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The Fly
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"At Times"

AT Times
the road may seem too arduous and too long to travel
you may not know where to start
you may be afraid to fail-- but
at times you need to fall to see how hard the ground is
all gory comes from daring to begin
at times the water seems to rough to steer through
but a smooth sea never-ever made a skill mariner
at times we feel that time is on our side
this is a trick
time is a great teacher but eventually it kills all its students
be busy while you wait-- industrious in every thing you do
at times you may have nothing to say
remember that those who talk the most usually say the least
at times it may storm for days
a day of sorrow lasts longer than a month of joy
but there is never a rainbow without clouds before hand
At times you may want to throw the towel in
but how can you quit if you never really started to begin
At times you may feel that you are always wrong
but even a broken clock is right twice a day
the true sign of a genius is very obvious
everyone will take offense and side against him
being wrong is only a consideration
it means that you are only different
and no-one ever invented anything without being different than the man before him
At times you may feel that you can't do anything
but it is impossible for someone to do nothing
and impossible for someone to do everything
At times you may lose your dreams
you may give up on your goals
and believe that you imagination is only fantasy
but imagination lies the seeds of all greatness
no building was ever built without someone imagining it first
imagination is time travel
it is a way of foreseeing what is possible
some may believe that intelligence is more important than imagination
but intelligence deals with what happened in the past
while imagination deals with the possibilities of the future
which do you think is more important?
the past or the future?
At times you may feel like you have more problems than a
'math book'
but with out problems we would not appreciate the good times we had
problems are part of the equation of happiness
At times you may feel that you have lost everything
but then you can try anything, with nothing to lose
At times you may look back at times go by
you may feel water gather in your eye
you take nothing with you when you die
relish in the moment
taste-touch - smell -see -hear
experience all you can
at times you may laugh, at times you may run, at times you get hurt, at times you feel like dirt, at times you want to swear, at times you don't care,
we all need to change - who wants to stay the same?
we, like plants, need not only sunshine, but also rain.
so catch yourself before you get too sad,
life isn't really that bad!
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