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It's Offical: I MUST be a redneck!

You know you're a redneck if your life sounds like a country song. Okay, here goes...

(tl;dr - check the spoilers! The last one sums everything up!)

One of my best friends has been married to a guy since last fall and has only spent 5 weeks with him, and only five of those days as a married couple. She met a guy over the internet and fell in love with him, and went to Gambia (of all places), spent a month with him there, and then married him five days before her flight home. It's been seven months and still she's can't get him into the country. I'm spending alot of energy trying to keep her spirits up, and I'm there for everything she has to go through with immigration.

Now, over a week ago, my neighbor's apartment caught fire. That same day, that same neighbor's dog (Weezer, the daschund), who spent more time at my apartment than hers (staying overnight even), was put to sleep because the neighbor had taken him with her to a friend's house the day before, and there the dog got into some rat poison mixed with hamburger. I found him after the fire on my bed, shitting blood, and his gums were pure white and ice cold. I called the landlord, who had been present at the time of the fire and had gone to get more fire extinguishers, and he came back and took the dog the the vet and there was nothing they could do. If the fire had happened two days before, he would have been my dog now, because the family is now staying in a hotel.

So far, the score is: One best friend with in dire emotional need, then neighbor's apartment fire and losing what should have been my dog the same day.

So, during the fire, MY apartment got filled with black smoke, and I wasn't even done cleaning up after that (I mopped my tiny kitchen floor like 20 times before I got all the tracked-in soot up.) Then, a couple days later, I take my cat to the vet and spend $140 that I don't really have to spend. A couple days later, my other best friend calls and asks me to go to the emergency with her because she's having chest pains. So I leave with her at 8:30 at night and return at 2 AM (she was not admitted) to find that my door had been kicked in and my $300 camera and about $100 worth of tools had been stolen. Apparently, no one heard or saw anything, even though the door was kicked in so hard, I found pieces of the doorframe in the living room. Good thing I always take my laptop with me, wherever I go.

Now the score is: One best friend with in dire emotional need, then neighbor's apartment fire and losing what should have been my dog the same day, then my other best friend's scary ER visit and I get robbed on the same night.

Okay, that was last Friday. The first friend I mentioned lets me move in with her in her tiny apartment ("until my husband comes" - which I am helping her with),
and things are going decently. I am flat broke, but at least I have enough cigarettes. I am throwing away so many things, it's crazy. I am giving away 99% of my furniture. The great thing about moving is getting rid of all the clutter in your life.

At least, my friend's letting me have my third best friend (my cat Tiger) with me. He's a good cat even though he's a bit aggressive - the measure of his contentment is how many scratch marks I have on my hand. (He's apparently very happy with the move.) }:)~

Then we come to last night. The second friend I mentioned (the one I went to the ER with) went back to the ER again, this time with her boyfriend. I told them to call me and let me know what's going on. She didn't look good.

Now, I have been using my cell phone nigh constantly to move and disconnect services, calling pawnshops, trying to arrange to move the one couch I am keeping (so I have somewhere to sleep), etc. The friend I moved in with has been using my phone too (unlimited minutes and all), and last night it just shut itself off and just won't come back on. Crap.

So 20 mins later, while I'm researching my phone problem on the internet, suddenly my computer gets hijacked. I don't even know what website I went to that was the wrong one. Thanks Google. I got those cascading error messages (kinda pretty actually), and long story short, spent an hour getting rid of whatever got hold of me.

Then I hear a cat fight outside, and open the door. My cat races in and jumps up in the window. I go over to see if he's okay, and he attacks me before I even touch him (first time he's bitten me through the skin). I just left him alone for a few minutes, and he came over and apologized.

After not hearing from the boyfriend all night (I did send my friend an email), he knocks on the door at 7AM today and gives me an update. She got two units of blood and they admitted her. He said she was okay (feeling better), so I spent all day at my old apartment clearing it out. Then the boyfriend comes and visits me and tells me she's having emergency surgery tomorrow. He leaves and after loading my other friend's car, I bike over to the hospital. She looked good, we talked, and the boyfriend offers me a ride home.

