Treasure Island Festival – Day Two

September 30, 2008

Words and Photographs* by Luke Pimentel, Editor

September 30, 2008

*except where noted

I arrive at the island Sunday, feet and back still sore from the epic marathon of the night before.

My mood is bright, though, because today’s schedule boasts one of the better single-day lineups of any festival this year.  Plus – now that I know my credentials work – I have my full cache of lenses available to capture the action.

Take it away, journal…

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Rock Legends and a Little Rain Fill Memphis in May*

May 6, 2008

By Landin King

Welcome to the home of the blues and the annual Memphis in May Beale Street Music Festival. Offering a first-rate soaking of rain and some encouraging tornado warnings, this three-day festival got off to a wild, wet, and wonderful start.

With a wide array of acts, no set demographic of people comes out for The Beale Street Music Festival. Bands from every decade bring a different group of people day and night to the different stages in this beautiful park. This festival plays an important enough role in Memphis culture that people who don’t even know the music participate in this great event.
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