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The Fly
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Tube Screamer effects - before or after the amp model / overdrive?

I'm using a Boss ME-50 and a Behringer V-Amp 2, and I need a screamer sound. I'm just wondering, do I put the screamer effect before or after the amp model and the distortion? I'm assuming compression is always first...?

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I would put it before. i would think of it as if your using a real amp and real screamer. most cases you would run guitar/comp/overdrives/delays/verb/amp. Of course let your ears be the judgment and dont get stuck into general rules. The best rule is there is no rules. Good luck


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The Screamer, like any OD or fuzz or distortion works its magic before the amp, not after. It's meant to hit the amp and distort it, or distort it even more. Putting it after the amp kinda defeats its purpose. You can try it behind, but somehow I'll doubt it will sound good. You can argue about putting a wah before or after a distortion, or whether or not you should use an amp's effects send/return loop for modulation/delay/reverb. But pretty much every guitarists puts his distortion boxes before the amp for a reason.
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