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  1. Drug Testing Welfare Recipients
  2. Asteroid Mining
  3. Harvard Professor Looking for Neanderthal Surrogate
  4. Fun meta-politics
  5. Teacher Fired for Previously Appearing in Porn
  6. France Sending Troops to Mali to Fight Al-Qaeda
  7. Breaktime
  8. RIP Thread
  9. Marijuana
  10. Obama General Discussion, vol. 5
  11. Bush Sr. in ICU With High Fever
  12. Woman Fired For Being Too Irresistible
  13. Study:Christians Under Threat Around the World
  14. Dealing With Opposing Viewpoints in Life
  15. The GOP News Thread
  16. FYM This...!
  17. The God Questions
  18. Mass Shooting at Connecticut Elementary School
  19. so long, it's been nice
  20. Fiscal Cliff Thread
  21. New York's Finest
  22. We Are All Stupid
  23. Ding Dong, is the Twinkie dead?
  24. "It's not a mountain,it's a hill"Actually a Slope."Negotiating" the Financial "Cliff"
  25. The Way-Too-Early 2016 Speculation/Discussion Thread
  26. The Petraeus Affair
  27. Veterans Day
  28. 2012 US Elections, Continued
  29. Is Feminism Still Relevant?
  30. Interference Poll: 2012 US Presidential Election
  31. Santa Calling it Quits...
  32. The Nightmare Stopped: 50th Anniversaryof The Cuban Missle Crisis
  33. The Other 2012 Elections
  34. October Surprises???
  35. Studies Show Boys Entering Puberty Earlier Along With Girls
  36. Slavery to be Eradicated in 30 Years?
  37. The Boy Scouts of America Cover Up
  38. Another "47%" Story:Debt Collector Verbally Assaults Disabled Vet
  39. RIP Arlen Specter
  40. 2012 VP Debate
  41. Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Christian DOMINIONIST
  42. Feel so-so stories
  43. 2012 Presidential Debates
  44. Weird, Baffling and Things That Make Sense Thread
  45. RI School Bans Father Daughter Dances
  46. To All The Jewish FYMers...
  47. Could SuperPACS Shift Strategy To Congress?
  48. It's the Economy, Stupid!
  49. U.S. Ambassador Killed Over Anti-Islam Movie
  50. Happy Labor Day!
  51. Bill Nye (the Science Guy): Creationism is not appropriate for children
  52. Neil Armstrong - takes last leap - R I P
  53. Tony Scott, wow, courageous, he is my hero.
  54. 2012 Conventions; Tampa & Charlotte
  55. David Icke - The Parasite Society
  56. Have you heard the one about rape? It's funny now
  57. How can you deny euthanasia?
  58. Male Nurse Feels Humiliated By Qantas Policy
  59. Bedroom Tax - UK
  60. Québec Election September 4th 2012
  61. Was the Allied bombing of German cities a war crime?
  62. NASA Cam for Curiosity's landing
  63. In the Shadow of Wounded Knee
  64. Writer Gore Vidal, 86, has died
  65. French summer camp workers sacked over Ramadan fast
  66. GOP Nominee 2012 - Pt. 5
  67. A profile of life in one of the US's poorest counties
  68. Watching Porn in San Fran libraries
  69. Gary Johnson 2012
  70. Early morning, July 20 - shot rings out in Aurora Colorado
  71. 17 Year Old Sexual Assault Victim Facing Contempt Charge For Naming Attackers
