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You're certainly a woman of admirable strength, compassion and character Beth.

to irresponsible pet owners

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I get SO emotional over this I really shouldn't even comment. I literally cannot stand it to hear about healthy, lively animals being murdered because there was 'no room' or 'not enough time' All I can see is a sick waste of precious lives. I'm sorry you had to see that, I'm sure it was disturbing. Seeing their faces is haunting. I HATE kill shelters. I don't care what anyone says. There has to be a better way.

Even stray cats live longer than the ones at most pounds, and they usually have a better chance of being taken in by someone feeling sorry for them. I know of MANY cases of pets being taken in by people I know wandering free and keeping them for life. These people would NEVER have gone to a pound seeking a pet, but when they saw one, sad, hungry and desperate, their hearts melted and they kept them. WHY do these people not go to the pound? Main reason, they don't think they want the commitment until they see the animal in person, then they fall in love. Why don't they go to the pound to fall in love? The very reason mentioned here- it's too disturbing to see the faces of animals who will most likely die. Even if they save one life, they feel guilty about the others. Sad, but true. The pound does that to people, that's why I am against them and think they'd have a better chance on their own. Even if some die, they have a longer life than they would at the pound in most cases. I cannot accept the 'better off dead' theory, that if they don't have a perfect life and a perfect home, and something MIGHT hurt them or they MIGHT suffer at some point, they're better off to die peacefully now?? No. If that logic was true, might as well put down 80% of all human beings in the world now, me included.

*must stop now*


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Originally posted by bonosloveslave
And when people blow hundreds of dollars on purebred animals, I just wanna
ugh i know! i have four kitties, all of which i got for free through shelters or friends who took in strays who happened to be pregnant.

our old house had a stray that hung around. at first it ticked us off because she only hung around our house until we found out why. see, the house had been built for this young married couple by the father. they had a cat, and they just didn't like the house, so they moved away. they left the fucking cat there!! no wonder the cat hung around us so much, it thought we were its owners! poor thing!

i have neighbours who insisted on paying big bucks to get purebred shih tzus (those little ugly dogs) but they don't even have them fixed! yeah, smart move. insist on getting purebreds but this way they can run around and knock up some random dog. they're both males btw so it's not like they got them to eventually breed with each other.

it just astounds me the way people can treat animals. i mean, all of us humans aren't "purebred" (meaning we're not all 100% of some nationality) and what would've happened if we came down with some expensive disease or were born at an inopportune time? most wouldn't just kill the baby, they'd try to make things work. i think of my kitties as my babies (i do actually call my tabitha "the daughter i haven't had yet" - lol!) and wouldn't do anything to harm them and would do anything for them. if they needed some expensive operation, i'd find a way to make it work. when my cat jonathan needed to get 9 of his teeth pulled because they'd started rotting away due to old age, the vet worked out a payment plan. i'd do it for my kid, so why not my cat too? they bring as much joy and happiness into my life as anything else and i couldn't imagine my life without just one of those furry critters so i don't know how people can just throw cats and dogs out on the street.
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1. i love, love, love, love, love kitties.

2. my roommate and i are already planning on rescuing 2 kitties from the humane society when we get a house this summer. i want to get an older fat one (cos i know those ones never get adopted, but those are the ones i love), and she's going to get a little baby kitty. i've never gotten kittes from places other than the humane society. saving kitties

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