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That sounds harrowing LN7. Each of us is different but for me, having some sort of escape from the world is imperative to mental health. Ideally that escape should be reliable, easy to access and secure. Ie a house/bedroom/local library etc. Don't think I could have done what you've done.
Huge respect.

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Originally Posted by LuckyNumber7 View Post
Can you tell me the Bae-veC story in full some time? It sounds like it could be a movie. Very interesting.
i'd like to but it's going to take a long time to put it all down and make it semi-interesting. if you really want to hear it all though i'll plug away at it and either post it here under a spoiler tag or PM it to you when i finish it.

you've been through some crazy highs and lows for sure but it sounds to me like you're a lot stronger now for all of it. no matter whether you're on this side of the world or the other side, or a month or 10 years, remember that you have friends here - that has honestly helped me through some dark times when i felt like my IRL friends were jumping ship on me, knowing that i can always come here and chat with friends about dumb shit, inside jokes about leo and bananas, politics, just vent, or bitch about a band we all hate to love so much.

and of course you better know i always have your back, no matter what.

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It has been over a decade – how has your life really changed?

In 2007....

I was working full time at a major cable news station, pondering grad school. I wasn’t dating at the time for personal reasons.

In 2007, I left my job to go for Masters in journalism. Had a great experience with classmates and two great internships.

Unfortunately, I graduated in 2008 just in time for the Great Recession. I struggled to find work for many months, and even went into retail to make money. I did some freelancing but was clueless about it. Eventually I worked a temp corporate job, worked at a law firm, as well as at a nonprofit which was a total job from hell (I should write a book about my experience; it’d be a bestseller). Briefly returned to journalism as a part-time reporter at a major NY newspaper. When that got overwhelming, I left to work as an adjunct professor and a freelance writer, plus running my own video business. However, I’m searching for a full-time admin job these days since being an adjunct, though fun and rewarding, pays peanuts.

I also have die-hard plans to be a writer and a documentary filmmaker. That’s my goal: admin by day, write and film on the side. I’m sooo looking forward to 2018!

On a personal note, the best thing I ever did in these ten years was leave Staten Island and move to Brooklyn. I grew and developed in so many amazing ways. Before I did that, I was living with my parents who psychologically abused and manipulated me. As a result, I had the worst self-esteem and confidence, dated the worst guys and had zero direction in life. But moving to Brooklyn changed all that.

However, I had a few setbacks.

Also in 2006, I was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder, and was put on meds. The shame of having the disorder also weighed on my self-esteem. In 2015, while at that job from hell, I suffered a severe manic episode and eventually went to the hospital for 24 hours. I would have a few lapses in mental health a few times.

I’m seeing a good therapist and on lifelong medication. I’ve recently joined a support group for people like me.

These days, I’m still in Brooklyn, albeit with roommates in my old age. I am finally gaining the confidence to go after my dreams to write novels (I self- published a book in 2012, and it’s taken me a lot of confidence boosting to work on its sequel), write screenplays and work on documentaries. But I’m braver than ever.

Politically, I was centrist in 2006 but now left-leaning, and worried about the future of the USA. Religiously, I still identify as spiritual but not religious. However, I’ve left the Catholic Church, and now weekly attend an independent, progressive church which has given me so much strength since joining 4+ years ago. I’ve found a “church I could receive in”.

As for U2, I’m still a fan but not as big as I used to be. U2 is one of my all-time favorites, not just my only favorite. My tastes in music are more harder rock these days.

I’m still not married and have no kids, which makes me very sad. Hopefully Ill find someone, and I’ll keep trying.

But other than that, my self-esteem and respect is soooo much better than it was 10 years ago. Life is a journey, not a destination - that’s what I’ve learned.

And don’t forget: “life is what happens while you’re making plans”
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It has been over a decade – how has your life really changed?

In 2007 I was 23 and working retail. I posted on here way too much. I was dating the person I would marry. I had just quit a band because of decisions made by the singer. I was ready to give up on music. I loved sports and watched every Mariners game.

In 2017 I have been married for 8 years, happily. I have a job that I’m extremely good at and find fulfilling (though I wish it paid a little better). I am actually the best in my company at what I do based on the metrics we are judged by. I have a toddler, we lost a baby at 24 weeks in the womb, and now are most likely a week away from having a newborn. I barely post here anymore. I do lurk a bit. I am in 3 music projects right now, and so happy I didn’t give up, even though it’s slow-going (I do all the recording, engineering, guitar-playing, synth playing, keys playing, programming, producing, mixing, and mastering for all three, which is slow going for a married guy with a full time job and kids). I’m a homeowner, of 4 years, which is insanely rare for most people my age. At least in this area. And I still love sports but don’t have cable so I don’t watch baseball anymore.
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In 2007, I had just married my husband of 11 years and was pursuing a Masters in English LIterature. I was obsessed with U2 and music in general and probably listened to music an average of 2 hrs a day. Politically, I leaned left in many areas but considered myself Pro-Life. Back then, it seemed like being Pro-Life and somewhat liberal wasn't impossible. Additionally, I was active in my Baptist church and interested in the doctrine of predestination. I was passionate about my Christian faith and thinking about being a missionary. One year later, we moved to Massachusetts and I lost my father, who died at the age of 54.

In 2018, I find myself living with my husband in Taiwan, where we moved to 4 years ago and teaching English Literature and Composition at an international high school. I still count u2 as my favorite band, but I don't listen to as much music as I did when I was 28 years old, maybe only 3-4 hours a week. Politically, I define myself as socially conservative and fiscally left-leaning. Much of the left's behavior during this decade has prompted me to reconsider my alignment with the Democratic party, but I can't get behind the economic ideas of the Right either. In regards to my spirituality, I still go to church and believe in Jesus, but I am questioning some of the 'understanding' I thought I had about the topic. Additionally, three years ago I discovered the wonder of high altitude mountain hiking and now hike almost every weekend and run 2-3 times a week.

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