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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Seeing the spirit

During the summer I've managed to do a lot of research on a few things, and it lead me to spirituality. I've made a few personal breakthroughs, especially in the last few days, and I have been away from my computer a bit whilst doing all of this.

The point is:

Now that a very small change has happened withn me, I see it elsewhere. It has something very much to do with spirituality, and "seeing the spirit" has to do with U2 songs.

I always 'knew' that there was something within them, that U2 was special in it's own way, and/or that they were my favorite band. But now, coming back here online even, but also hearing some of the songs I forgot about, and reading lyrics again of songs that resonnated with me, I can see it.

In many ways, yes, this is really me just seeing what is already there in the first place -- seeing what is there in a spiritual way, as opposed to, for instance, U2 purposely implanting it there in the first place (I am not arguing for or against that, I am just recognizing the difference between the two things).

Maybe what has really happened is that I am much more aware of the spirituality of all things. Yet it is still very vivid, very clear in certain U2 related things. That's all I really wanted to share.

Thanks for listening.

PS: For example - I always liked "Drowning Man", but now, considering it from a very spiritual and global perspective, it has a totally new layer to it, as opposed to just the personal relation - the personal relevance or preference.

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The Fly
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I went through a similar experience with U2. I was spiritual for a long time, and thought U2 was a good band. I eventually "looked deeper" and realized that U2 was a very spiritual band - it is not always easy to see and the band doesn't hit you over the head with it, but it is there. Many of my spiritual peers didn't agree with me - it led to much frustration. I went as far as to create a U2 website dedicated to exploring the spiritual side of the band. I have been overwhelmed with the responses I have gotten by people who have been in similar situations. I have received e-mails of people saying things like "I knew U2 was a spiritual band, but couldn't 'prove' it, thanks for the site" and so on.

You are not the only one - if you ever want to check out the site, go to - that's sOn not sUn

Thanks for sharing.

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I will check it out. Thanks
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The Fly
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reply to for honour

I'm really interested in what you're saying about suddenly seeing the spiritual side of things and also what U2 contribute to this. I have found that when i'm finding it hard to meditate listening to the band really helps with certain songs. I have particularly found it a very fruitful experience to walk along the beach or in a piece of open space country with an mp3 player. Songs such as where the streets have no name, miracle drug, october they really lift me. I am particularly interested in what you say about Drowning Man from a global as well as personal perspective, i'm off to listen to it now. THANKS A lOT - Keep talking please - Jules
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