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Old 06-14-2003, 09:34 AM   #1
The Fly
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Don't know how to title that

I知 sitting at the balcony, everything is quiet. I was reading Tolkins Lord of the Rings once again and I realized that I知 addicted to the night.

I知 surprised every time again how much you can see during the night. Everything is different. The clear sky, the stars and the moon shining bright. I知 counting the stars and listening to U2痴 Mysterious Ways. The night is truly mysterious.

It痴 the time when I usually get to write my poems and fuck yes I wrote a lot today.
Spirit came to me again . The spirit of the night, all my problems waiting to be solved, my dreams and desires thoughts and fears and while I知 smoking a cigarette I usually don稚 smoke and sipping my imported much too warm Guinness U2痴 music took me to 鍍hat other place.
Once again I was wondering when and how Bono writes his wonderful, amazing lyrics

Yes fine it痴 3 o団lock in the morning. I think I値l stay up until the sun is rising. This is one of these moments I致e to start to write even if I write such crap stuff as I do right now. If I don稚 I get lost in my weird thoughts and I think I壇 get insane.

Ok and now a tip to everybody who wants to think about a problem seriously:
Don稚 to that at 3 o団lock in the morning
sitting at the balcony
sipping Guinness and smoking
and the most important fact: while you池e listening to U2
it doesn稚 work believe me! But hey even if you aren稚 able to think about your problem it痴 good for your soul.
I知 feeling much better.

Ah 摘lectrical Storm kind of suitable I can see a lightning behind the mountains. By the way didn稚 they shoot the video till 6 o団lock in the morning?
Hey I知 ready for the performance scene. Oh a little problem I致e no sea near me and no bathtub .

Ok I値l better leave it here. Bye for now

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The Original
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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I love the night. We had to write an essay about our personal '7 wonders of the world' and one of mine was the night:

About four years ago I began a habit of going on long walks at night. I found it relaxing to be away from the noise and frantic pace that life so often involves in this day and age. But it wasn稚 just the quiet and lack of light. There痴 something about the night; the air seems different somehow. Not just temperature or barometric pressure, but something that is, as far as I can tell, intangible. Night air is a wonderful thing, if music fails to curb a bad mood or a depression, I can pretty much count on a long walk at night to make things seem alright; there is an invigorating and inspiring air about the night.

in short, the night is amazing.

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Old 06-20-2003, 06:18 AM   #3
The Fly
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I love and hate the night. During the day I can just work like crazy and I don't have to think of any of the things that get me down. The night is when I'm alone and my mind has time to wander and obsess on things that are better off forgotten.

Back in happier times I loved the night. It was when I did all my creative work. Now I mostly try to keep my mind shut off. Every now and then I will get a sudden burst of tragic creativity and knock off a quasi-poem. They ususally aren't very good but they are all written with the raw emotions that sweep over me like the tide. My "poems" let me purge my mind. Then I post them here, and feel like a fool after.

Ah, the insanity of my day-to-day existence. Aren't you sorry your words here compelled me to respond?
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Old 06-22-2003, 12:24 AM   #4
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Points Of Light

Points Of Light
Dedicated to My Love.

Gazing at the night time sky
a dozen stars I see.
Points of light that travel far
across the span to me.

I think out loud from where I live
and from my mind I send.
Wonder if its shared with them,
the love from deep within.

That somehow through the distance
from my heart and from my mind,
the love I'm feeling for you
to your soul would somehow bind.

My thoughts they travel aimlessly
to one wish that I relay,
that somehow through those tiny stars,
my love to you this day.

Copyright ゥ2003
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Old 06-22-2003, 07:58 PM   #5
War Child
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The nigh is probably the best time for me. Your half awake, half asleep. Wild ideas run through your head. It's quite hard to keep up with it sometimes.
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