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  1. Who Is Wrong-Father Or Son?
  2. MERGED--> So...Ron Paul + Vote Ron Paul
  3. Christian and Islamic fundamentalists aren't the only ones that want to censor
  4. "it's perfectly reasonable to reject a candidate on his religious views."
  5. NJ Abolishes The Death Penalty
  6. sd. 370
  7. why should i vote?
  8. CIA Loses Law Suit
  9. Season's Greetings to my Left and Right minded friends..
  10. Muslim girl who snuck out of her scarf killed by father
  11. Bill Clinton on Friday, Dec 14th's Charlie Rose on PBS
  12. Democrats In Congress Blaming Each Other For Failures
  13. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — blogger?
  14. Global Warming Crisis Even Worse Than Experts Thought
  15. Chick-fil-A - Jesus done right!
  16. British women = ugly, intelligent slobs. American women = beautiful gold-diggers.
  17. New Human Development Index measuring standard of living around the world!
  18. Armed Plainclothes Security Guard Saved Lives
  19. Gang-Rape Cover-Up by U.S., Halliburton/KBR
  20. Christian Biologist Fired For Beliefs, Suit Says
  21. Anti-gay boy scout leader arrested for molesting boys
  22. What will we do in FYM when a democrat gets elected?
  23. Sd.369
  24. Happy Hanukkah, fym
  25. Ireland 2007 - cocaine nation
  26. December 7, 1941
  27. CIA Destroyed Tapes of Interrogation
  28. Excerpts from Romney's speech about his religion
  29. MERGED-> Morgan Spurlock finds Osama + Supersize Me & Bin Laden
  30. so...Mike Huckabee.
  31. Wisconsin Teacher Arrested For Blog Comment
  32. The Golden Compass, and killing God
  33. The Search For Thugs
  34. FOX News Refuses To Run "Rescue The Constitution" Ad
  35. Kevin Rudd's first act as Aussie PM: Ratification of Kyoto
  36. Sd.368
  37. U.S. Feds: Remove These Foods/Drinks from all Schools
  38. Surfer dude stuns physicists - new theory of everything
  39. MERGED--> Hostage situation at Clinton's office
  40. rotten to the core?
  41. US 2008 Presidential Campaign/Debate Discussion Thread - Part III
  42. Is Bill helping Hillary?
  43. The Annapolis Conference
  44. Outlawing Corporal Punishment
  45. Infidel Insults Islam, Gets Arrested
  46. Going to Africa: your suggestions
  47. Sd.367
  48. Pres. Ford clears his conscience?
  49. Unbelievable but true: Bush made "democracy" and "freedom" sound like dirty wor
  50. Australian Election
  51. The Libertarian Primary
  52. Bring Back DDT
  53. Why no mention of Saudi rape victim???
  54. Huge breakthrough in stem cell research: no stem cells needed!
  55. Personal details for HALF of UK's population missing, feared stolen
  56. Overblown AIDS Figures
  57. Cross Controversy
  58. Bush is visiting the home of my ancestors today...
  59. Romancing the Robot
  60. Warrantless Searches With Parental Consent
  61. Detroit Ranked Most Dangerous City
  62. Sd.366
  63. Hokies Thank The World
  64. Riddle Me This.... (Juvenile Justice Content)
  65. The "Green" car of the year gets 21 MPG.
  66. Rare Robbery Case Brings Cries Of Racism
  67. Hot New Craze: Bike Sex
  68. we've won in Iraq!
