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I hope you're not insulted by this, but it kinda reminds me of that Tom Petty song (just the rock'n'roll part), but it's much better

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they weanted it all

the following is the result of a TV ad for 80’s hits
only two are based on people I knew the others are from stuff one hears on the news all the time...

Mikey wanted it all
he wanted live it up to the rock n roll life style
he managed to do it for a while
but then bowed out under the pressure of being another injecting stereotype

Lucy wanted it all
Lucy wanted a ball
now she’s spun out of control
down n out on the boulevard
leaning and selling herself against a wall

Lucas wanted so hard to fit in
that's all he ever wanted
and so became a corporate lawyer
now he’s doin it every single day
last time we met he was all over the place
and when i touched him on the shoulder
he lunged ‘round with a crazed look in his eyes
he said “oh its you, I thought it was you know...”
I replied “no i don’t. Who’d you think I was?”
he said again that I knew who
and i said “yes, i guess i do”

Dougy hung out for a little while
now his under observation
being tested because he tried too hard
he too wanted it all
but not as much as he wants to be let go of now

billy thought he wanted all
he was ever so wrong
he thought he’d gotten it all
he was ever so wrong
with tears in his eyes over his shot dead wife
picks up the same gun and commits suicide

looks like the same tune
same repetitive melody
but these are the instances
that divide the weaker from the stronger
and supposedly go on to build us a better species

'if I have to live by karma, then I'm coming back as a frog.' - Bono
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