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  1. Stop Democracy - We Want To Win!
  2. Does the US try to blackmail the UN?
  3. Breast Milk-Not just for kids any more!
  4. Ad's for Moore's Film Violate Campaign Laws
  5. And your new president is...
  6. Another six heads for revenge and hate
  7. "I was so exhausted I fell asleep while the stripper was dancing and the goat head..
  8. Bush promises more for AIDS victims
  9. NPR Clinton Interview
  10. Myanmar opposition celebrates Suu Kyi's 59th birthday
  11. What's with all the moral equivalence threads lately?
  12. Another head
  13. religion
  14. FaithfulAmerica.org
  15. origin of the Taliban
  16. Moral Equivalence attempt II
  17. Media Bias....What Media Bias?????
  18. Moral Equivalency
  19. Bush losing ground on War on Terror approval
  20. Free Your Mind...literally!!!
  21. the beginning of the end
  22. Chicken Little Stays In Power
  23. Tell Me Your Name or Go To Jail
  24. Wanna help the Boss beat Bush?
  25. Three UK vessels seized in Iran
  26. Bush Administration is Correct Iraq and Al-Qaeda are connected
  27. Controversy Over Unreleased Nicole Kidman Film
  28. When will they get it thru their thick skulls??
  29. 2 Allies Aided Bin Laden
  30. Arabs, allies blast beheading
  31. Is this a peace list??
  32. New Abu Ghraib Torture Video's Released
  33. Another Head for Allah
  34. Enter The Meatrix
  35. Rolling Stone's "Panel Of Experts" Discusses Iraq
  36. November will be a very good month!
  37. Iraq question
  38. Former U.S. Officials Call for a New Administration
  39. Probe rules out Iraq-9/11 links
  40. Resign Your Senate Seat Senator Kerry!
  41. Nuclear Power Iran, Masses Troops on Border of Iraq
  42. politics in the parking lot
  43. Southern Baptists Quit World Alliance
  44. It happened AGAIN
  45. Red Cross tells US-led coalition: Charge Saddam or let him go
  46. Republican/Democrat Lovefest At WH Today
  47. Man plotted to blow up mall in Ohio
  48. Prevented Terrorist Strike
  49. Talk About Vilsack
  50. question about secularism ?
  51. Sending BCC emails- unethical
  52. Conservatism - the ever evolving 'ism'
  53. The sanctity of divorce
  54. dying for no purpose
  55. Point Seven Pledge
  56. My new hero....
  57. Reagan funeral picketers were Phelps followers
  58. New report From the UN
  59. No "Dream" Ticket
  60. Blair's party suffers losses, blames Iraq
  61. Question about religion.
  62. Not So Free Speech
  63. The Boy Who Cried Iraq
  64. America, your belly is too big
  65. G8 considering 100% DEBT CANCELLATION!
  66. Land without nation to nation without land.
  67. Is supporting Terrorism also acceptable under certain circumstances?
  68. Peter Garett to run for the Labor Party
  69. New Jubilee Debt Bill coming to house!
  70. Guilty?
  71. What does it say.......
  72. French/German history WWII question
  73. Ronald Reagan Mark II (the soap box thread)
  74. Ronald Reagan
  75. Appalachia: Poverty and despair in a 'rich' nation
  76. Liberal Professor spouts off.......
  77. Bill Clinton for Vice President
  78. Ten Years Later, He Still Won't Shut Up
  79. 60th Anniversary of D-Day
  80. "La Tour de Europe" of Bush
  81. Illegal to be gay?
  82. The Politics of Love
  83. 12 year old girl murdered for rude posts
  84. CIA chief George Tenet steps down
  85. happy thoughts
  86. Enron traders: We robbed California
  87. fahrenheit 9/11 trailer
  88. Will Los Angeles Change Its Name?
  89. Guess we're not called the lucky country for nothing
  90. Practicing What We Preach
  91. Busted........
  92. Superpower question
  93. Rummy Martial Arts
  94. Happy Memorial Day (US)
  95. Why are some people so negative?
  96. Searching for Perfection=more abortions
  97. the bible = the tree of the knowledge of good and evil () Jesus = the tree of life
  98. Canadian Election
  99. Cynical Compasssion; Or, Get Off Your Ass by '06, Kids!
  100. Your views are closest to which interferencer ?
  101. President Bush Interview
  102. A Job For Every Graduate!!
  103. A blatantly false assertions?
  104. Make your case to the undecided
  105. "Economy Picks Up Growth in First Quarter"
  106. This Al "Goregasm"brought to you by Move-On
  107. "Al-Qaeda Has 18,000 Militants for Raids"
