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Creatures of the Night- my vampire story, PG-13

This is some of my vampire story, I'll post more if it's liked. It's pretty romantic, dark, and LONG though, watch out!

Doing that nonsense quietly won't get you anywhere.
The voice entered his head as unwillingly as the chords were slipping from his acoustic guitar. He glanced up and saw Hathan’s gaze on him. His violet eyes were reflecting the light from the torches chained to the wall.
Levin stood up and sound rushed from the instrument like a waterfall. Even he felt surprised as the throng of people in the club turned their heads in slight interest. He didn’t like to be challenged, even if the challenge was proposed by his best friend. His mouth met the cool metal of the microphone and he sang out in his rough voice that matched the pain in his words.

Cause I want freedom from myself
And I will try, I will try
Any word that you say I’ll defy you
Make my own laws and make them right
I just wish you were more of a guide
Time flies when I am conscious, hold tight, hold tight

I want to be alone
In shadows and moans
But you haunt me
Make me speak lies
The truth holds me hostage

Dragons spew flame and humans speak
But I’m unconscious
Except in sleep
When honesty comes out my head is the one talking
You are silent

People pressed close to the stage, their bodies whirling and twisting to the beat. Levin watched the beautiful human girls spin towards him and stretch out their hands to try and touch him. He moved deftly between them. Their hands with wrists, pulsing warm sweet blood through their veins. He wanted to slash their arms and necks and drink the elixir from their gushing wounds. Recoiling, he grasped control of his desire and searched for Hathan. He was dancing close with a lovely blond haired girl. Their eyes were locked and her left hand was playing absently with the charm that hung from his neck. It was a lioness with glowing ruby eyes and a sharp silver chain around its neck.
Levin stepped from the stage and slipped through the girls that shrieked and slid their hands across him. He approached Hathan cautiously.
“May I steal this lovely maiden for a moment?” he asked. Hathan turned and his violet eyes flashed. Refusing would turn the girl away from him.
“Only if I may have her back.”
Levin smiled softly, and took the elated girl into his arms. He quickly moved away from Hathan’s searing gaze, but could not stop his words from entering his mind.
Every time, Levin. I do not mind these games you play if only you would rip the human’s heart out!
It is not my nature, you know that.
Levin responded.This girl is innocent and has long yet to live.
He felt Hathan’s utter disgust, and also felt him leave the club.
Relaxing, Levin leaned to whisper in the girl’s ear.
“There are creatures out there that you must beware of.”
“And are you one of these?” the girl asked playfully.
“Perhaps. But I am not as deadly as the creature you just danced with. Anyone with violet or black eyes is not to be trusted.”
She looked up into his own onyx eyes.
“So I am not to trust you?”
“You are to think about my words and not come near me again.”
Levin slipped from her grasp into the crowd of people again. He retrieved his guitar case and left the club.

The cool night air was no relief to him. He ran his hands through his long raven hair and pulled his black trench coat close to his body. He craved warm, sweet substance. Glancing around, he slipped behind the buildings and into the forest. Spotting a rabbit was no hardship. He sent a command to its mind. Adolina. The rabbit paused, and then slumped into the grass. He hurried to it as two long ivory teeth unsheathed in his mouth. He gently pierced its neck and drank until it was dry. The blood was that of an animal, bitter and thick. He wished for something sweet and silky.
“You are the disgrace of our line, Levin.” The scornful voice startled him enough to drop the rabbit from his lips. He turned slowly, to see Daimion, the silver haired vampire who had sired Hathan.
Levin picked up the rabbit and tossed it gently into the bushes. He faced Daimion without humor and feet spread apart.
“I am myself, not a disgrace, not a horror. What do you want with me Daimion?”
“I want you to act like a creature of the darkness and not like meat.”
Levin picked up his guitar and slowly walked past Daimion, their shoulders an inch apart. He turned when he was just behind Daimion.
“I do not wish to be a human. But I also do not wish to become their predator. Do you not remember when you were one? What it felt like to become a vampire? It wasn’t very pleasant for you, was it Daimion? Because I know just how painful it was. Lykiiya told me every little detail.”
“Lykiiya is another story!” Daimion growled. Levin disappeared into the night, not letting Daimion harass him further. He felt his presence behind him, but he was following slowly, at his own pace. Daimion wouldn’t bother him any longer that night.

