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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering, for those people who celebrate Easter (is celebrate actually the right word?) what exactly do you do to celebrate, do you go to Church and is there a different sort of Church service at Easter to other times of the year? Or are there other things you do to celebrate?

I'm just curious...so any answers are very welcome.


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I "celebrate" by watching "Jesus Christ Superstar"

It reminds me of the incredible sacrifice and struggle Jesus made and had to go through...

I used to go to church every year... but I find that I remember better what the day is really about when I take some time by myself to simply think about everything that's been done for me...

what about you?

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Old 04-19-2003, 02:06 PM   #3
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Well, the Easter Vigil is my favorite service of the year. It is the first Easter service I ever went to after becoming a Christian at age 17, and I've always greatly preferred it to Easter morning.

The Vigil lasts two or three hours, and starts in the dark, and you hear stories of what God has done throughout history, and usually there are chants or silence in between the stories. New converts are baptized by candlelight, and then in the middle of the service there is a moment where it is announced that Christ is risen, and the lights all come on and we've all brought bells and we ring them like crazy while we sing the first Easter hymn of the year. And then it turns into a huge joyous celebration with Communion and everything.

It is unbelieveably powerful. Plus it's just so freaking fun. Some churches do it near midnight and then have a big party/supper afterwards that goes till like 3. (Not my current church though.)

Then, our family tradition is that we always come home from this service and open a bottle of champagne. And we usually answer the phone "Christ is risen" for a few days.

((edit: Oh... and it's tonight!! In 6 hours!))
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Our Easter Vigil is 2 hours long and it starts at 8:30. It is also when we take in new members into the church. Afterwards that is a reception for all who attend.
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Here at L'Abri we are going to have chapel service as usual, but I think we are having communion. Then we are having a big potluck lunch. yeehaw. And then everyone is going to pack because tomorrow the term ends and everyone leaves.
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When I was younger, we'd go to church starting on Thursday, where you're supposed to get your feet washed. Except they'd always wash your hands instead. I went to a Catholic school for a long time, and we used to have a mass where the teachers would wash our hands. It was sort of interesting.

We always go on Good Friday for The Way of the Cross, which is a Catholic tradition that recounts the 14 stations of the Cross, describing Jesus' trial, conviction, the carrying of the cross, crucifixion and burial. Also, Friday is a day of fasting.

Sunday we go to Easter mass. In a Catholic church, they cover up the large crucifix that is usuallly found behind the altar, generally with a purple cloth for the duration of Lent. It is removed on Easter Sunday as a symbol of the risen Jesus. I am not sure about North America, but I know that in Eastern Europe it is a common practice to have your Easter brunch food blessed, and that happens either on Saturday or during mass on Sunday. Then you get to go home and devour it.

That's what we do, I hope it answers your question.
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Old 04-19-2003, 09:43 PM   #7
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we go to either a maunday thursday or good friday service. on easter there is a service in the morning with hymns of the risen christ. we go home and have a meal as a family, which doesn't happen often since most of the kids are out of the house now.
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This year I watched Ben Hur, lol
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Thank you so much to everyone who replied. It's really interesting to hear about how people celebrate Easter differently. Thanks everyone!
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In a way, the Christmas Eve service and the Easter service are my least favorite services of the year. Attendance increases substantially to the point where our church adds one or two additional services (which is a good thing). There is, however, a feeling that the service becomes "performance" rather than worship.

We did attend as a family. This year, our church did not have Sunday School for all but the youngest children. This way, all families would worship together.

After service, we went home and the kids went on an egg hunt in the backyard. Knowing that our children understand why we celebrate Easter, we feel comfortable letting them enjoy the secular aspects of the holiday.
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We have an Easter vigil at our church on Holy Saturday, the night before Easter. We start outside, where a huge candle is lit and the priest starts the Mass. Then we process into the church and have a two-hour plus service. I came into the Church on an Easter vigil so it's my favorite church activity. Nothing keeps me away from that Mass! It reminds me of the importance of Christ's sacrifice for us and how we need to sacrifice something ourselves. Very powerful stuff.

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