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(01-27-2007) Bono urges countries to keep aid promises - ABC*

Bono urges countries to keep aid promises

U2 frontman Bono says governments of rich countries that have promised to help Africa fight poverty and disease should come good on their offers of cash.

The rock star and activist, a regular on the world business and aid circuit, is meeting political and business leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

He says it is time for rich countries to come good on promises they have made to cancel the debts of African nations and help fund their futures.

At a meeting in 2005, the G8 group of industrialised nations agreed to cancel the debts of 18 low-income countries and pledged to double African aid to about $61 billion by 2010.

"There were some serious promises made," Bono said.

"The cheques were signed but as you know, politicians like signing cheques but they don't like cashing them.

"Two years on, it's time to take the temperature.

"If those promises are not kept... it will make a generation of cynics.

"I don't believe that's going to happen, I am optimistic we're going to get through this."

Bono says debt-cancellation programs have already opened the way for 20 million African children to go to school but there is still much work to do.

He has pointed to the situation in Liberia, where President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is working to attract aid and get relief for the country's $4.8 billion debt, racked up during years of conflict fuelled by money from the sale of diamonds.

"She is trying to quell civil unrest and she's got this ridiculous debt hanging over her head because of two corrupt leaders before, and that is just not right," Bono said.

- Reuters


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I am so proud to be a fan of U2 and Bono.

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I am glad Bono stays 'On them'! And comes back at them when they don't keep their promises, since everyone knows politicians always make promises!!
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Keep it up, Bono!
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PLEASE STANDBY FOR TRANSMISSION:New's article's slamming Bono and U2 for moving there publishing co. to the Netherland's for tax purpose's have been popping up on various new's source's.Chicago Tribune Jan.26,Internet Bloomberg news etc.If all the world political and religious leader's would stop living like "ROCK STAR's" and do their job the problem's U2 has been addressing would be more manageable.For God sake's their a ROCK BAND!What do they expect them to do next!Stop the ice cap's from melting!The people who complain about what U2 does with their money are the people who if they were on the Titanic would go up to the bartender and complain that there's not enough ice in there drink!I've got and idea to help solve some of the world's problem's.It require's that we do absolutely nothing!We all pick one weekend a month and stay home and don't drive our vehicle's.We spend that time with our familie's,go for a walk,read etc.By doing this we have stopped polluting the air made ourseleve's healthier by getting more exercise.Saved on using more fossil fuel's.The amount of money saved from not putting fuel in our vehicle's would be enormous.We could all put that money aside and donate some or all of it to various charitie's as we choose.At first the one's with the most dire need's.Preferibly one's that have way's of checking to make sure monie's are going to where they should with strict accounting practice's.It's not U2's job to solve all the world's problem's.That job belong's to everyone in the world who can and should make a differance.The Rockmeister.
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