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"Can you see the beauty inside of me?"

Here's a story I wrote! Hope you like it!

During a concert in Dublin on their nostalgic Joshua tree 30 year anniversary tour, Larry had a lot of time to think, just sitting there hitting his drum kit for 2 and a half hours. After the concert, he decided to talk to his mate Bono (who always has plenty to say), and pulled him aside.

Bono: "Whats wrong Larry? You seem even more upset than usual mate!"

Larry: "well... erm..."

Bono: "Cmon pal! You've never had any problems with expressing your feelings and opinions before! You can tell me Larry!"

Larry: "Ugh, alright! The thing is... all of you guys have something so special about you! Edge is a mechanical and guitar genius! U2 is known for the beautiful gangly guitar sounds!"

Bono: "well actually my lyrics and voice and..."

Larry: (cutting bono off) "And Adam is just so cool and laid back, not to mention how he got over his addiction. He's an idol! He got that stupid award and everything!"

Bono: "Larry you got that Yamaha award for... something!"

Larry: "And then there's you! Who could forget bono! You literally do everything! Also, even though a lot of people hate you, people still remember you!!!"

Bono: "Thanks? Anyway, Larry, you're special!!! You're in the most successful band in the world!"

Larry: "Ya, but most people don't even know I exist! Am I adam or Larry? Who knows..."

Bono: "Larry you're a special guy. You're such a talented drummer!"

Larry: "I just hit things. That's it! There's nothing else that great about me."

Bono: "What about your acting?

Larry: "Yeah that career didn't last too long..."

Bono: "Cmon, you're a very talented actor Larry!!! That performance in... your movie... deserved an oscar!!!"

Larry: "Did you even watch my movie?! What's it called?!"

Bono: "Ummmm... that's not the point! How about politics and charity work? That's what got me even more famous! Have you ever thought about that?"

Larry: "bono, I don't want people to hate me..."

Bono: "Ugh fine! How about a visual arts appreciation?"

Larry: "That's Adams thing! Plus that's too boring for my taste..."

Bono: "To be honest Larry, I think you're pretty special! You're a gifted drummer, you're not ugly, you're funny, and this band wouldn't exist without you!!! You started this band Larry! It's your band, no matter what others may think and whether they know your name or not!"

Larry: "You really mean it?"

Bono: "Indeed I do!"

Larry: "Aw thanks mate!"

Bono: "No problemo!"

Larry: "Please don't try to speak Spanish ever again. Well actually, too late!"

Bono: "Catorce is a word! I swear!"

Larry: "Anyway mate, thank you for helping me boost my confidence! You're a very helpful friend!!!"

Bono: "I know right! Like a few days ago, I gave Edge some fashion advice! He almost went back to the number 7 shirt! Yikes! Don't think he's washed that thing since... did he ever wash that thing?! And adam needed some hair advice! Something that I have lots of knowledge about! And I've been a big help towards women! POVERTY IS SEXIST!!! Well, not anymore! And Africa will soon have an HIV/AIDS free generation thanks to me! Did you know that Larry? Larry...? Where'd you go?!"

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Keep going!!!

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Aww thank you so much!!!
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