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Grammy awards taking place away from civilization???

Ok,last night I had the strangest dream in my life!!! I was at my summerhouse,Lefokastro(it is a very small village,google it to see how small it is) and I was enjoying the morning breeze,when sudenly I heard an outbursting crowd!!! I went at the rowd to see what was going on.People from all over the world were there because the 2012 Grammy awards were taking placing AT MY VILLAGE!!! That was so strange.Just because I was curious,I asked someone to tell which singers,groups and other mucians where going to be there,and of course U2 were coming too!!! I got crazy!U2 were going to be there???!!! I went inside the house and told the great news to everyone(which means that I woke everybody up).My sister and I got to buy tickets in order to watch the awards!!!But it was too soon to go there.I went at the beach to swim.My grandfather owns a small hotel and some people who were having their holidays at ours were at the beach too.One lady approched me,showd me a dead fish and asked me to take it and eat it!!! I said "WHAT"? "You want me to take a dead fish and just EAT it"? "I am sorry,but i think I'm going to say no thanks" only I said it with a kinder way,but that was what I told to myself,but anyway. After five minutes I saw The Edge's yacht approching.I actually could not breathe!!!I went back to the house to have a bath,get dressed and go at the grammy awards!!! I took my "U2-No Line On The Horizon Piano sheet book" with me just in case I got an autograph!!!And I actually did!!!Bono wrote "To the up-and coming musician,Philippa" and The Edge wrote "For my really huge fan,Philippa"and drew a guitar too!!!I took some pictures with them and I'm sure that they understood that I could barly stand and breathe!!!They asked me if I was ok and I said that after this day I am going to be the happiest girl in the entire UNIVERSE!!! Of course,U2 won the most awards and then is when my dream ended. I couldn't concertrate at school and at my English lessons the whole day(and that is why I took an awfull grade a the English dictation)!!!Too sad that it wasn't true(except for the part with the fish)!!!
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