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Re: Re: (12-19-2006) Bono unhappy after meeting Democrats - Chicago Tribune*

Originally posted by Utoo
What crap, and here's the part they don't understand:

Bono may be upset but he isn't even a U.S. citizen and isn't likely to affect many votes in congressional districts across the country.

How backward can they be??
It's not backward, it's true.

The reality is that a very small and insignificant number of people will change their votes based on this issue. It has been proven again and again.

Africa as an issue, has been wonderfully advocated for by a number of people, even some on this very forum. Unfortunately, politically it has been a loser of an issue and has not been influential, regardless of how you slice it. Because this is a U2 forum, we hear more about it, the reality of the real world out there is that most people don't know, don't care or simply don't believe this is a number one priority. I don't know how to change that. But interestingly enough, environmentalists were in the same position for many years and their grassroots efforts have finally triumphed. The environment, as an issue is no longer one on the fringes, but it has started to pervade our social fabric so much so that for example in Canada, Brian Mulroney just publicly stated that a complete failure in environmental policy will cost this Conservative government the next election. My hope is that Africa someday becomes part of the mainstream in this way.

Right now it is not. It is not a potent political issue, and it is definitely not one which will bring about political change or change the political landscape, if you will. It's the cold, hard truth.

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Let me add to Anitrams' statement a bit. Forgive me a bit for being cynical, but regarding environmentalism, it isn't the determined dedication and perserverance of a small but vocal minority of people who triumphed after years of effort. That was not enough to swing the issue. Maybe 30 yrs ago about the "environment"--generally speaking. But if "The environment" means, say, something like global warming (which it is a code word for these dyas), people cannot be woken up to the urgency of the issue unless it is slammed right in front of their faces.,and for a LONG time. Look at the lack of response to the continuing aftermath of Katrina. It isn't Al Gore's film alone that is finally waking people up tog lobal warming for good. It's the fact that the things he was talking aobut in that presentation are finally coming true. People are experiencing for themselves deadly heat waves, fires, floods, hurricanes, etc. They have to see the Time mag cover pic of the drowning polar bear to believe it. Until something actullay begins to hit people personally and directly, in the pocketbook, the outdoors, or whatever, they will NEVER have a sense of urgency. I doubt Europeans would have different ways of looking at war, conservation, frugalim, the death penalty, etc, than Amrricans if they hadn't had to suffer the ravages of two World Wars on thier soil. Changing peolle's minds took time and unfortunately these types of lessons are not easily learned. It's human nature.

As regards the meeting--this is what may have happened. Reiad must have told Bono "It's not good for us to appropriate money if Bush is going to veto anything we try to pass; so why the effort?" (This is what I hope did NOT happen....the Dems have done a LOT of stupid things but to not even pledge to try to get some funds through even knowing the money will never be spent has to go down as one of the coolssal lame-brained things ever..).to toss aside a great political opportunity to pass Bush off as stingy and themselves as good guys (esp after Bush's own rubber-stamp Congress got rid of that $5 bil....) would be a new Democratic low.
Never mind that it may look good some say, that the Dems can present themsleves to conservatives as frugl and not typical pork-barrel spenders. After having Jim Wallis give the addresss on radio, they know that many evangelicals are elctrified by the African crisis and turning them off is a big error.

Either that, or Reid attempted to mollify Bono off with a
"not yet." Not likely. We'll see. If there's one thing we know about our B, he does NOT give up! He'll be a bigger pest to the Dems than the Republicans after this (if that's possible)..

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