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there is so much talent in this forum, and one thing that unites us is that we are fans of U2.
obviously we are inspired by the music, but is there a particular lyric that gives you inspiration? the one that is in my mind right now is:
'in dreams begin responsibilities'
of course it changes daily, hourly, or more.
What's yours?

on second thought, what inspires you, period? what makes you pick up the pen and write?

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I write because it's genetic, I think! I come from a family of writers--and a family of readers. I read so much that it would be a strange thing if I didn't want to write too. Specifically, though, I find myself inspired by great beauty, strong emotions (usually love and/or despair--guess I'm still very young in that way), my beliefs, and other things that are important to me. And music, of course.

You might be interested to know that Bono took "In dreams begin responsibilities" from W.B. Yeats, who put it at the start of his "Responsibilities" collection of poems. But he didn't make it up either--he took it from an old Irish play. Yeats and Bono, both magpies, and Bono has said that Yeats is an inspiration. Speaking of which, if you need inspiration, Yeats's poems are a good place to turn. Try his two Byzantium poems, or "The Second Coming," or "The Circus Animals' Desertion," or "The Tower." There is nothing so powerful in poetry.

As for inspiring U2 quotes--I find that Stuck in a Moment gives me hope. Ditto for Walk On. And A Sort of Homecoming makes me want to be an artist with words. And of course Streets sets me free.

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