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The Fly
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Microphones for Studio Recordings

Im in the middle of organising a home recording studio, i've got Pro-Tools Essentials, along with the USB interface, pretty cool stuff i must say. But next im investing in a microphone, mainly for Vocals for acoustic tracks.

What type of microphones do you use for vocal recordings? And of course, if any of you know, what type does Bono use? Some forums i've looked at said he uses the Shure SM57's IN the studio, which i sort of find hard to believe?


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"Borrowed" from another forum...

Originally Posted by Daniel Lanois

We used a Beta 58 not a 57. The feedback to print ratio is relative to the output volume of your singer. A quiet singer then singing to a PA is a bad idea. Bono's a powerhouse singer which automatically reduces the amount of spill and feedback. This technique is good for him because he likes to be juiced up to get that stage feeling. He's a performer, he needs his PA. Regarding feedback try this... lower the volume of your speakers and don't put the vocal in the monitors at all. You won't get feedback and you have the advantage of the singer having better pitch. This is a technique I use all the time.

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The Fly
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I read that Bono used the SM57 through the early to mid 80's then moved on to the SM58 and then the Beta that Danny Lanois mentions. I prefer the Beta rather than the SM57 which tends to be better for electric guitars. What mics are you using to record the acoustic instruments? Maybe it is more convenient to get a condenser microphone that "does it all" so you can record both vocals and acoustic instruments with it.
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The Fly
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Well at the minute im just running the guitars through the TC Nova System, which is then plugged into the USB Interface, this gives me a good rich tone. Then for vocals im using AKG Mics, they're old......about 10 years old (they were actually my fathers!)
So i feel its time to invest in new microphones, i want to kep it as low budget as possible, but i want to get my moneys worth out of them.
Would you advise putting the extra money towards the Shure Betas? Or just an SM58?
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