  69. Americans skeptical of political leaders
  70. Why There Are No Homosexuals In Iran
  71. A swing with a hard wooden seat and a tall steel slide...
  72. Binge drinking in Europe - worst in Ireland, Finland, UK, Denmark
  73. 4 get Aids from Organ Transplants
  74. Killed over a hair brush
  75. Officer tasers himself
  76. US economy to sink, then rise from the ashes?
  77. Sd.365
  78. Bono's Comments on Terrorism
  79. He Had Cojones!
  80. Drunk driver runs over 5 in my town.
  81. Proof that Giuliani is the AntiChrist
  82. Sexual Addiction
  83. $3 million awarded in priest abuse case
  84. a condom with teeth
  85. Some questions for the dwindling bunch of US republicans
  86. the ENDA
  87. Court Rejects "Roe V Wade For Men"
  88. A bellwether? Virginia's state senate goes Democrat
  89. MERGED--> Senate Probes 6 Televangelists + Preachers Rebuff...
  90. "Newly discovered planet could support life"
  91. "Think the time is right for violent revolution"
  92. Pakistan in a State of Emergency
  93. Sd.364
  94. A Positve Outcome from a Tragic Event
  95. Sane Abortion Article To Start Insane Thread
  96. 10 questions to Christians
  97. Jesus loves america
  98. Bono's interview with Brian Williams
  99. Citigroup calls emergency board meeting
  100. Give Organic Tomato Ketchup a Try
  101. Oprah school abuse scandal
  102. HIV and TB merging into pandemic in Africa
  103. Are you supporting the right candidate?
  104. Support the FRESH Act - Oppose the House Farm Bill
  105. The Science Says This Was Not A Hero
  106. Pat Robertson Doesn't Like Halloween
  107. The Federal Government's War On Whistle-Blowers
  108. Poverty and Education
  109. The FYM Republican Primary
  110. The FYM Democratic Primary
  111. Cheney Went Hunting Again, And...
  112. FEMA is at it again...
  113. Gap in kids sweatshop scandal
  114. Reverse Trick Or Treating
  115. Green Funerals
  116. Laura Bush Criticized For Wearing Muslim Headscarf
  117. Sd.363
  118. The spawn of the devil was born today....
  119. Avoiding Kids: How Men Cope With Being Cast as Predators
  120. the introspection thread -- bias
  121. What if a US Presidential candidate showed up with a prominent gay racist supporter?
  122. Middle School Fashion Bullies
  123. Does she need better security?
  124. U2dem's breaktime
  125. Why Iran?
  126. 377a
  127. Is there room for sexuality in children´s books?
  128. The Godly Woman 101
  129. Malibu wildfire
  130. Sd.362
  131. Where do you primarily get your news from?
  132. Those New York money people again
  133. Speaking truth to power
  134. CNN Investigation-Planet In Peril
  135. Young girls found held as slaves in the US!
  136. 108 Die in Blast Near Bhutto in Karachi
  137. Rape Survivor Denied Treatment Because She "Appeared Intoxicated"
  138. City of Philadelphia Adds $199,999 to Boy Scout HQ Rent Due to Gay Ban
  139. Black people 'less intelligent' scientist claims
  140. Germ Deadlier Than AIDS?
  141. How Young Is Too Young For Birth Control?
  142. Fugitive arrested for videotaped rape of 3-year-old girl...
  143. Notorious Dr. Crippen wrongly hanged?
  144. Do People Believe Gossip More Than Truth?
  145. Stephen Colbert-Guest columnist for Maureen Dowd
  146. Al-Qaeda in Iraq reported crippled
  147. Sd.361
  148. Devil's Advocate Thread
  149. Iraq: Telling it like it is! Finally
  150. Pets hurled over a bridge to their deaths...
  151. Global Warming: Alternative Views
  152. Runaway Power
  153. SPLIT--> Judicial Review & Gay Marriage
  154. Product (RED) project in Mali!
  155. Didn't know they thought so highly of him...
  156. It's A Terrorist Party
  157. Woman Bounced From Ladies Room For "Not Looking Like A Woman"
  158. Nobel Peace Prize
  159. new mayor
  160. South Park Calls Bono a Piece of
  161. To all you vegitarians out there!
