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Old 11-08-2008, 08:47 AM   #21
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When I was skiing in Colorado a few years ago, they made the ski's and boot's too tight. I had a massive fall, and when my ski should have come away from one of the boots it didn't My knee twisted completely out of its socket and, needless to say, dislocated. Worst pain I've ever experienced, when they were taking me to the hospital I was in a right state. But then flying home the next day first class made up for it

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I fell down a flight of stairs and wrecked my ankle/leg three years ago. Thankfully nothing was broken.

According to my aunts it would be the time I once had a five pence coin lodged in my throat when I was a toddler. We have no idea where they dreamed this story up as nothing like this has ever happened to anyone in our family. Most of my cousins think it's true and that I was rushed to hospital to get it removed from the back of my throat.

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Originally Posted by redkat View Post
broken tailbone-you can't set those so it still moves when I sit wrong. Doesn't really hurt anymore though
COCCYX ~ "A direct blow to the tailbone, such as those that occur during 'contact sports', can injure the coccyx."

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Originally Posted by BonosBaby12 View Post
When I was about 6 one of my brother's threw a rusted circular saw blade. Just as he told me to duck I was turning around so I got hit right in the face with it. The cut started near my left eye and went all the way down to my lip. Amazingly had no stitches and only ended up with a small scar near my lip.
Holy Crap!!! What did your parents do???
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I've never had an injury that has required hospital attention other than one I don't remember as I was a baby when my mum accidentally scalded me when she dropped a kettle, burnt my foot but no permanent injury.

I did almost impale myself on some railings once....must have been about ten, I was climbing over them and the tip of the spike at the top went into my side, like poking about inside, I managed to unimpale myself without causing further damage, and just held my side till I stopped bleeding and went home. Bit weird to feel some bit of metal poking at your ribs and what not.
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The garage door fell on my hand one time and broke my middle finger, that hurt a bunch.

The most time I'd spent in a hospital was when I had an appendectomy but that wasn't an accidental injury.
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Similar to LJT probably the worst was one I don't remember because I was really little, my shoulder was accidentally dislocated when I was yanked away from the stove, likely about to cause more serious damage to myself.

I had two minor knee sprains from dance class (or maybe it dislocated and popped right back in) and one pretty bad ankle sprain - I actually don't remember now how I did that but I remember my ankle being quite purple for a week. Also about 3-4 years ago I fell flat on my nose running for the bus outside my was quite bloodied at the time and quite a swollen sight for about a week but the doctor said I didn't break it.

I did see a doctor for some of these but none required a hospital visit.
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Originally Posted by europop2005 View Post
I got stung by a poisonous jellyfish, i still have the scars on my back, it was EXCRUCIATING pain!!!!
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Originally Posted by zuropa_fit View Post
Holy Crap!!! What did your parents do???
My mom naturally freaked out when she came home. Happened to be coming around the corner of the house with my face covered in blood when she pulled up. Once she got over the shock of what happened my brother really got it. Despite what he did being incredibly stupid I know it was an accident and that he felt really bad. Unfortunately for him I wasn't the one who was determining his punishment
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Originally Posted by Mr. BAW View Post
COCCYX ~ "A direct blow to the tailbone, such as those that occur during 'contact sports', can injure the coccyx."

my excuse for being a pain in the ass
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^one can also be an ass in of the few minorities in the world overlooked these days
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Originally Posted by bonoishot View Post

I trapped my right pinky finger in a door way when I was about 3. A gust of wind blew the door shut on my finger. I don't really remember it but it must have really hurt as it took the top of my finger off.
That happened to me when I was 8 (except it was my right middle finger and my brother who shut the door on my finger accidentally).

I remember it, and yeah it really did hurt . The tip was sewed back on at the hospital.
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worst injury? probably getting shot in the head when i was 15. bullet is still lodged in my skull, too deep to be removed.
you know those long tubular flourescent bulbs? i had a broken one lodged in my left palm, while part of the jagged edge was sticking out the other side.
fell down once, about 10 ft. on the way down fractured 3 ribs.
stepped of a platform at a bad angle and dislocated my knee. the painful part was when i "popped" the knee back in place. couldn't walk for 2-3 after that.
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I had some good skating injuries; I got kicked in the knee at an official practice at Eastern Synchronized Skating Championships one time and bled all over my tights for the rest of that practice and the unofficial one that followed. The best was my concussion. We were in a circle which was to open up to a line. I was the person on the end that would whip and straighten out the line. If the circle broke properly, I would be able to handle the whip, and just go along smoothly in the line. Instead, it broke too early, I was thrown off, and I slid into the boards head first at 25 mph. I jumped right back up so the coach wouldn't yell at me, got back in line, and soon enough I was running off the ice for the bathroom and they tell me I was pretty sick, but I don't really remember. I remember the Zamboni driver carrying me to my mom's car.

