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She felt the glass dance beneath her fingers.
They slipped around her like the water swimming in the sea.
Why did you search for love when you knew you'd leave her?
Don't say that you didn't know.

Didn't you know she prayed for you in her sleep?
You stand before her mirror, watching her eyes bleed.
She's talking to herself like the clouds in the sky,
Her thoughts weigh heavier than the fear in her mind.
She's hoping that a star will land in her hands.
Who would grant her the wish for another chance?
I was sent to tell you about this intricate news,
How she departed her life without you.

She didn't know you would turn back.
The fork in the road is another memory of your past.
You saw her fall... she was falling.
She was captivated by the winter frost.
She lived for your sarcastic remarks.
The world she conquered without the North Star.
Didn't you see her crawling to your room?
Save her, save her...
She begged for light beneath the dark moon.

Her last night didn't run too long.
You pushed her out with a destructive song.
Don't say you didn't know.
The ice like glass, dancing away.
Slipping, sliding, your face still inane.
It's her March in your December.
An anniversary, now and forever.
When you walk, she will follow.
Forget what you remember.
Your guilt will send you to a chamber of embers.


I free-styled this in the span of 10 minutes.
Reading back on it, it's one of the most personal things I've written. Haha. Let me know what you guys think.
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