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The Fly
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Effect for Exit


I wonder if anyone had any idea what set-up might lead to a sound as displayed on the R&H version of Exit. Im thinking mostly of the solo - it has an almost overdriven, 'glassy'/'wet' type sound - if that makes any sense.

What effects would give something like this? Am i right in thinking the tone of that particular song is being driven a lot by the les paul and tube amp?


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The Fly
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in joshua tree tour the edge used a sd-1 boss pedal for overdrive. i have one of those and i like it.

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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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I don't think that The Edge used the Boss SD-1 until a the Zoo tours. Per the Rattle and Hum book, he was using a Boss OD-2. Boss the SD-1 and OD-2 are great overdrive pedals, in my opinion. I own both and love them.

I do think that he had the Electro-Harmonix "Big Muff" during The Joshua Tree tour. (I don't own one of these)
The 'distortion' might also be partly from the Bond Electraglide, that Edge used on "One Tree Hill".


"I'm interested in abusing technology," he chuckles. "There's a revolutionary new guitar called Bond Electric Light (Electraglide), which is a very finely-crafted guitar without proper frets. Instead it has little serations. I tried to incorporate it into my playing armory and I found that it wasn't working, until I discovered the things you can do if you really sort of abuse it! I got fantastic results. Like the sort of heavy fuzz guitar at the end of "One Tree Hill", and the last three tracks on the middle of side two - that sound is the Bond. It's and English guitar. I don't know if they are made anymore [GW Editors note: They're not], but I got it three or four years ago [dating the guitar to around 1983/84]. Naturally, with us, we try to approach anything without preconceptions, we just control the room withouth the windows. Now, this Bond guitar, it wasn't meant to do what I do to it. Its neck is some kind of plastic, so it's more flexible than most wooden necks. I discovered that I can bend the neck so that the strings started to vibrate on the fretboard as I played, and - the guitar having no true frets - it created a different kind of effect. It was an attempt to sound obnoxious. You know, you can wind up a Marshall, and it starts to sound better the higher you go. Well, this was a transistor amp and the sound was compressed to the hilt. I had it very loud and it just kind of had that edge of a sound that you normally don't get. People complained bitterly about it!"

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The Fly
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is there a very short delay in that song - in addition to the distortion/overdrive?
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War Child
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