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Pleuse my friends Help Me !! i just dont no what to do !

Hello friends !!!!
First sorry my bad English !!

Im from Portugal

i dont no ,how to start this Topic
i need help im very confused with guitar equipment connections
today its not my lucky day
i trie my Line 6 POD Pro with pedals in front and sound terribel !!! why !!!
i dont want to use amp in Live performances , i want to use Pod pro direct to P.A
I see depeche mode Martin goore , he send the signal from Pod Pro to P.A
now this is my problem, when i send the signal to mixer in my house the sound its very Bad !!
im thinking its because the Pedals
if i listening the POD alone to P.A he sound very good

But whow i connect the other equipment i have ???
i have a guitar processor i like very mutch ZOOM 9010
But how i connect !!! from Outputs L to Imput of POD ?
Or from Outuput L and R to where ? to a P.A ?
And my pedals !!!whow i connect ? if they sound bad in front of the POD !!!
can i connect the Zoom 9010 to the back of the POD in fx loop ?
i trie with my LINE 6 DL4 Delay and sound bad in the fx loop of the POD
Whow can i connect my set up !!and use all my equimpment !!!!

my pedals are
Fulltone Bost /MXR Super compress /Vox Coltrone Britbost /Vox Coltrone Big Ben Overdrive/Boss turbo OD-2/line 6 DM4 Distortion /(Boss GE7 Equalizer /Line 6 DL4 Delay /TR2 Boss tremolo /Deluxe memory Man/Line 6 Verbezilla
in my rack i have Line 6 POD PRO
Line 6 Bass POD ( Im using this because i dont have 2 amps and im thinking send the shimmer for this Pré (with the Verbezzila connected )
and i Have ZOOM 9010 (Used by Duran Duran and Others I like very Mutch )
But I dont No how i connect this equipment all !!!! im going to crazy !!!!
i have a Amp Mesa Boogie DC 5 Dual
i have this problem so many years and its very dificult find people ho help me connecting this
im very confused with the connections (Send return Fx Loop,in front )

Pleuse my friends Help me connect this ! i dont no what im going to Do
Because i dont no who can help me !!!
Pleuse !!
and good Luck for all friend of this Forum

and U2 Forever !!!


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The Fly
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First of all, stop panicking.

Second, you have a lot going on - I take it you're trying to imitate the Edge's sound. Thing is, judging from the collection of gear you have, it seems as if you bought all the stuff first without considering how it all works together. VERY BAD idea.

Try this: Start with the POD pro, with nothing in front or in its loop. Are you running it into the PA? If so, run the XLR outputs into the board. If it sounds distorted or too loud, have the soundman turn down the board's preamps, or hit the channel's pad switches. Or, turn down the level from the POD.

Try then adjusting your sound through the PA. Sound good? Okay. Then, ONE BY ONE start adding the other effects. Keep in mind that the Line 6 DLF and the Zoom pedals MAy not work with LINE LEVEL SIGNAL. This is a different from the INSTRUMENT level signal that comes out of your guitar.

Google "Line Level vs. Instrument level," and "Low impedance vs. High impedance."

Try this, don't run the levels too hot from ANY unit, and let us know what works.
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