We stop at my friend's apartment (it's at same small apartment comlex I'm staying in now) so I can get a couple of things I had left there over the weekend. He goes into the bedroom to get some clothes (he's been at the hospital all this time), and he calls me back as I'm getting ready to leave. He's got porn the TV and asks me questions to which I answered "None of your business."

Okay, so where were we: One best friend with in dire emotional need, then neighbor's apartment fire and losing what should have been my dog the same day, then later my other best friend's in scary ER visit and I get robbed on the same night. Then I have to discard 99% of my possessions (easy come, easy go, ya know?) to stay at a place I am working my hardest to run myself out of. My best friend goes to the ER for the second time in a few days looking bad, my cell phone dies and my computer gets hijacked and my cat attacks me all on the same night. The next day, I find my friend's having emergency surgery and her boyfriend propositions me the same night.

Sounds a bit like a country song, eh? I MUST be a redneck! }:)~

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I feel the most sorry for the animals in your life.

The rest sounds like karma.

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Originally Posted by beegee View Post
I feel the most sorry for the animals in your life.

The rest sounds like karma.
Wish I knew what Karma gods I pissed off and how. But I never asked for pity. Feel bad for my friend who lost her first husband to suicide and was a reclusive shut-in who rarely left the house before meeting this new fellow. Yes, she's aware that he could be trying to exploit her to gain American citizenship (half of my few online conversations with him have basically told him I don't care what his reasoning is, as long as he treats her well), but the change in her since he's been in the picture is so dramatic, I don't care.

Feel sorry for my other friend in the hospital (I just received word she's going into surgery as I type), who got laid off a month ago and has a sorry-ass boyfriend she just can't bring herself to get rid of (love makes you stupid). She has a job interview scheduled for next week, has five kids (two grandkids), and is in this situation essentially because she helped a friend out a while ago by being a surrogate mother.

I know why I got robbed. I was the property manager of the apartment complex, and in the last six months, the place has taken a nose-dive. All sorts of human garbage has moved in (folks who trash the place, trash themselves and the people they call friends, not to mention the four known drug dealers a cop pointed out to me just a couple of weeks ago when he came in to quell a parking lot brawl). These kinds of people don't like it when you tell them they can't leave open garbage cans outside (there's fresh garbage every day all over the yard and parking lot now - cleaning it up is like shoveling sand against the tide - and the dumpster is no more than a 30 second walk from any apartment), can't move four more people into the apartment without a rent increase (more the landlord's doing than mine though (since certain utilities are included in the rent)), can't allow their children to literally use other resident's vehicles as jungle gyms (jumping up and down on roofs and such), and can't constantly spout verbally abusive language at such high volumes on a continual basis that the elderly folks who live on the next street over (seven houses) have complained they can't have their grandchildren over any more. And they really don't like it when they snitch out their friends and relatives to me, and I actually investigate before I do anything (never once have I found the situation to be as was described to me). I don't play their games and they don't like that.

Yeah, it's low-income, but it used to be just a problem here and there, nothing like it is now. 11 out of 16 apartments are behind on their rent a month or more. The landlord is slow to issue evictions because he's a softie who tries to help people (this hasn't been a problem in the past, sure he's lost some money, but he's helped alot of people get on their feet). Now he's got a crowd in who are simply taking advantage of him and trashing the community at the same time. The only four apartments who are current on their rent have told me that since I'm gone, so are they - they're moving out because (as they told me) "you're the only thing keeping this place together." I've lived there three years and three months ago was the first break-in in all that time. An 11-year resident who moved out right afterwards.

I told my friend when I first realized my door was broken in that it wasn't a robbery, it was retribution. What I get for trying to hold a community together, I guess.
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