The Dirty Guv’nahs Bring The Youth & Passion

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Youth Is In Our Blood by The Dirty Guv’nahs amazes by its both simple and complex musical‭ ‬styling,‭ ‬lyrics,‭ ‬and composition.

It’s simple because somewhere in the deep recesses of my soul,‭ ‬I’ve heard it before—possibly in the melodies of‭ ‬The Rolling Stones or in the jams of The Allman brothers or more recently,‭ ‬the grit of‭ ‬The Black Crowes.

Youth Is In Our Blood is complex because it’s unlike anything I’ve heard being produced today.‭  ‬It’s a combination of all those soulful bands that are deeply loved and a new voice adding to Southern Rock’s glorious past and apparently bright future.‭  ‬The Dirty Guv’nahs bring back old memories,‭ ‬create new ones,‭ ‬and allow the listener to step into a marvelously happy musical existence for a total of‭ ‬51‭ ‬minutes and‭ ‬55‭ ‬seconds.

Started in Knoxville,‭ ‬Tennessee,‭ ‬The Dirty Guv’nahs formed on a whim when the bass player,‭ ‬Justin Hoskins,‭ ‬volunteered the Guvs to open for a band already slated to play at a local benefit.‭  ‬The only problem was that The Dirty Guv’nahs didn’t exist yet.‭  ‬They quickly joined together to play the benefit and decided to run with it.‭  ‬

Two albums,‭ ‬countless shows,‭ ‬and four years later,‭ ‬there are thousands of fans ecstatic‭ ‬that‭ ‬The Dirty Guv’nahs chose to follow their path of musical destiny.‭  ‬James Trimble,‭ ‬lead singer,‭ ‬and Michael Jenkins,‭ ‬guitarist,‭ ‬do most of the songwriting,‭ ‬and they seem to know which words will reach listeners in a way most songs don’t.

Youth Is In Our Blood was recorded at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock,‭ ‬New York,‭ ‬in December of last year and has all the makings to be a modern rock masterpiece.‭  ‬The first track‭ “‬Baby We Were Young,‭” ‬embodies the whole theme of the album.‭  “‬Love was the shape we made,‭ ‬love was the breath we drew,‭ ‬and youth was in our blood,‭” ‬belts lead singer James Trimble.

Each track oozes lessons about love,‭ ‬life,‭ ‬and the measure of youth.‭  “‬Walk With Me,‭” ‬is the story of man accepting and loving a woman despite her problems.‭  “‬We’ll Be the Light,‭” ‬is a feel-good anthem epitomizing rock‭ ‘‬n‭’ ‬roll.‭  ‬The band’s talent‭ ‬truly shines in‭ “‬New Salvation,‭” ‬as lead guitarist,‭ ‬Cozmo Holloway,‭ ‬is given a chance to really shred,‭ ‬and‭ “‬It’s Dangerous,‭” ‬warns against the dangers of finding love in a bar.‭  “‬Blue Rose Stroll‭” ‬is the band’s longtime fan favorite,‭ ‬and it’s difficult to keep oneself from dancing or singing along when this tune starts playing.

I’ve heard some fans sound disappointed due to the abundance of ballads on‭ ‬Youth Is In Our Blood,‭ ‬but I personally think they make the album.‭  “‬Courage,‭” ‬speaks to listeners on a completely different level than other tracks.‭  ‬Trimble’s voice croons,‭ “‬Courage moves within me,‭ ‬makes me shake.‭  ‬Looking for an ending without the wait.‭”

“The Country‭” ‬is a beautiful,‭ ‬lilting melody dedicated to a failed relationship,‭ ‬something to which most of us can identify,‭ ‬and the addition of Jill Andrews voice singing harmony with Trimble’s is enough to send shivers through the‭ ‬spine.‭  ‬Written by keyboardist Chris Doody,‭ “‬Seeds on the Rise‭” ‬deals with the struggle of loss:‭ ‬loss of a relationship and a loss of faith.‭  ‬It allows the listener to believe there‭’‬s hope for those of us foolish enough to think we can control every aspect of our lives.

The Dirty Guv’nahs are a group of intelligent,‭ ‬passionate young men out to change the world,‭ ‬one rock show at a time.‭  ‬Fueled by conviction and talent,‭ ‬the group travels from city to city,‭ ‬spreading‭ ‬love,‭ ‬happiness,‭ ‬and a‭ ‬new form of rock reality certain to charm young‭ ‬rock fans‭ ‬and remind the old ones that youth is in the blood,‭ ‬not in a stage of life. –Amelia Tritico

Youth Is In Our Blood was released on July‭ ‬20.‭  ‬The Dirty Guv’nahs are currently on tour.


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