused but still sad. We make eye contact but then he puts his head back down almost in shame. I hope he will understand…
heeeey... heeeey.....
"Mullen I'm sorry." That was a lot easier to say then I expected but he still looks hurt. He looks like he can't trust me. If looks could kill I think I'd be dead. I stare at my feet I'm ashamed of myself I can't believe I'm saying this but I want him to for give me. I could feel the tears burning in my eyes. Cryings a sign of weakness. I can't.

Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry Baby don't cry Baby don't cry

Why is talking to this man so dam hard! I don't know how to feel about him. At all I just us to be us.

"How about we take a walk." He said weakly. I could hear the hurt in his voice.

"Sure I know a good spot. Where we can talk about things." I tried to sound like I wasn't going to cry. I stand up from my spot on the shore.

"You know the waves are rather peaceful." I say to make conversation the silence was killing me. I want to hear his Ireland accent.

"I wish I could live beneath the waves sometimes it all seems so much more...."he trailed off.


"Yeah that's it."

"It is. I've been spending my days down there for as long as I can remember well since I was 18''

"Let me guess it's when you started being a lunatic hiding things in the sea?"

"No, it when all of this crap started happening. I hate it."

"What are you talking about?"

"I mean me becoming a mermaid. I'm half mermaid half human. Well a majority human hence why I'm still like this. Hence why I wanted to see you in the morning. I'm like this until noon you know. Ask my dad I wasn't lying about anything and no I'm not some sort of syrin. That's my mom. Do you believe me Becuase I can prove im a mermaid here and now if you'd like."

"Prove it then." His Ireland accent harsh and cold. We made it to my cave which had a tide pool in it so I went and sat in it and started turn it back into the other me. The me I'm used to being even as a kid I never really got humans.

"Wow!" He said it in disbelief.

"I believe you know."

"Yes. I guess do"

"Was it really that hard?"

"I've been lied to a lot Anne. I'm a drummer in a rock band remember?"

"Oh yeah. I forgot about that Mullen."

Well, If the sky can crack, there must be some way back
To love and only love

"Larry!!!" It sounded like that human with the strangest name and a million different accents. What was his name Mono, no. Wono, no. What was it?

"Urg Bono's calling me. Listen we'll talk more later."

"Okay, bye Mullen."

"Bye Anne. I'll meet you back here tonight.." with that he ran out of the cave at full speed. My goodness that silly human.

sometimes I feel like I don't know
Sometimes I feel like checkin' out
I want to get it wrong
Can't always be strong
And love it won't be long...

I was half asleep half awake when my dad came in.

"Hey baby."

"Hi daddy. What did I miss last night?"

"The guys performed a few songs that's all. we laughed
And talked I just hope we didn't disturb you to much. Except Larry seemed a bit out of it."

"I'm sure Larry will break out of it."

"You know it's only 6 o'clock you have 6 hours left of being a human. You should come and eat brekfast with us. The boys are going to be there and I saw Edge eying you a bit yesterday. Except I'm not sure if Larry likes you. he seemed annoyed when you came."

"He's a drummer he probably thought I was some sort of fan or something."

"Hmm, come on let's go." Dad Grabbed a towel and through it at me So I can dry off and be human.

Oh sugar, don't you cry
Oh child, wipe the tears from your eyes
You know I need you to be strong
And the day is as dark as the night is long
Feel like trash, you make me feel clean
I'm in the black, can't see or be seen

We made our way back to the house. I could see four people out side. The house. One looked like Mullen. The others were the strange named men.

"Hi guys... And Larry."

"Why am I and Larry?"

"Cause you are." He rolled his eyes at me and let out a sigh. Then we had a glaring contest.

"You won't stand a chance Anne."

"Don't underestimate my daughter. She'll probably win."

After five minutes Mullen finally gave up. I flicked my eye brows up to say I win. And he shrugged. When we got inside we filed to the couches and my dad to the kitchen. Me and Mullen sat on the loveseat the other boys on the couch. Well the other boys were talking Mullen leaned in.
"I have to cancel tonight. We have to meet with the record label. I'll make it up to you I swear on my drum kit. Past and present tense."

“Your drum kit, eh, Mullen?” I whispered back with a cocky smile.
“Yeah Anne on my drum kit. It may not mean a lot to you but it does to me. You can’t even play it half the time unless you are going to move your tail fast enough to cover all the pedals.”
“Very funny Mullen.”
“Anne!” my father called from the kitchen.
I stand up and walk into the kitchen where my dad is making pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Everything smells so good and my dad makes marvelous pancakes. I can’t remember the last time he made them.
“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to ask why I called you in here?”
“Why did you call me in here, Daddy?” I asked in a mocking voice.
“You and Larry have been with each other a lot. He doesn’t know anything about you know what does he? Is there anything going on between you?”
“Dad, nothing is going on between Mul… La… Larry and I. And nobody knows about me being half mermaid. Do you not trust Mullen, daddy?”
He flipped a few pancakes and then answered me, “No, no I trust him. I just worry about you that’s all.”
“Since your mum went missing I’m trying to keep you safe. I don’t want to lose you, I can’t lose you, baby.”
He put his hands on my face, one on each of my cheeks, “I know dad.”
“You’re the light of my world, im just watching out for you.”
Baby, baby, baby...light my way
(alright now)
Baby, baby, baby...light my way
I still wonder where my mum is and if she’ll ever come back. I wonder if she’s even alive and if she wonders about me. I wonder if she knows about what happens to me at 12.
“Do you think mum misses us?”
My dad is looking in my eyes and I into his brown ones, “I know she does. Now, why don’t you help me plate the food?”
He takes his hands off my face and turns around to take the food out of the pans and put it all on separate plates. I went to the fridge and got out a some orange juice and some milk, and now I am getting six glasses and a tray to put the drinks and silver wear on. Dad puts the silver wear, maple syrup and butter on the tray in my hands. He puts the food and plates on his tray and we walk out into room where everyone else was laughing and talking.
“Mmmm, smells good,” Adam states as soon as soon as we enter the room.
The man named Edge agrees and stands up to clear the table of the books that clutter it. Dad and I set down our trays and I sit next to Mullen while my dad sits in a single chair next to me. We all sit there and look at each other until finally I reach forward and grab plate, a glass, and silver wear from the center of the table and put it in front of me, triggering that move from everybody else.
Everybody is grabbing food like it’s their last meal and I see why after they have grabbed every bit except for my dad’s share and my share in basically the blink of an eye. I slowly grab my food after my dad grabs all of his food very quickly. Everybody watches me as I grab the syrup and drown my pancakes in it. No one is eating yet and I decide to break that barrier too. As soon as I grab my fork they all start grabbing theirs and digging in but I take my time because I never shove good food down my throat without tasting it.
“Do you like it?” my dad finally broke the silence.
“Love it!” Bono was the only one with a verbal reply because all the others had their mouths full of the last few bites of food.
“It’s great, daddy,” I answer after pouring a glass of milk and drinking a sip.
“I’m glad you all like it.”
I shoved the last piece of bacon into my mouth and got up to help my dad clear the dishes into the kitchen.
“Honey, be watching the time,” my dad says as soon as we reach the kitchen sink. From there we start taking the dirty dishes out of the dishwasher and putting the dirty dishes it.
“Are you sure you and Larry aren’t in any type of relationship?”
“Yes dad. Even if we were I wouldn't tell anybody."
You bury your treasure
Where it can't be found
But your love is like a secret
That's been passed around

What do you guys think??

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I know this is an old story, but I really enjoyed it!
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