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the blue skies of yesterday

The brilliant day that was passed onto night, which gave way to a dreary gray morning announced by the mournful wail of a single dove. I awoke in chains that bound me to walls which may have been inside of my head. The return to chains, like the downside of crazy, means i can only find my way out if i can regurgitate the key and unlock all of those mysteries.

Around my house i stumble, it was a clean house before, but certainly not on this morning. Chaos would eventually manifest itself to me as i went through the normal stages of regaining consciousness. Open the drapes and curtains, the typical processes i follow on these types of days. Not even my robotic moves were phased by the disturbing mess that was the world outside of these walls.

The previous day was a summer oasis gifted to all in what would traditionally be known as winter. All of the glory of that day had been erased at some point in the late evening or early morning hours. The ground was covered in what looked like fact...most everything was covered in this. My eyes needed more focus to try and figure out if this was even real.

I had to step outside of my home to see if this was an illusion or a horrible mirage, once on my porch i noticed the smell of something familiar. It wasn't the bright pristine snow we might usually get, however, it was an off white lumpy covering with sparse brown pools in various places. I walked out into the thick steamy mess covering the ground and noticed it was warm and fresh.

I looked next door to my neighbors house and saw him scooping up this ground covering in what looked like bowls and plates, and taking it back inside of his home. As i made my way over to this neighbors home, i stood in the spot of ground that was bare, where he had scooped up some of this white stuff onto his plate. At that moment, he came to his front door and pointed a shotgun at me. He was a lunatic, white stuff all over his face, with some smattering of the brown liquid.

I heard something above us, so i looked up into the gray skies at the precise moment a big blob of steamy white stuff fell on top of me. My head was covered with mashed potatoes, fresh from the heavens. The neighbor laughed and lowered his shotgun as i looked helpless and covered in mess. Another sound swirled above as a stream of brown gravy dumped on top of me. I stepped out of the way onto the neighbors porch as i tried to get this mess out of my eyes.

The old lady across the street slowly walked out to her driveway to retrieve her newspaper and then cautiously carried it back into her house. The spot where the paper had once laid was now bare, and from the sky above it another lump of fresh mashed potatoes fell and spattered onto the ground. Once the steam cleared a stream of brown gravy trickled down from the heavens and covered it for a moment.

My neighbor continued to laugh, and once again pointed the shotgun directly at me. I reached into my back pocket and found out what had been poking me in the back, it was a t-bone from the steak i had grilled on the previous beautiful day in my glorious back yard. I took the bone with my right hand while grabbing the neighbors head with my left, i lodged the t-bone into his ear with all of my might, until i felt something give and heard a sort of popping sound inside of him. His eyes filled with blood as he dropped to his knees in confusion.

I stepped over his flailing body into the house, which was a mess of clutter and bowls of mashed potatoes and gravy everywhere. His TV set in the living room was on with the volume turned up. A lady reporter from somewhere was on location reporting the strange phenomenon in a raincoat and umbrella. She spoke of a wrath of God type event as she was pelted from the sky by starchy vegetables and condiments.

Once back outside, i noticed some kids up the street were making a mashed potato man in their front yard. They had him almost complete when a stream of gravy fell from the sky and covered their creation. Then they laid down and made potato angels on the ground, like only kids would do.

I slowly made my way back to my house, careful to retrace my steps, and shook the mashed potatoes and gravy off of my shoes. Once inside I shut and locked the door behind me. At this point i did the only thing i knew how to do, walked back to my bedroom in hopes i could return to sleep and put this nightmare behind me.

Once in my bedroom, i wasn't at all surprised to see an alien lying in my bed, covered in dressing. I climbed into bed with the alien, as intuition or something had advised me to do. I only hoped this would not be my last supper.

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The nightmares . . . they're back . . . .

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Thanks for the Pink Floyd kick!
I could try and sober up and maybe write something or i can continue down this waterfall and remain comfortably numb. I think i know what my choice will be.
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