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Songs of Experience Guitar Chords and Tunings

Guitar Tunings and Chords:
Tuning listed to the right of the song title, most in regular (E) tuning.
I wrote this up quick on one listen. May have missed a few parts.

“Love Is All We Have Left” E
Verse: Bm A G Em
Chorus: D A G Em D

“Lights of Home” Drop D? (only top string tuned to D) Maybe D (double flat) chords in regular tuning
Verse: Dm C G
Chorus: Bb F C Bb F C Bb Dm C Gm
Bridge: Dm C Gm Bb C Gm Bb
Outro: D G D C D

“You’re the Best Thing About Me” E (Eb live)
Verse: F#maj7sus4 C#m E F#maj7sus4 F#
Chorus: G D/F# A Bm A

“Get Out of Your Own Way” E
Verse/PreChorus/Chorus: G D A Bm G D A A
Bridge: Em G D

“American Soul” E
Em with a riff

“Summer of Love” E
Verse & Chorus: Em G Am C
Bridge: C Bm Em G

“Red Flag Day” Eb
Verse & Chorus: G#m B E C#m

“The Showman (Little More Better)” E
Verse & Chorus: D A Bm A
PreChorus: G Em G Em
Bridge: G A G A

“The Little Things That Give You Away” Eb
Verse: Bm A G Em
Chorus: D A G Em D A G Em Bm

“Landlady” E
G Em C G

“The Blackout” E
Verse: A F D
PreChorus: F G D
Chorus: Am C D F

"Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way" E
Verse: E B Ab A
Chorus: F#m A E B

“13 (There Is a Light)” E
Verse: G D G F#m G D F#m
PreChorus: G Bm A
Chorus: G D A Bm

“Ordinary Love” Eb
“Book of Your Heart” E

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This is fantastic. Thanks for doing the legwork. I know what I’ll be doing tonight.

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so....there's hardly any solos from Edge, I'm kinda disappointed.
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