Levin came out of the forest near a factory that took trees and used them to make paper. He slid one hand against the rough bark of a tree as he passed out of the forest, feeling compassion for yet another living thing that would be changed into something else. He walked through the streets of Oradea, the tiny Romanian town he had lived in his whole existence. Oradea had the best clubs and discos, as well as many legends and myths to keep the humans interested. It was also known for a large population of creatures of the night. Unfortunately, humans loved to pass through Oradea whilst traveling and would quite often stumble upon one of these creatures.
Levin opened the latch on a door of an abandoned building. The part of town he was in was filled with shadows and dark souls. He walked into the building and then down stairs that were hidden in the darkest shadows. Moody red lights and pulsating bass tracks met him at the bottom, as well as a flock of women.
“Lev, come dance with me!”
“No Lev will dance with ME!”
“Levin shall dance with no one.”
Levin didn’t need to look at the vampiress that had spoken and quieted the others. He recognized her smooth deep voice easily.
“Levin, I must speak with you,” Lykiiya, the girl who was his promised mate, put a slender and pale hand on his arm.
“Lykiiya, I am tired and hungry, I haven’t time to talk.” She slid up against him and offered her throat.
“Drink, and then we will talk.”
Levin pushed her away, his desire flaring with his annoyance. Lykiiya was beautiful. Her night black hair hung straight down her back, her body was slender and graceful, and her cool golden eyes compelling. He had no feelings for her, expect for wishing her away. Her sire, Ecaterina, had promised her any man from their bloodline that she wanted. Ecaterina was powerful among their line; she had sired many blood children. Lykiiya had chosen Levin to be her mate. His own sire, Lucia, had promised Lykiiya her blood son also.
“Leeeev,” she crooned at him. He turned, his black eyes flashing. She ran a finger along the curves of her body and then reached out to him, her golden irises locking his gaze. She pressed against him, keeping her eyes locked on his. She put her right hand on the back of his neck and slowly drew his lips to her milky throat. Levin’s fangs slid from his mouth and he drank from her, holding her like a princess in his arms. The other women gathered around, gasping and glaring in jealousy. Levin pulled away from Lykiiya with disgust. Her blood was sweet, sickeningly sweet. It was only lukewarm because her last meal had been hours before. It was better than animal blood in a way, but this was Lykiiya. She had used her power, her golden eyes, to get him to drink from her. Levin spun around and stalked away, his head raging and his vampiric heart angered. This was scandal to do. Lykiiya knew very well that getting him to drink from her was an effective way to teodonla: manipulation of the mind and body.
He walked down the dark hall that was lit with only small torches. His clan of vampires, the Raudracul, had created a network of tunnels deep beneath Oradea to live in. The tunnels spanned the length of the city and even a bit more. Levin lived in the same wing as the closest to him in the bloodline, none of which he particularly cared for. Even the girls who had the same sire as he desired him, making the comfort of his rentria, or lair, and the human world the most precious places for him.
Levin entered his rentria and fell to his bed. The pulse of music echoed from his right side, but to his left it was silent. So silent. Levin curled into a ball, not even bothering to shed his coat. The ache of hunger and the dread he had of Lykiiya pounded at his conscience, but he fell into a restless sleep anyway- just as the light of dawn crept over the Carpathian Mountains.

She moved between trees as the glow of sunrise hit her auburn hair. Her flowing pants glided along the ground as if she were flying; the bottoms ripped from upturned roots and stones. She took in the air as if it were a precious gem, cradling it in her lungs and feeling it’s sparkle. A song echoed in her head, the lyric haunting and pure at the same time. Suddenly she stopped and whirled around. She smiled at the glow of the newborn sun climbing the mountain peaks. Walking on, she whispered prose to herself.

Truth a mortar for faded memory, distant heart
sent homeward over tomorrow’s sky
never knowing what love may impart
along the path of a voyage left to dry
Life and deaths kiss entwined in scorched harmony
cradling the sun's blood it reluctantly cast

Her words were halted as she reached the crest overlooking Oradea. Pushing her length of hair from her shoulders, she sat on a large boulder and stared out at her town. The spires of the many churches set her stomach at unease, making her think of the faith that she could not bring herself to believe in. Her ice green eyes reflected torment even though her face was flushed with mountain air and the mouth that rarely smiled now tilted upward.
Vessinya stood from the boulder and started down the incline that led to Oradea. As she drew near to the town, her slight smile disappeared and her eyes turned a deeper green. The town took her soul and compressed it so that her true form could not ever be revealed. She had always wanted to leave. But there was a darkness, a shadow that kept her. She could not bring herself to part from the town that had taken her family from her. She squeezed the image of her mother and brother from her mind and walked to her small apartment above the club named Revesa de Blanc, the opposite of white. She was fine there, black was her color. The soft glow of the candelabras in her room made her smile, but she turned them off and pulled the heavy black lace drapes aside. The sun streamed through and created shadows, in which Vessinya placed her chair. She sat for a long while, words flowing onto a sheet of fresh paper. She disliked the paper because she had an intense adoration for trees. But chalk was much messier and created a thin sheen of dust.
Vessinya threw her paper aside and crawled under her deep red covers. The day displeased her most of the time. Night was a comfort and a place for her to hide.

The beat of music woke her. She walked to her full-length mirror and stared at her reflection. Her body was slightly curvy and not thin, but not heavy. Her skin was like porcelain. She had long wavy auburn hair that fell to the middle of her back. Her nose and mouth were small, but her lips were full and rose colored. Her eyebrows arched gently over her stunning icy green eyes.
Vessinya dressed in a black sheer skirt that had a rose pattern across it. Long fringe danced along the edges of the slanted hemline. She chose a black top with thin straps that showed the tiniest bit of her stomach. Knee length black boots completed her ensemble. She didn’t look in the mirror to see herself dressed.
She opened the door and paused at the ledge that looked down on the club. No one could see her there; the ledge was mostly tucked into a darkened corner hidden by walls. The music did pirouettes in her boots and turned her eyes an even darker green. She studied the crowd below and noted that there were more people than normal packed into Revesa de Blanc.
Vessinya never noticed the opaque eyes that studied her from the shadows.

