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Obsession....not of God?

Well, of course it's not. I guess I know the answer to this already.

However, as part of my lovely genetic makeup, I seem to have inherited the 'obsessive/addictive gene'...and every once in awhile it rears its ugly head again. I've had MANY 'addictions'...I can't even count.

But just when I thought it was tapering off, after a year of (literally) life-altering obsessiveness, my fixation to 'the boys' intensifies yet again...

WHAT causes this? Why THEM? Why U2? Why *anything* that seems to trip my trigger??? It's frightening, annoying, weird and downright strange to me, that I should act this way. A couple years ago, I came "this close" to ditching my 'normal' life and going to the east coast to track down a favorite actor...thankfully cooler thoughts prevailed, and I never did it...but oh, how *very* close I was.

When my obsessiveness with U2 started (again) and that's all she wrote. I can't get them out of my head, they've worked their way under my skin. Much as part of me wants to pray for release from this sweet agony, another part just wants to wallow and revel in the feeling....

WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN??? Tell me I'm not alone...does anyone else ever get these feelings (about U2 or antyhing else)???

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I'm with you on this one girl...so many times I've wondered why I obsess about this band (and other things). And I've come up with this theory:

U2 truly changed my life. They gave me a feeling I've never had before. One of belonging, loving, peace, etc. So I keep coming back for more. I just can't get enough! At least U2 feeds you something...there are much worse obsessions

If you ever want to have an obsession party...give me a buzz

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And love is not the easy thing...the only baggage you can bring is all that you can't leave behind.

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