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  1. A Bit of Bad News
  2. A Bit of Good News
  3. "Christmas" or "Holiday"? : 5 Scenarios
  4. I want to know more
  5. Patrick Moore Blasts Montreal Talks
  6. Dec. 10th - International Human Rights Day and International White Band Day
  7. MegaChurches and Christmas
  8. Rush Limbaugh vs. Christians
  9. Family Upset Over Marine's Body Arriving As Freight
  10. Dillon and new flic about Buke
  11. Religious tolerance...
  12. (Hillary) Clinton vs. Mark Warner 2008
  13. Musharraf calls for "Muslim Renaissance"
  14. Spanish at school translates to suspension
  15. Study -Cell Phones Are Disrupting Family Life
  16. Subway Rider Arrested/Cuffed For Helping Fellow Rider
  17. When Clinton was President
  18. Rebels' Commemoration Thread
  19. rumor on The Hill -- Rummy out, Lieberman in
  20. Zoroastrianism - Are you aware of this religion?
  21. Violence
  22. The New Masculine Ideal
  23. December 8, 1980 (Imagine that)
  24. "snapshot"> Strawberry Fields/Cnetral Park/nyc
  25. White House Defends Christ-Less Cards
  26. Bush gets 17 "D's" and "F's" -- none of us any safer
  27. Iran's Compromise on Israel
  28. PING U2 Dem, Pax, other young Human Rights Leaders
  29. So long - Red Cross
  30. I Fund Terrorism
  31. A Very Beazley Christmas
  32. December 7, 1941
  33. Air marshal kills man who made bomb threat
  34. Bush WH "holiday" cards angers Christians
  35. "Right To Die" Case Of Battered Girl
  36. The Radical Loser
  37. Poll finds broad approval of terrorist torture
  38. Mel Gibson To Produce Holocaust Miniseries
  39. Some "Megachurches" will be closed on Christmas...
  40. A Real "Theocracy Watch"?
  41. "Is your car gay?"
  42. Don't Give Me Sexy Santa
  43. Greatest teacher ever?
  44. Inter-political friendships.
  45. good news from Iraq!
  46. Sd#261
  47. Funny satire on Loyalists
  48. Senator McCain on Iraq War
  49. White flag Democrats
  50. Asteroid Thingy hits Perth, West Australia
  51. Man pleads guilty in horse-sex case
  52. Northern Ireland prepares for Britain’s biggest funeral since Princess Dianna.
  53. This gave me a laugh
  54. Light to Unite!
  55. Anti-male prejudice / bigotry?
  56. Seal with the Image of Jesus Found...
  57. South Africa to legalize marriage equality
  58. Look Good! Buy a book!
  59. how to win the hearts and minds of Saudi women ...
