Treasure Island Festival ’09: Day One

October 25, 2009

It’s only three years old, but San Francisco’s Treasure Island Music Festival has already carved a unique niche in a musical landscape overburdened with festival events of all shapes and sizes. Utilizing a combination of unparalleled scenic beauty and savvy organization, promoters Noise Pop and Another Planet Entertainment have managed to make Treasure Island the standard-bearer for the so-called “boutique” music event. It’s the kind of festival even festival haters like me can rally behind.

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Ahead to the Past with Fleet Foxes

July 11, 2008

By Luke Pimentel

July 11, 2008


If postmodernism and the recycling of pop culture have taught us anything, it’s that no genre of music is sacred when it comes to being sampled, re-mixed, or pastiched. With artists like Girl Talk getting considerable notice from mash-ups of songs that are themselves culled heavily from samples of other songs, the detritus of the past has become so fine that you need a microscope to tell what’s what anymore.

One movement that’s remained relatively untouched by this phenomenon is folk. [Read more]