My worst injury was at a Stars on Ice show when I got up to go to the ladies' room and tripped face first into the cement staircase at the Hartford Civic Center. I'll never forget the funny feeling in my mouth and my boyfriend at the time picking my right front tooth up off the floor. That led to two years of dental torture...oral surgery to put a post for a fake tooth into my upper jaw, root canals, a round of braces...and now an irrational fear of the dentist to boot.

Other than those, I've done well for being a synchronized skating-obsessed klutz.
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First one was a volleyball play I had no chance of getting, but went for it anyway. Landed on my knee and screamed. But I was tough and worked through it. First mistake. Second knee problem was on a fall in a parking lot pot hole. My knee hit a very jagged hard edge. That was on the opposite knee.
I've had 2 knee replacement surgeries in 6 years.
Doing great now, but my range is a bit limited, especially if I try to bend my leg too far back.
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Vacations and I didn't get along for 2 years in a row.

2005 ~ 20 minutes before I was to begin my vacation I was on the dock at work explaining something to a co-worker. A large box full off mdse. fell into a cart and the cart flew into my hand. Ouch. Went into denial mode. Left work and came home and iced it. Headed to the U2 concert in Chicago on May 7. A nice little bruise had formed on the inside of my hand. Alternately iced and wrapped my hand. Tried clapping at the concert.......decided yelling and screaming was better. Went to urgent care when I got home ~x-rays, broken hand, cast. Fun. Employer paid for that

2006 ~ Tibial Plateau frature involving both plateaus with intra-articular extension. I think the mug I gave to my OS with the picture of my CT scan sums it up best:
How I met Dr. .........
Went to Hawaii, jumped onto Lanikai Beach, landed WRONG (oh, so very wrong), try not to pass out, sit in Don Ho's beach chair, ride in ambulance (no siren, LOTS of potholes which resulted in EMT giving LOTS of apologies), X-rays (ouch), X-ray results ~ tibial plateau fracture (I have a tibial plateau??!?!!, immobilizer, NWB-ing, crutches, vicodin, motrin, fly home, urgent care, Dr. ......., CT scan ~ Hello Dr. .........

OS liked the mug.

2 years later I can still say that the tpfx and its after effects are not fun.
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Hmm...The first one is great. I was playing slow pitch softball and someone hit a high fly ball to center field. Honestly, I was going to catch it....until that darn 12 foot tall chain link fence got in the way. My brother's friend from college saw it happen. As I was lying down on a stretcher(whiplash big time), he said, "Dude, I have never seen a fence bend as far in as you made that one bend." I ran into it and it threw me back from the fence a good 10 feet. I had scratches on the top of my head down to my chin. I had iron in my tooth enamel. It was great.

Otherwise, one time I got dropped 12 feet by the people who were supposed to support me as I rock climbed. It was great because it was supposed to be a "trust building" activity. Um, oops?
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Great thread!

I fell out of the car when I was about 4. The door wasn't closed all the way and I was leaning against it in the backseat so when my mom went around a corner, out I tumbled and got pretty scraped and bruised. Thankfully it was a quiet residential street and there was no other traffic.

I've sprained both wrists, knees and ankles playing sports - basketball, field hockey in high school that has now turned into painful arthritis.

Worst pain EVER was a ruptured ovarian cyst.
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When I worked as a housekeeper I fell off the kitchen sink while cleaning the windows. I landed on my back and thought I got off lightly when I realised that I caught the edge of the stove with my elbow while falling and lost a small chunk of flesh off the tip.

Also, I once slipped in the bathroom and fell arms first into the tub full of hot water. I spent the night in excruciating pain and then watched the skin peel off my arms for the next two weeks or so.
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Riding a bike I was hit blindside by a car doing 50+mph. My body smashed out the cars windsheild then flew over the top of the car and I landed in the street behind the car. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks: Broken collar bone, dislocated shoulder, cut above the eye, and a smashed ankle that needed surgery to put in a screw to hold it back together. I was actually really really lucky (The doctors said the fact that I never saw it coming probably saved my life.)

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