  60. MERGED--> The Importance of Tomorrow (World AIDS Day) + Light a Candle
  61. Evangelicals Venture Into AIDS Activism
  62. Now I know how Bush haters felt when he was reelected
  63. Where is the war headed next?
  64. One German's Opinion on the Ill Fated and Catastropihic Effects of Appeasement
  65. It's Not About Race
  66. Gov. Mark Warner grants clemency for would-be 1000th execution
  67. Pope Benedict: gays have no social or moral value
  68. Scientists Say Passionate Love Lasts Only One Year
  69. Democratic Senator Touts Iraq Success
  70. Ted Turner- Iraq Is "No Better Off"
  71. Congressman Duke, Tragedy, Tears
  72. EU Members Could Lose Voting Rights Over CIA Prisons
  73. Dick Cheney - a moron, an idiot or a nefarious bastard?
  74. BANNED from the Bible
  75. Carson Kressley's Children's Book
  76. Iraq and the Bible
  77. Soccer & Idiots
  78. When Does Comedy Go Too Far?
  79. Ramsey Clark - traitor or fighter of justice?
  80. Sd#260
  81. Van Tuong Nguyen
  82. Axis of Evil?
  83. Egyptian Police Bar Islamists From Voting, Arrest 800+
  84. Christians for Darwin ?
  85. Secret CIA prison in Kosovo
  86. Vt Teacher Accused Of Anti-Bush Quiz
  87. Which Bible does Bush read ?
  88. How up-to-speed is Bono?
  89. Next Target In African AIDS Fight- Sugar Daddies
  90. Butterflies Did it 30 Million Years Before Humankind Did It....
  91. Fight AIDS with your computer
  92. Britain - an explosion of binge drinking - a pleasurable groaning sound?
  93. States finally go BLUE?
  94. Jacko- It's the Jew's fault
  95. John Kerry, Jury Foreman
  96. Canadian Elections?
  97. United States would lose any war with China.
  98. The Religious Left
  99. Senator Obama Weighs In..
  100. WalMart, The High Cost Of Low Price
  101. I only hope this is not true,....
  102. JFK assasination - 42nd anniversary
  103. Anybody seen Control Room?
  104. Most dangerous cities.
  105. Unarmed Policewoman Shot Dead by Robbers
  106. there is no God - love is enough
  107. The Cost of Light
  108. is this torture?
  109. Evil Man Steals A Pencil
  110. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi may be dead
  111. Christopher Columbus...Friend or Foe..to Americans?
  112. UFOs and The Internet
  113. A description of Chavez or...
  114. Sd#259
  115. Geography lesson
  116. Iran Recieves Black Market Nuclear Designs
  117. USS George H.W. Bush
  118. My final month in Africa...any last questions?
  119. How many members of the Bush administration does it take to change a light bulb?
  120. Saddam and 9/11
  121. How To Identify Convicted Drunk Drivers
  122. Homosexuals Being Executed In Iran
  123. war critics hate our troops
  124. We All Have Ancestors Who Were Slaves
  125. Don't Become a Monster in Order to Destroy a Monster
  126. Abuse Or Just "Teaching A Lesson"?
  127. Racist Folk Song??
  128. Latin America Heats Up
  129. President Clinton Calls Iraq Invasion "Big Mistake"
  130. Props to Condoleezza Rice
  131. Now I'm Getting Pissed...
  132. Torture -- thoughts?
  133. gay Catholic clergy fighting back
  134. vodka martinis on me!
  135. THEOCRACY WATCH: the politics behind the FDA rejection of Plan B
  136. Pakistani Christians practicing non-violence
  137. Bruce Willis
  138. Three..
  139. Favorite anti-war songs (mainly from the Vietnam war era)
  140. "Forward Together" and Mark Warner 2008
  141. Nursing home adds pub
  142. British Troops May Leave Iraq by 2006
  143. Serial Killer's Art Auction
  144. One Veteran's Message To President Bush
  145. Sd#258
  146. Who's killing Saddam's lawyers?
  147. For those of you in STL
  148. Women just can't keep it brief
  149. Briton claims to have beaten HIV virus
  150. Paradise Now
  151. John Edwards - I Was Wrong
  152. Are Graphic Novels Literature?
  153. Remembrance Day
  154. Rioters are Muslims, but don't say it
  155. Sen. Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuce Springsteen (D-NJ)
  156. Convicted Rapist Calls Judge Rude
  157. Denmark controversy
  158. A theme park for the Holy Land?
  159. MERGED--> Pat Robertson Warns of Disaster...
  160. Happy Veteran's Day!
  161. This is a weird question, but I am curious! (about God and Sex)
  162. 18 Year Old Mayor
  163. did the US use chemical weapons in Fallujah?
