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TC ND-1 Nova Delay

So who here has one of these new units? How do you like it for producing Edge's sound? Specifically the modulation, which is such a big part of Edge's delay. Does it do a good job for the anthem tunes like Streets and Pride? I was considering the DD-20, but since the TC pedal is a just a few bucks more I thought I'd hold out for it when the new shipment arrives at my merchant within the next month...


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I've got one and I love it. It's the best digital delay I've ever had. I don't really use it for U2 work but you can use it as it has the cool option to send two different kinds of delay if you use it in stereo. The only two drawback are that you can't control the the dual feedback for the parallel setting, so no one short delay with multiple repeats, one long delay with 1 to 2 repeats. That being said, this is the first pedal I've used that allowed me to get a good U2 feel within minutes of starting to play.
The other drawback is that you need 12 volts of power so it won't run from a Pedal Power 2. Which means you still need a separate adapter. But TC gives you a good one that you can customize for American, British or European outlets.

IMHO it does the digital mod delay thing better then the DD-20 or the DL-4/Echopark. I still think the DL-4/Echopark allows you to do more crazy stuff though, so I'm keeping my Echopark.

Best advice still, wait for the pedal to come out and try it yourself.
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