  108. Europe
  109. How much of The Bible have you read?
  110. Polls
  111. The Latest CNN/USA TODAY/ GALLUP Poll!
  112. Email scam
  113. Words of a soldier found guilty of desertion
  114. No Offense To Bono, But This Might Be The Best Commencement Speech Of All Time
  115. Bill Cosby ROCKS! Says it like it is.
  116. Is it ethical to patent food?
  117. Torture is acceptable under certain circumstances
  118. Do we need to be saved?
  119. Ranking The Ricj Nations
  120. If the election were held today....
  121. Bill Clinton: Architect of the "War on Terror"?
  122. Patel: 'I'm Bullish on Iraq'
  123. Bush is NO friend to Israel!
  124. Israel Fires on Gaza Protesters
  125. 2 nations, 2 upcoming elections, 2 directions for a similar law
  126. Gene Simmons: My dog has more rights than most Muslim women
  127. Stop using our Photo
  128. What Globalization Can Do to Women
  129. Sarin found in Iraq
  130. Panama deception,...
  131. head of Iraqi Governing Counci killed
  132. Powell on Meet the Press
  133. "No historical evidence of Jesus"
  134. Legalize Marijuana?
  135. The United States, Canada..converging values?
  136. Differences in the American Media and the World Media
  137. What hapened to the War against Communism?
  138. New from the Gaza Strip
  139. Is it possible for the US to go home?
  140. God is not to blame
  141. Your Own FYM Presidential Cabinet
  142. Australian Federal Budget
  143. Who Killed the Canadian Military?
  144. Air America
  145. "Conservatives Circle The Torture Wagon"
  146. Canada Doubling Contribution to the Global Fund
  147. The Fog of War
  148. American beheaded in Iraq
  149. Paul Martin- 100 Million Contribution to WHO
  150. Oral sex lessons to cut rates of teenage pregnancy
  151. Skull & Bones Society
  152. "We know Bono's Christian by his love"
  153. Scientific M
  154. Should 14 Year olds be able to vote?
  155. Where is our apology?
  156. Judge Orders Couple Not To Have Children
  157. German teenager responsible for worldwide Sasser worm
  158. Job growth up, unemployment drops even more!
  159. Sign says 'no' to Murdoch
  160. Rummy Under Oath Again
  161. A Picture worth a thousand words...or votes
  162. Time to use the Patriot Act to Investigate the UN
  163. Disney says 'no' to Moore
  164. Livechat with Mr. Blix May 12. 14.30 CET
  165. sudan re-elected to the UN's main human rights watchdog
  166. looking for Israeli link
  167. For Married Catholics....(or anyone really)
  168. US diplomats' letter to Bush
  169. More Questions For Kerry
  170. Bono:Our pathetic excuses
  171. Copyright or "Copywrong"?
  172. Fascinating, Balanced piece on Bush, politics and Jesus
  173. Phone Call From Iraq
  174. Just 2 hours... till more Nations join the EU
  175. House probes "Spyware" computer threat
  176. Worldwide terrorist attacks down in 2003
  177. Adbusters.org's "History of U.S. Military Intervention (1801-2004)
  178. Interesting stuff from 1920
  179. "That was not heroism. It was prophetic idiocy."
  180. They Finally Get Their Memorial
  181. Prisoners abuse
  182. In a presidential campaign, the truth is the first victim
  183. And the winner is..?
  184. Yes! I made it to....
  185. Wwiii
  186. This Is Not A MiddleEast Problem
  187. I Wouldn't Expect This From The Village Voice
  188. Living Life on a Task Reward System
  189. American Idol voting is Racist...
  190. Ban the Low Riders...
  191. Is it a good idea . . .
  192. Is the U.S. entitled to be a "sheriff"
  193. Expedition to search for Noah's Ark
  194. Plagiarism
  195. Is This Threat For Real?
  196. 18th Anniversary of the Chernobyl Disaster
  197. Newspaper Editor on Fanatical Muslims
  198. Muslims given handbook on dealing with CSIS
  199. John Kerry's words in 1971 about Vietnam attacked by White House worker.
  200. Some Gentle Reminders (All FYM Regulars and Visitors Please Read)
  201. Anzac Day
  202. Forget the "War on Terror"...
  203. Republican candidate would rather be Klansman than Democrat?
  204. Can an Oscar be taken back?
  205. Another FCC Fine
  206. Bomb Japan Now
  207. Corrupt UN and UN Officials
  208. Dalai Lama and Canadian PM
  209. Conscientious Objector Policy Act
  210. Indymedia Shame on you and Mrs. Ketchup
  211. Lest We Forget
  212. Back door deal for Saddam?
  213. Japanese hostages deserved what they got?
  214. R I P Pat Tillman.
  215. North Korean train blast
  216. Jubilee USA Debt rally makes the papers! (and so did I...)
  217. For those headed to New York to protest...
  218. Cheney-Bush 2004! Don't look here.
  219. An arrested terrorist trying to rent a car?
  220. Debt Relief for the Poorest Countries:
  221. the draft
  222. Nadar Campaign Qualifies for Matching Funds
  223. Separation of Church and State
  224. I Can Quit At Any Time
  225. USAID Accomplishments in Iraq
  226. Mordechai Vanunu freed from prison after 18 years – hero or traitor?
  227. Odds on that God exists, says scientist
  228. Five Years From Columbine-At Last We Know Why They Did It?
  229. Promoting the Patriot Act?
  230. Why was my thread closed?
  231. Poll: Bush increasing lead on Kerry
  232. Guantánamo Prison - the dark side of the "free world"
  233. Secular countries of the world
  234. Powell Overborad
  235. Support Iraqi Television
  236. What no Michael Moore posts?
  237. Is Iraq spinning out of control?
  238. Massacre at Falluja?
  239. Stats, graphs, misc numbers on various countries - how do you rate?
  240. Who would Bin Laden vote for?
  241. Is There Absolute Truth?
  242. No Disclosure?
  243. Kilt-wearing bagpiper in Iraq
  244. New Woodward Book Alleges "Secret Iraq War Plan"
  245. Mercinaries in Iraq
  246. Europe's Military Contributions to Iraq and Afghanistan
  247. Extreme Finger Pointing
  248. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Man Who Can Make Miracles Happen
  249. Bin Laden offers Europe truce
  250. Will Europe See The Next Terrorist Attack?