  164. Anti-americanism
  165. Who is Tommy Hilfiger and Why Should I Care?
  166. Principal Calls 8 Year Old A Thief And A Liar
  167. Bomb explosions in Jordan
  168. Blair's proposed terror laws defeated
  169. the real looting
  170. Fox News -It's Only "Bad Language", Not Sexual Harassment
  171. Help to Stop Oil Drilling in the Arctic and other Tree-hugger Activities
  172. Are Men Necessary?
  173. Bono Article In Time Magazine / Nov 7 Issue
  174. 2005 Election results!! post your thoughts here -> <-
  175. Anne Rice Turns to Jesus
  176. The Independent Thinker Appreciation Thread
  177. Gnosticism, Syncretism, Christopaganism
  178. Unbelievable
  179. War Torn Countries Turn To Women Leaders
  180. Remember Abdul Karim Qassim
  181. I'm going to see Glenn Beck’s Christmas Tour
  182. Protestors walk free after defense claimed judge had attended Bush 2000 inauguration
  183. Brokeback Mountain
  184. Another Form of Human Trafficking?
  185. Feminine Beauty
  186. Sd#257
  188. Before the Stars Left their Stripes Behind
  189. Sgt. Maupin, Still Missing
  190. Where do you contribute?
  191. 8001 Posts
  192. Sex at School Increasing, Some Educators Say
  193. Iraq battle stress worse than WWII
  194. Trying to Stay Two Steps Ahead of the Food Police
  195. Las Vegas Mayor = Nutjob
  196. Anti-Gay Marriage Law.....Wins in Court.
  197. 'I'm only the `gay bishop' when I leave New Hampshire,'' he says with a laugh.
  198. Hope your stay was a great one. Come again soon:O(
  199. One rich pussy...
  200. Yeah! Bush is here, let's destroy things!!!!!
  201. A gift for a wounded soldier.
  202. Former U.S. President Carter Condemns Abortion Culture
  203. 8 out of TEN or TEN in 80????
  204. Judge Dismisses Restraining Order, Husband Sets Wife On Fire
  205. What forum to post in? OR to the mod who moved my post
  206. FDA Considers Do It Yourself HIV Test
  207. Man Sues Ex Girlfriend Over Glue Attack
  208. Rumsfeld's growing stake in Tamiflu
  209. Former diplomat blames UN for killing millions
  210. First Case Of Bird Flu Reported in Florida...
  211. Family Loses Home To Katrina, Son To War
  212. WTC films planned, shot, and soon to be released
  213. House With Bride, $600,000
  214. Ex-marine tells of being given 'carte blanche to kill'
  215. Child Sex Trafficking
  216. Why Do People Worry?
  217. Torturer-in-Chief: Secret Prisons in Eastern Europe!
  218. let me tell you all something about gay marriage ...
  219. MERGED==> French Riots + a French Intifada?
  220. Bush To Debate Geena Davis
  221. Congratulations To All Bush Supporters..
  222. Australia Recieves Specific Terror Threat
  223. Tax Simplification
  224. I am just tired of them all.
  225. Gomery Report finally released
  226. Abortion advocates misguided on Alito?
  227. We Must Stop Halloween
  228. the politicized christian right vs. the cervical cancer vaccine
  229. Bono talks Africa relief with Bush!
  230. the Iraqi insurgency: one 9-11 a week
  231. This Day in History
  232. Genocide,Fraud and Fascism.
  233. When Being A Good Person Costs You Your Life
  234. it's Alito!
  235. prayer request
  236. Sd#256
  237. Basra:British Terrorist/Soldiers Foment War in Iraq.
  238. After London and Bali, Muslim terrorists kill more than 50 in New Delhi
  239. I'm off to see Tim Kaine with Barack Obama
  240. FYM LAUGH: Bush on Stage with Bono
  241. cash awaits you....!
  242. THIS is why Robert Kennedy is my hero.
  243. A bit off maybe...
  244. It's Halloween, not a Fall Festival
  245. Anne Rice
  246. "Scooter" Libby Indicted!!!!!
  247. THEOCRACY WATCH: Miers, what's next and what does it all mean?
  248. Rwanda's Paul Kagame:Africa's leading Mass Murderer.
  249. Henry Kissinger:War Criminal Extraordinaire
  250. Republican Criticizes Christian Sway in GOP