Head of Interscope Confirms 2014 U2 Album Release; Music Video in the Works

August 21, 2014 · Print This Article

It has been an arduous year (decade?) for U2 fans desperate for new music. Earlier this year, U2 Interference published an article citing a Rolling Stone piece that claimed a 2014 release was unlikely and very little that followed in the first two quarters of the year called that into question. Indecision, producer changes and the occasional promising tweet – always immediately deleted – were all fans had to go on.

In the wake of recent vague reports from the Irish Independent about an imminent release, as well as short-lived tweets from Universal Music Venezuela and Universal Music Columbia, U2’s loyal fanbase has finally been blessed with something bordering on concrete news.

On the 19th, Rolling Stone retracted their previous claims that the album would be delayed until 2015, stating that “a spokesperson for the band has told Rolling Stone that that timing is inaccurate: ‘We’ve always said an album is expected this year.’” Later that day, John Janick, head of Interscope Records was cited by Ultimate Music as saying that an album would be released by the band in 2014.

In addition to the above, French newspaper Nice-Matin has recently stated that U2 wrapped up the shooting of a music video in Nice for a single that we can safely presume will be for the lead single that the Irish Times claimed would be out in September.

Are the pieces finally beginning to fit together? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Surely there must be. The band’s release methods have drawn ire from their fanbase for years, with no choice being as cooly greeted as their decision to release “Invisible” in February 2014 without an album attached to it.

The fate of “Invisible” and “Ordinary Love” remains to be seen, especially after the as-yet-untitled album’s revolving door of producers (Paul Epworth, Danger Mouse, will.i.am, Ryan Tedder, etc.) is finished having their say, but a timely release announcement would do a great deal to provide an exciting finish to what has been an otherwise uneventful year for U2 fans.


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