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Old 09-24-2008, 05:01 AM   #1
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The official "Paul McCartney in Israel" thread.....



Well, I'm very happy to report that Sir Paul has landed this morning in Israel and is resting comfortably at his Tel-Aviv hotel.

Needless to say, it's mind boggling that I'm currently only a half hour away from him - EEEEEKK!....

lol...I'm such a drama queen!

Anyway, for the next 48 hours, I will be more than happy to act as your humble online correspondent for this historic event.

For those of you who have been fortunate enough to see Sir Paul in concert - you can totally understand my growing excitement as the hours count down towards the concert....tomorrow night.

Omg....did I say tomorrow night - EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!
Hahaha....there I go again!

Anyway, you can say that I've been bitten by the Beatle bug (gee, try to say THAT 3 times fast...heehee). I've got 3 of my Beatles CDs on my computer and I'll no doubt be driving everyone crazy in my office as I rock out to "I saw her standing there" in my chair as I go about my work. I just hope I don't answer the phone with the first line of "Hello, goodbye" (yes, yes, I know I'm NUTS).

In closing, I hope you enjoy this thread and I'll be more than happy to share my experiences of losing my McCartney "virginity" with all of you....after all - we ARE

In the meantime, you can read the following article about Sir Paul's arrival.

Here is a photo of the stage at Hayarkon Park (the same venue U2 played in 1997):

And here is a picture of Sir Paul on the Tel-Aviv promenade:

Have a wonderful day and Shalom to all.


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What can I say when there are no words.....?

For two and a half hours I was in the presence of a musical icon - and for those two and half hours I was transported back in time to my youth in the 60's, listening to the Beatles on my old 45's and dancing with my sister Judy to "I saw her standing there" in our basement in Canada.

As you can see, I needed an entire WEEKEND to recover from this once-in-a-lifetime experience and I'm now ready to tell you everything:


I met my sister Judy at the train station opposite the venue at 18:30pm. We walked along with the throngs of people making their way to the park, all the time not believing that we were actually going to be seeing the legendary Paul McCartney in concert.

We got into the venue and took up a place towards the back (in order to make it easier for us to leave after). Our location was on a slope facing the stage near one of the sound towers. We got a clear view of the stage and settled in to enjoy an evening of music.

..........and then HE took to the stage......

There he was, in the flesh, Sir Paul McCartney, one fourth of the greatest band that ever was, THE most prolific songwriter in the world.......and I was actually seeing him!

He opened with "Hello, Goodbye" and the magic sister and I looked at the stage and pointed...'OMG that's Paul Mccartney up there"!! I expected right then to wake up and have someone tell me that it's all a dream,,,,but no. It was real - I was really sharing the same airspace as this legendary performer....

Then came the rest of the songs that my sister and I knew so well: "Drive my car", "Back in the USSR", "Here there and everywhere", "Jet", "Mrs. Vanderbilt"....and of course the song we waited for all evening: "I saw her standing there". We screamed like two schoolgirls and started twisting like mad! (I'm 48 and she's 54.....heehee). That for me was the highlight of the evening.

During the concert, Sir Paul spoke to us in Hebrew - which was ADORABLE and very much appreciated by the crowd. During the chants at the end of "let it be" he said (in hebrew) "Rak Hagvarim (just the men) and then "Rak Hanashim" (just the women) and finally "Coolam" (everybody)....needless to say that got the crowd in an even bigger frenzy and by the time the concert ended the audience was in the palm of his hands.

In short, it was exactly what I'd hoped for - a rocking evening filled with nostalgia and sweet memories of a bygone era, shared with my big sister and thousands of my fellow countrymen who for those two and a half hour were indeed taken on a "magical mystery tour" to the past.

When the concert was over, I realized that I had been part of a truly historical event that took 43 years to take place...and that will most likely never happen again.

I was happy and proud to be there and I will never forget it as long as I live.

Here's "Hello/Goodbye" - taken by someone in the audience - god bless cell phones....heehee.


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Wow, I'm hideously jealous I'm sure that was almost an historic event.
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Great story, AchtungBono.

I heard McCartney interviewed late last night on BBC Radio...he was so excited about being there. When you start thinking about the politics involved, and the struggle to pull this off, you can't help but think that John Lennon would be smiling.
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That is so cool that Sir Paul played in Israel! He is the man.

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paul mccartney

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