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Buying a Fender Telecaster...

I have decided to sell my fender jazzmaster, if anyone wants t buy it, its on ebay! (wardie_99 is my username) and wanted to get a telecaster. However i am kinda confused about all the different type, e.g American, thinline, custom's etc etc, and which style to get.

I want a guitar with a humbucker, as i get annoyed with all the fuzz and humming from single coil's, like my jazz had

I am fancying getting the 72 Telecaster Custom, as this has single coil bridge and humbucker neck pickup. What telecaster does the edge have?, i think it is a 72? and any help on buying a telecaster? or any people here have one already?

I hope this is the right place to post this, just need to tlk to some guitar educated people!


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I've had that guitar for about 8 months, and it is by far my favorite guitar I've ever owned. The humbuckers are warm and can also be bright, and I play it through a Fender 112 Deluxe amp, which also adds to the amazing Fender sound I can get out of it.

I was drawn to it because of the 70s Strat/Jazzmaster/Jaguar headstock, and I am constantly blown away that a guitar that I picked based on aesthetic is so pleasing. I can get really heavy with it (I usually keep it tuned down a full step, sometimes 1 and 1/2 with the low E tuned down two full steps), and I can also play twangy, glimmery stuff.

Its very versatile. So, there's some food for thought.

And its not very expensive.

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thanks, that looks basically the same as the one i am considering, just that it has a single coil pickup at the bridge. Also roughly the same price range. Thanks for your reply, and will take it into consideration, i have read quite a few reviews on the internet as it is.
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