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Old 07-23-2013, 06:55 PM   #1
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Royal baby

Very shocked that when I logged on here that absolutely no one has mentioned this

BBC News - William and Kate head home with baby prince

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William and Kate seem like lovely people and so congratulations to them.

But as far as this is newsworthy, not really. I don't always agree with Bill Maher, but I do have to say that I think he is right on when he said that in the 21st century it's really repugnant that people would still CHOOSE to address someone as "your royal highness." I mean really.

I hope that Canada abolishes the monarchy in my time.

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Is Canada any closer to doing that? I know here in Australia there's a republican movement, the leader of which is one of our more powerful politicians. We had a referendum in 99, which lost by about 10%. I hope we become a republic soon, I hate all this royal baby bullshit. (the coverage. Good luck to the couple)

I trust JT is a republican.
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No, unfortunately.

The Aussies will be the first to do it, for sure.

Canada will follow once non-anglophone immigrants outnumber the anglophones. Heaven knows Quebec has no love for the monarchy either.
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I see this as more celebrity news than a world event.

I used to be a royal watcher for history reasons. But then as I realized the point of being royal was to be the embodiment of the state, then royalty seemed more like prison than a world of privilege. I don't see how being King, Queen, princess or whatever is a privilege. How is it so great to live under such scrutiny? Nothing is yours, not even your life. Everything you do is for the sake of the country, even maintaining your fractured marriage to avoid any scandal. Spin doctors and PR dictate your life and you can't have your own opinion made public. And it has got to be horribly dull to pretend to be interested in cutting ribbons, meeting state leaders, playing basketball at some Harlem gym, etc. And who really wants to be put on a pedestal and be the face of the nation? Sounds lonely, miserable and overwhelming. Also, I wonder if people really like royalty because of the jewels and designer clothes, or because they want to seemingly worship another human being (bowing or curtseying, saying your highness or your majesty).

Rant over.
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it's been discussed in this thread:

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