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Old 04-05-2013, 09:02 PM   #1
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Anatomy for Beginners

Just discovered this show on Netflix UK (Via my handy dandy remote IP address) called Anatomy for Beginners. Have any of you watched it? It's one of the most engaging programs on human anatomy I've ever seen. The 'star' of the show is Gunther Von Hagens, who many of you might be familiar with via his Body World exhibits. In short, it's gross anatomy education via the live dissection of a recently deceased individual who has donated his body to Von Hagens' Institute for Plastination. It can be quite graphic, which is no doubt part of its allure. In the first episode, they remove the skin in one piece (the man is suspended in an upright position from the ceiling, I should mention), demonstrate the workings of various large muscle groups and joints, remove the brain, dissect the spinal cord, etc (all while I ate spaghetti dinner. Exquisite). They also have various plastinated specimens and a live nude model which they project various muscle groups, nerve pathways, etc, on. Amazing stuff.
Apparently the series is several years old, but I only just came across it.

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I lasted until he actually started peeling off the skin. No thanks. Too nasty. Good luck on the thread, though. I hope you get 9 million responses in the thread.
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Thanks for this, JT. I find anatomy incredibly fascinating, and stuff like this is invaluable since I don't think I'll ever get the chance to see a cadaver dissected in person (maybe I just know the wrong people?).

I don't think I can watch the whole thing without a few stiff drinks, though - more of a wuss with it than I was expecting. I guess I was expecting the muscles to look more like a pretty red illustration from one of my books and less full of gristle and pus.

Four down, 8,999,996 to go!
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I think I've seen parts of it, does the German guy wear an odd black hat? My anatomy teacher in medic school found it easier to just have us watch videos of that guy dissecting and plasticizing stuff than to actually teach us herself.
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I could maybe watch that nine minutes over the course of nine days.
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Not being squeamish and not having much of an anatomy background, I'm fitting in the remainder of the lessons when I have time. Part 2 of lesson one, the next video, shows the arm's muscles being cut, separated, then manipulated to move the fingers to hold and to clench, which as well as being very fascinating is delightfully ghoulish. The living human model is somewhat distracting.

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