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Seems Edge has two identical Les Paul Customs


I read on the website that Edge is auctioning his Les Paul Custom. So I thought, aah, will we never see him again with that creme Les Paul Custom he used so extensively?

When I took a close look at the Vertigo Tour DVD, it seemed he has two identical ones. Not that I'm really surprised about the fact that he has a backup or so, but it just drew my attention. Compare these two pics:

Maybe this is very old news, but I sure didn't know.

Does anyone know if he also has multiple Explorers? That would interest me, because he's had his first Explorer for such a long time...


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He does have 2 cream Les Paul's

One with a tune selector black , other with white

Dallas used to call the black , the "Bad one" , coz it was black and played on Fly on 2001

And the white one , The Good One , Coz it was played on songs like One and the color

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Edge has back ups for all the guitars he tours with. That is why, even though he plays 17-19 guitars on any given night, he has 47 on tour with him.

On the cream LP, on closer look you will see they are not identical. Look at the pickups and the knobs and you will see the difference. If I recall correctly, the #2 is the one being auctioned.

Interesting note is that Dallas restrings ALL of he guitars before every show. He has said in interviews that it takes 8 hours alone to do the re-stringing.
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47 guitars.. I've got one. I can't say I'm a happy man.
He probably can.
If I had 10 I would say that I'm a completely happy man.
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Old 04-29-2007, 05:05 AM   #5
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les paul

Plus 1 les paul is tuned to E and the other to E flat
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might as well have auctioned off both -- now that one's gone i doubt we'll be seeing the other one in action
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I heard Edge owns an double neck SG. Time to get that one out!
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Edge has duplicates of most of his guitars. Some might be exact some might be a different year or finish.

In example, the backup for the heritage red 1966 Gibson SG is the 1966 Pelham blue Gibson SG.

Those sad about The Edge auctioning his 1975 Les Paul (has the gold knobs on it) needn't worry. He's the other white 1970's LP Custom (has black knobs on it). He's the Gibson LP Standard Goldtop, He's the Music Rising LP and the Epiphone Music Rising LP.

There are more than one Explorer.

His original 330/12 1967 Rickenbacker was destroyed in the studio flood in 2002. The Fireglo Rickenbacker used during Vertigo tour (Sometimes You Can't Make It...) is a 1965. The Maple glo 1966 Rickenbacker (tuned to E flat) was used for Mysterious Ways during the Vertigo tour. Edge has at least one more Fireglo Ric as a backup and I saw Dallas playing/soundchecking a Jetglo (black) in Glendale, AZ in 2005.

So... yep, there are backups and many are cousins if not identical twins.

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