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Old 06-30-2001, 09:29 AM   #1
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Thankyou Poet's Corner

WARNING>> THIS IS WAYYYYY LONG..THIS MAY BE WAAYYYY SAPPY..Ah well this is the corner, you should be used to it by now!

Well well, it is almost a whole year since I joined interference and one of the first places that I discovered was this gorgeous lil pocket of the world that I now consider my interference 'home'.
Originally, I think Dream out Loud resembled the 'Treasure' forum with about 3 posts. When I fist was checking out the forums and I read there was a forum dedicated to writing and sharing of words with other U2 fans, I thought I was in heaven.

I came here and there was a post written by a girl who had just lost a good friend of hers and he was a huge U2 fan.
I will always remember that post. I replied to it and then didnt come back for a while because it was pretty empty around here.
After hanging around the main forum for about a month, I remembered this place and decided to check it out again.
I stumbled across 3 people who were writing some amazing poetry and sharing their ideas with each other. Their names were Scappy, Alisaura and The Wanderer.
I was taken aback by how cool the three of them were sharing their poems and talking to each other about them.
I was amazed by their writing and felt maybe I shouldn't butt in. They had been writing fairly depressing type poems and I remember scappy in particular wanted one of them to come up with a happy one. The Wanderer obliged and I read his poems every day if I could.
I decided I couldn't hold back any longer and to jump in and share some of the silly stuff Id been writing.
I was welcomed by the three and Scappy and I decided to invite other members of the board to the corner. They didnt come rushing hehe.

Soon I was on a roll posting poems all the time, reading the great ones that those three were offering and the few lone poems here and there from others. SHortly after, 3 of the now legendary poets from the corner, BabyGrace, Bicycling fish and frogbat joined in and really added a special feel to this place.
At that point I felt like we really had a special thing. Achtung Bebe herself offered us so many great poems at that time and others started to share.
I truly love this lil corner of the world, and yes, its only a message board but this place can be pretty cool at times, and not so cool at others, but I think that this is the one place that has always stayed constant. The reason for that is the people.

All my favourite writers still post here, although bikerfish its been a while!
So Id just like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thankyou to all the coolest writers at interference, thankyou for making this place worth coming to and thankyou for giving me such wonderful and praising feedback about my writing. You are all inspirational!!

Voxxie, Skeek, trav, foray, deep in the heart, hermes, ishkash,brettig, Edgevox, loafer, upwiththesun, scatteroflight, rougerum,brandon, bacchus,holy john,dancing barefoot,scappy, and Salome thankyou so very much.

And to my very special family of poets... popkid, the man with the biggest heart,
Alisaura with her stong striking words which always leave me wanting to read more, bikerfish who's stuff always left me wondering what on earth was going on in that head of his as the poetry was always so heavy and gutsy,
Bebe who always amazed me as she was so young and full of hope,
Michael, my dear wonderful friend who's writing blows me away everytime I read it(people still think the sun, moon and stars was written by Bono hehe)and speaks to me so true. You are such a talented writer.

BabyG, oh Nikki, the talent you have surpasses anything I could ever dream of having. You are the angel of the corner and your writing is so full of depth and character, I know that you will go far with talent like that!

and my dear frogbat, I always read frog's stuff and thought "hmm that guy sprinkled one too many flower petals in his cammomile today" You have THE most amazing imagination and the way you can put sentences together astounds me. You have far more than just a knack with words, you possess a truly Frogbattian style that none other could ever reproduce and I love everything you create, babe!

I love you guys and you are a constant inspiration.

My final thankyou goes to Craig for giving me such joy and pleasure, for encouragement and support, for inspiration and honesty, for giving me more than i could ever have imagined. Your writing has from the day I saw this place, blown me away.The way you think and feel and then put that into words is not only a gift but a true indication of how beautiful a person you are.I nominate you for Dream Out Loud Legendendary Poet of the Year.
Who needs a Shakespearian sonnet when my favourite writer is right here?
Without this place I would never have found my best friend in the world.

Thankyou Dream Out Loud...

p.s. If I got way too sappy and crossed a line, you can tie me to a tree and place a walkman with NStink blaring on me head as punishment. Or you can just punch me in chat sometime hehe

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Old 06-30-2001, 09:45 AM   #2
New Yorker
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I havent read an essay in a while, but that one made me smile

This is your corner, manda...

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Old 06-30-2001, 01:04 PM   #3
War Child
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sappy yes. But it still made me go "aaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww"

Thanks ZA. Y'always did know how to make us smile
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Old 06-30-2001, 06:36 PM   #4
The Fly
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damn u mentioned me so i gotta respond out of politeness :P

thnx for the kind words

and i agree.. MIB is definately poet laureate of the forum.

miss bikefish and ishkash
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Old 07-01-2001, 01:27 AM   #5
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A lot of us need to post here more often, and that definitely includes you, Amanda...