Levin watched the girl with inertest. She was different from all the rest. Though her dress was aggressive, he could see that she was tame. Flowers decorated her black skirt, making her seem less fierce. Her had an urge to see her eyes but they were hidden in the dark of the club. The name of this club had immediately drawn his attention.
She slowly made her way down the steps and disappeared into the crowd of dancers. He moved quickly to a slanted part of the club, where he could look and see most people. He saw only her fair arms whirling above her, but he could not make out her face. Then he saw her emerge from the dancers and go to the bar. His heart quickened as he saw her slowly sip a deep red liquid. Her hair was long and glistened almost the same color. He could not see her eyes even now as they scanned the room. She set the glass down and spun back into the throng. Now he followed. His heart raced as he held women and spun them, but he spun them to his side and then moved along. Then he saw her slip outside, leaving the door open a small sliver. Levin didn’t smile, but his heart jumped lightly. He never felt this way about a girl. He had but one question: was she human or a creature of the night?
Levin slipped out onto the street. The girl leaned against the wall of the alley, her head tipped back and her throat exposed. Levin sucked in his breath. His fangs slid out and then back in again. In a sudden moment, the air grew still and she turned to look at him. He nearly took a full step back. The sharp torment in her eyes burned him like pure silver across the throat.
“Your name is Lev, is it not?” the girl inquired after a moment. Her voice was soft and deep. He was surprised.
“Levin. What brings you to such a conclusion? I know we have not met before.”
“Your heart stands on your sleeve and the name sprang to my mind because of it’s meaning, ‘heart’.”
“No, just thoughtful.”
“And what is your name? I suppose I am not as thoughtful as to guess.”
“It is Vessinya.”
Levin tested her name in his head. It sounded like the glow of the setting sun on the sharpest mountain peak. She walked towards the end of the alley and stared out at the darkened forest. He came besides her.
“It is such a mystery.” She spoke softly and her eyes dimmed.
“The forest is wonderful. Why is it a mystery?”
“I have never dared venture there at night before,” she responded.
“So come.” He walked a little ways out of the alley and turned to see her standing with her eyes wide. Suddenly he felt her humanity, strong, but yet wavering. Her desire to go into the dark forest was burning heavily. Did he dare make her come? He wanted badly to show her his world for some reason, to show her the trees that would become something else.
“Keme.” “Come.”
She paused, just as the rabbit he had drunk from the night before had done, than slowly came forward. When she reached his side, he gently took her wrist. He felt the pulse of life, but it was faint. An idea rushed to his head. Quickly he scanned her neck and wrists. Nothing. She was not claimed by another vampire. She let herself be led into the forest. He watched the slide of fringe on her legs and the slight fear across her face.
The moonlight pooled in every corner of the forest and washed every leaf on the trees. Levin felt his eyes adjust in perfect synchrony. This was his world. He felt Vessinya’s pulse speed up as his hand slid gently into hers. Why did he feel like she would understand him?

Vessinya was wary and terrified about the cold chills that raced down her spine when Levin’s hand grasped hers. She took a deep breath and filled her lungs with the pine-soaked air. He turned and met her eyes. His eyes looked black as the night to her but she was sure they were dark brown. In Oradea, you were never to trust people with eyes that weren’t of the normal colors. The cool feeling of his skin combined with the chill of the mountain air gave her shivers. Like a perfect gentleman, Levin dropped her hand and shrugged of his trenchcoat. He hesitated a moment, then helped her into it. She wrapped it tightly around her and breathed in its scent. It smelled of a deep musk, the earth, and some tangy smoky odor. She ran her fingers across a large tree, slowing her steps in the process. Levin’s thin lips curved upwards.
“Trees are wonderful, aren’t they?” he asked.
“They are. Such beauty. How could something stand for so long and not be broken down?”
“Oh but they are. Little by little, and eventually most are used to make petty resources.”
“I dislike paper,” she responded simply.
He began to move again, his boots not making a sound. She followed, studying him. He was intensely gorgeous. He was tall, over six feet a bit. He had long legs clad in black jeans that were scuffed at the ends and knees. His shoulders were broad and strong looking. Muscles showed in his chest and arms, especially under the black t-shirt that clung to his skin. His hair was longish and raven colored. Vessinya noticed how a few locks fell over his eyes, those dark eyes, and framed his face. His nose was strong and straight, ending just above thin, deep colored lips. His lips were the only thing that showed a spark of life in him. Everything about him was dark and shadowed.
Vessinya was oddly comforted by the sight of him, yet terror rose in her stomach. He looked dangerous and he revealed almost nothing about himself. But she felt like she wanted to know him. She felt connected to him.
He stopped suddenly, and as if he could hear her thoughts, he took her hand again. They took a breath simultaneously.
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