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Post your gear!

OK, I finally managed to loan me a digital camera so now I'm finally able to pimp my stuff. Prepare to be pimped!

The basis of everything, the amp, in this case a Fender twin reverb. God, this thing has a great sound. They're going to have to bury me in it when I die! This sucker has D120F JBL speakers. I once put it next to one of those Fender re-issues and it blew the re-issue away. Both me and the store guy were amazed by how much. So I guess vintage>>>>>>>reissue.

The first guitar is my main axe Tuco, a Fender Strat, made in Japan, I guess it's a 1972 model. The bridge element is a DiMarzio humbucker which can be switched to single coil or phase. It also has a cut off switch for the sound. The middle is another Japanese Fender Strat, nicknamed Buffy. She's been fitted with a Fernandez Sustainer kit and a Seymour Duncan humbucker. She's got the thinnest neck which I really like. Finally a Fender Tele lite ash. No mods.

Left is a Squier Tele. Nothing fancy, tuned down one and half step. Needs to be upgraded. Center is Mitra, a Fender US Strat, my other main axe. Right is Angel Eyes, identically modified to Tuco, only tuned down a semitone.

Left is a Gibson Explorer. Although I like it I don't use it much. Currently tuned down 1 semitone with a dropped D. Center is an Epiphone LP. Good solid workhorse. Right is a crap lefthanded Vantage I once bought because I liked the idea of having it restrung normally, to get that upside down Jimi Hendrix Look. I should have gotten a Squier Strat instead. It has one great advantage, a very long neck which means I can place a capo very high up. Normally tuned down one tone.

This is my first pedalboard. I plug in in the Big Shot. From there it splits.
One line goes to a London City chromatic tuner. The A signal goes to the Digitech XP-100, the wah, the Danelectro Backtalker reverse delay and to a Buildyourownclone Triboost, which I named Mother of all boosts. From there it goes to my rack.
The B signal goes to the Line6 Verbzilla which acts as a shimmer and from there to a different amp. This I can create the effect of a keyboard playing along my normal guitar sound. To the top lies a Korg Kaos pad.

This is the amp I use for shimmer. I must get something a little better in the future.

I use a Ground Control Pro to control my rack. The little box in the right corner acts as a cut off switch so I can tune my guitar in silence.

The Beast! From top to bottom; A Furman PL8 power conditioner, a Korg A3 multi effect, a GCX buffered looper with 8 loops, a Boss GX-700 multi effect, a TC G-Major multi effect and two TC D2 digital delays. And some manuals at the bottom. Every rack unit is in its own GCX loop.

Pedal board 2. A Boss PSM-5 power supply & master switch. Leftover from simpeler days but it does the job of powering pedals. A Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive, a Boss MT-2 modified with the T-Von Sustainiac Trigain mod, a Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive modified with the T-Von SD-808 mod. With the exception of the PSM-5 each is in its own GCX loop so I can switch them on and off on my midi controler. Also included are an E-bow, capo and brass slide.

Finally some leftovers. Most of my gear sits in rehearsal. So for home recording I use another GX-700, not pictured, a Roland cube, not pictured, and a Behringer FCB-1010 midi controler. One of their few things worth anything. Currently I don't use the Buildyourownclone envelope filter (a clone of the DOD 404), a Boss TR-2 Tremelo and a Boss GE-7 Equalizer which I've upgraded with a T-Von mod. I plan to use them in the future when I get a 2nd GCX, so I can use more pedals, each in their own loop.

So let's see your gear. Certainly somebody can put me to shame.

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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Whoa!!! That's A LOT of gear!!!, I cannot put that to shame at all!

I'll see when I could take pics of my stuff..

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Old 12-06-2006, 08:26 PM   #3
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Man I would be awfully inpressed if anyone could put you to shame, that much gear is unrivaled

I have a Gibson LP Standard, a Mexi Strat, a Vintage Semi-Acoustic, A Fender US Jazz Bass, Peavey Classic 30, Marshall Bass Combo, Zvex Fuzz Factory, Dunlop 535q Crybaby wah, Boss DD-20 delay, Digitech whammy, Korg AX1500G multi FX, ebow, Korg D1200mkII home recording unit, and a 320w PA system with a Shure SM58 mic.

And I thought I was doing well but my list pales in comparisson to yours!! Are you in a band? Solo musician? How long you being playing? Where did you get the funding for all that gear, lol?!
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Old 12-07-2006, 03:10 PM   #4
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add on a nice acoustic and your fine
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I had an accoustic once, but its neck is broken.

And I thought I was doing well but my list pales in comparisson to yours!! Are you in a band? Solo musician? How long you being playing? Where did you get the funding for all that gear, lol?!
I'm currently in a Radiohead cover band, off all things. I've been playing now for almost 20 years and the only thing I still have from the beginning is the Fender amp. My dad bought it when I started out. He reasoned that if I were to quit playing at least the amp would maintain its value. And he was right. It's build to outlast the pyramids.

As for the funding..... statesecret!
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Old 12-13-2006, 04:52 AM   #6
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Awesome! Really impressive. At the other end of the scale I will post my kit shortly - guitaring on a budget!

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