  162. Who Does This Discredit?
  163. Outdated Sexist Tradition, Or Just A Gesture Of Courtesy And Respect?
  164. Improper Evangelizing In The US Military?
  165. A sharp fantastic little poem
  166. The Year Of Living Biblically
  167. Deportations of foreign families in Austria
  168. Sd.360
  169. Muslim medical students refusing to study
  170. Who's Made A Difference in Your Life?
  171. RIP Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis...
  172. DMX Animal Cruelty Report Results..
  173. My future husband Jon Stewart on SCHIP
  174. Scandal growing at Oral Roberts University
  175. Stupidity is International
  176. A lawsuit in the making or were the police just doing there job?
  177. 'Kite Runner' film delayed for fear of Kabul violence
  178. The Libertarian Party
  179. Mysterious Death Of US Soldier In Afghanistan
  180. Miners trapped in South African Mine
  181. "The Perfect Day"
  182. Break Out Your Guns and Celebrate Your Tax Cuts: This Is America Y'All!
  183. Ukrainian elections
  184. Cop Watch LA
  185. Onslaught
  186. Anita Hill Part 2
  187. Illegal Aliens Murder 12 Americans Daily
  188. Nelson Mandela + Aids Concert
  189. Bono censored
  190. Sd.359
  191. "My client is no murderer. He is a victim"
  192. Very short breaktime
  193. btw, remember that war in Afghanistan...
  194. Vatican asks Muslims to work for peace
  195. Free Maxi
  196. Rush Limbaugh Defines A Real Vs A "Phony" Soldier
  197. Virginia Tech shooting victim is nominated for Medal of Freedom
  198. Top 3 Dem Candidates Won't Guarantee Troop Pullout
  199. A Texas HS Student And His Long Hair
  200. From A Distance
  201. Mugabe slams U.S. ‘hypocrisy’ on human rights
  202. Burmese riot police attack monks
  203. Also related to.........
  204. President of Iran Ahmadinejad on Charlie Rose now!
  205. For a Columbia Graduate, what a Moron!
  206. Mary Winkler Wants Custody Of Her Kids
  207. Austrian Chancellor meets Arnold Schwarzenegger
  208. US 2008 Presidential Campaign Thread - Part 2
  209. The Great Kid Debate
  210. Sd.358
  211. The War
  212. Va. Tech lesson influences response at Delaware State
  213. Freud and religion
  214. Calls for a Breakup in Belgium?
  215. Republican Mayor Changes His Mind About Gay Marriage
  216. Speaking of tasers...new raygun can inflict pain from 1/2 mile away
  217. Every 2 Weeks, A Language Dies
  218. How likely do you view a US and/or Israeli attack on Iran before end 2008?
  219. Will Israel starve women and children to death?
  220. Ahmadinejad Wants To Visit Ground Zero
  221. International Peace Day - 9/21/07
  222. Obama should "stop acting like he's white"
  223. is "the golden rule" genetic?
  224. Lessons In Humanity
  225. A little good news
  226. Canadian and US dollar at par
  227. Oh, no!
  228. Fred Thompson: The next Ronald Reagan???
  229. Birmingham mayoral election coming up
  230. religious expression or genital mutilation?
  231. U. of Florida Student Arrested & Tasered at John Kerry Forum for Asking Questions.
  232. The Parallel's Parallel
  233. yeah....now we've lost common sense...
  234. Monarchy
  235. Study: Pollutants To Blame For Skewed Sex Ratios In Far North
  236. did the UK fail too?
  237. Sally Field's Emmy Speech Censored By Fox
  238. Sd.357
  239. This literally terrified me.
  240. The Shock Doctrine
  241. MERGED--> all Jena 6 discussions
  242. Greenspan finally reveals what he really thought about Bush
  243. When will China put the hammer down?
  244. Sufficiently Punished For His Misjudgment
  245. Happy New Year for a select portion of my friends..
  246. Male Nudity And Equality
  247. 4 tha scrilla - $9 billion for Iraq gone missing/unaccounted for
  248. West Virginia Torture Horror
  249. An email from my friend Barry , - Jesus loves me...
  250. Norman, Hilary and Media Silence