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Old 07-01-2001, 02:24 AM   #6
you are what you is
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Originally posted by brettig:
[BThis is your corner, manda...[/B]
I agree

Shake it, shake it, shake it
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Old 07-01-2001, 04:08 AM   #7
The Fly
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thank you for your kind words Amanda, your beautiful words always bring sunshine where shadows reside; keep'em coming!!!

The heart that is soonest awake to the flowers is always the first to be touched by the thorns.
Thomas Moore, 17791852
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Old 07-01-2001, 11:15 PM   #8
Blue Crack Supplier
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Thank YOU Amanda... I think one of us was bound to say something like this soon (I've been professing my own undying love for the Poet's Corner for a while!), thankyou for taking the words out of our mouths so eloquently.
You're too kind... everyone here is, which is one reason I like it!


PS- I'd love to meet all the people in here... this might sound a bit weird but do you get to Canberra much, 'Manda? *nervous smiley*

"So remember when you're feeling very small and insecure,
How amazingly unlikely is your birth -
And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space
'Cos there's bugger-all down here on Earth!"
- Monty Python
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Old 07-02-2001, 03:04 AM   #9
Kid A
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I just wanted to say thanks to everyone, thanks for being here -- out there -- wherever you are? Almost a year now for some of us in here, and it's been amazing getting to know you all through your poetry, because it's not easy unveiling yourself in such a revealing way. I know it's hard for me sometimes to show people what I write, because I'm not always sure they realize that's who I am inside (not sure I'm willing to expose myself to the world the way I often do in here).

Yes, there are some extraordinarily talented people that lurk around in here, and brevity is a virtue, so I'll just say thank you, everyone, for sharing with me
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Old 07-02-2001, 04:41 AM   #10
New Yorker
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Beautifully put manda, just like your poetry

Thanks to everyone for letting what's in you come out--I haven't posted a poem for a while, but I do often visit the corner and soak in the beauty of this place

"If I am close to the music, and you are close to the music, we are close to each other." -Bono
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Old 07-02-2001, 12:21 PM   #11
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Amanda, quite honestly, thank you. That was a wonderful tribute to a place that I am, of course, very fond of

I hope you don't mind if I jump in with a thank you here too...
TO everyone here, I can't express my gratitude for the welcoming and encouragement I recieve for anything I post. It's truly undeserved. I can't thank you enough for the poems you have the courage to share with us either. You are wonderfully talented people. What you say means so much to me because my poems are part of my heart, and I can tell what you write is too.
The way you people pour out your souls to eachother, most without knowing eachother, is one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen and it's one of those aspects of life that reminds me every day how special a place this world is to live in with people like you and your thoughts, your ideas, your dreams.

Manda, your poetry has touched me more than you'll ever know. The things you shared with us about your struggles with what you have gone through have helped to shape a lot of my thinking about life this year and your courage has been an inspiration to us all. We are truly lucky to have you here sharing your words with us, and though I don't know you beyond this place, your actions here, the way you treat everyone, giving them the time of day and making them feel human, shows how wonderful and special a person you are. That seeps through into your writing, you're one of my favourite poets, as is everyone here. And your talent with writing is far greater than you think, silly! many times I have thought, "gosh, she has such a talent with words." it's true!
don't know what you're talking about there...
This forum would be merely a message board without you, people like you, and the kindness and emotions you bring to this place.

Hmm brevity is clearly a virtue I don't have but since this is Manda's thread and I'm about to push the line of sappiness a bit further, I think I'm done!

btw, froggie, I think you're planning on it but, in your search for a new home, remember to drop by this one! there's a good bat
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Old 07-03-2001, 10:00 AM   #12
War Child
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Unfortunately I only have time for Thanks.

BTW belated Happr Birthday too.

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Old 07-04-2001, 12:04 PM   #13
The Fly
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Life-giving, for Zooropamanda

Blue skies glisten, and I watch satellites- there's knowledge to gleen from the stars!
In a handfull of dirt I plant a seed- is it a tree, or is it a human?
the water bobs and the fish float, the seal swims and the jellyfish flounder (I flounder).

Where is the well water?
Where is the water table?
Where is the fountain, and where is the spring?

I see! I see!
She shoots up from the sand, and flows into the desert!
Arroyos turn to rivers, dry lake beds fill into small seas!
The desert blooms! Barrel cactus, prickly pears, june flowers and sage are alive!
I see! I see!

Amanda, you showed it to me. Thank you!

Its crazy to think that its been a year. I've written a lot on this page, and a lot on my own. So much has happened- good stuff. This place has encouraged me to write, create and talk with other people about those changes. I wonder if we'll ever know who's out there- but I also wonder if that's what is really important. I guess the only thing that matters is that there's a community out there that reads, hears, sees and maybe, just maybe, understands. Thanks Amanda- I think you understand. -Adam

Come on, come on! Be good to me...

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