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IO: Property Managers Suck!

So I'm in my new house in CA. Yay!

I rented my residence in CA until I found my house. I lived there for 4.5 years. The Property Managers for this property were pathetic. They took care of emergencies, but any smaller issue - such as painting, fixing sinks, etc., they did nothing about.

When I moved out, I spent nearly $600 on professionals to properly clean the home. The property managers took out nearly $600 from my security. Combined with my cleaning costs, I paid almost $1300 to move out. Never have I paid this much to move out of a home before. Still, I wanted out, I hated them and I had my house. I did what I had to and let it go.

Over 2 months after I moved out and after they refunded me the rest of my security, they claim there is some carpet damage (based on odor, nothing visual - so it can't be proved and it is subjective). They waved a black light and said their was urine stains from my dog. They claim they had to replace the carpet and my share is $800.

There was no warning for this - just a bill sent. Keep in mind what I just wrote - I got my security back. In CA, one can do a "good faith estimate" if repairs cannot be done in a reasonable time. But nowhere was there any mention of carpet damage. Furthermore, black light - while it can detect urine - also detects anything that fluoresces, such as some soft drinks, detergents, some deoderizers and sprays, and even Scotchguard stain protection! In other words, what they thought was urine everywhere could have been residual soap from cleaning.

I offered to give them some $250. They rejected it and threatened small claims court. I talked to a lawyer and found out my case is strong. The property manager even stated that the odor was stronger AFTER the new tenants moved in - how suspicous, no?

Yet, when I told them of my lawyer's comments, they simply said he was "wrong". They then insulted me stating I was irresponsible. They still, of course, want me to pay the full $800.

I'm now preparing to go to court - but I wish there was something I can do to get them to leave me alone or even hurt their business.

It's Official: Property managers suck and I strongly encourage people NOT to use them. They care only about themselves and will do all they can to screw you - even after you leave! I've never heard of this before, so it's a new one for me (and I've rented for over 22 years).

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That truly sucks and I hope you win.

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That's awful. Hope you win too.

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Hope you win - hope your lawyer is right. Good luck!
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