  72. Soho in 2012: behind the scenes at a London lap-dancing club
  73. Huge UK bank may face $1bn fine over massive money laundering breaches
  74. Marriage: The Great Equalizer?
  75. Merchants of Despair
  76. U2 and the Baha'i Faith
  77. Dark times ahead for Australia
  78. Economist Predicts Upcoming Crash to be Worse Than 2008
  79. Chris Rock's 4th Of July Tweet
  80. US investigative journalist banned from UK..was researching Channel Islands' scandals
  81. Happy Birthday America!!!
  82. Porn addiction related to other addictions
  83. Mentally Ill Man Shot Stealing Beer; Shooter Not Charged
  84. Scientology is a creepy and weird cult, says Murdoch on Twitter
  85. The Era of Women Playing Dumb For Men Has Ended
  86. German court outlaws circumcision for boys
  87. "The Common Party": A web series
  88. Should smoking be illegal?
  89. Austerity for us, double digit pay rises and champagne for them.
  90. Sin - Crime - Immorality > same? similar? different??
  91. Political Compass Test
  92. How the end of slavery led to starvation and death for millions of black Americans
  93. Teacher Tells Graduating Seniors: You Are Not Special
  94. The seven ages of drug addiction:the highs and the lows by those who experienced them
  95. How a two-term president became the quiet man of American politics
  96. Chagas Disease - The New HIV/AIDS?
  97. US rapper and dancer suspects in Tokyo hotel death of female Irish student
  98. The Opposite Of Loneliness
  99. On the US is a plutocracy beat: 80% of all Super-PAC money goes to pro-GOP groups
  100. Is education a right or privilege?
  101. Topless Ukrainian Feminists to Protest Euro 2012
  102. Egypt Heads to the Polls
  103. The Next Asia is Africa
  104. U.S. Veterans Discard Medals at Anti-NATO Rally
  105. The wrong Carlos: how Texas sent an innocent man to his death
  106. The earth is not rotating - spinning - or moving !!
  107. The dark side of Dubai
  108. Time magazine cover
  109. Fox News Contributor believes suffrage was a mistake.
  110. Canada's only true hero is now free again
  111. Romney's Pick for VP:Your Thoughts?
  112. let's be honest: it's the Republicans who ruin everything
  113. Charles Colson 1931-2012
  114. Are death knocks okay?
  115. Happy Passover, Happy Easter
  116. Canada can fairly claim to be the best-governed country in the world
  117. OK... this is just plain stupid.
  118. This article applies nicely to our little microcosm we have here
  119. Toulouse siege finally over in past few minutes
  120. ATOS kills disabled
  121. FACEBOOK ruined my life ! ! !
  122. Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs
  123. Pew Research Poll- The most intolerant crowd identified:
  124. Password Privacy
  125. Kony 2012
  126. CA Teacher Resigns After Leaving Family For Student
  127. The Ethics of Infanticide
  128. First impressions and ultimate impressions.
  129. The Christian Pastor
  130. An anniversary worth remembering
  131. ESPN Fires Employee For Jeremy Lin Headline
  132. Glenn Beck: Right-Wing Extremist??
  133. Gregg Braden: The Feeling is the Prayer
  134. Agent Orange Still Kills
  135. Child soldiers
  136. The trouble with tobacco haters
  137. Temple for Atheists to be Built
  138. Is it ethical to buy a smartphone?
  139. Cynthia Nixon Says She's Gay By Choice
  140. Jesus Hates Religion
  141. Sopa
  142. Hugo Chavez has months to live
  143. Dr. Martin Luther King
  144. One in 10 Germans want country to be run by a Fuhrer with a strong hand
  145. 2012 - The Year of Living Dangerously
  146. Helicopter Parents
  147. Texas Police Kill 8th Grader Who Was Carrying A Pellet Gun
  148. The perils of economic terrorism
  149. The cyclical character of capitalism-why boom and bust is unavoidable in capitalism
  150. Israel's Religious Tensions
  151. Banished Babies: the secret history of Catholic Ireland's baby export business
  152. North Korean State TV Says Kim Jong Il Died
  153. If I were a middle-aged white guy
  154. Christopher Hitchens has died
  155. Dutch Santa Claus Has Slaves
  156. Towards a consumerist-friendly anarchist aesthetic
  157. Full ban on cell phones while driving a car?
  158. Lowe's Pulls Ads From All-American Muslim
  159. "Violence, abuse, vomit: a night with the 'booze bus' medics at Christmas"
  160. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
  161. Predictions for 2012
  162. Bono on "Huckabee" Saturday night
  163. Virginia Tech Campus locked down after shooting... Yes, again.
  164. HIV Positive Boy Denied Admission To Milton Hershey School
  165. Someone is buying up US gun manufacturing companies
  166. "If Christianity goes, so does Europe"
  167. America Now A 'Battlefield' - You a POW?
  168. Baptist Church Bans Interracial Couple
  169. Conservatism is dying - because conservatives are too good-mannered and nuanced
  170. New Jersey Nurses Charge Religious Discrimination Over Hospital Abortion Policy
  171. All FYM global financial crisis / recession / economic collapse talk
  172. The Chakras
  173. JFK: WHAT RESONANCE Does He HAVE to People 40 YEARS Old and YOUNGER?
  174. Heart Attack Grill
  175. Is there such a thing as "location depression?"
  176. Alcohol and Sex: How do you gauge the line of consent?
  177. Congress Considers Censoring the Internet
  178. Power of Forgiveness and Prayers
  179. Teen Sex: What Americans Can Learn From The Dutch
  180. NBA lockout not David Stern's fault.
  181. I Am Over Rape
  182. Porn Legend Reads To Kids, Makes Some Parents Angry
  183. This is what I've escaped from
  184. True situation within Greece
  185. "Miss World" contest met with protests at 60th anniversary show in London
  186. Andy Rooney
  187. Man's Face in Gonad Ultrasound...
  188. Is anyone here not religious and not athiest? As in, just not pushy about religion?
  189. Happy Halloween
  190. Bullying - What Can Be Done?
  191. Slavery Footprint
  192. Personhood Amendments
  193. Questions over the west's policy towards the rebellion against Assad regime in Syria
  194. Breastfeeding / The babies need it!
  195. You + 6,999,999,999 friends
  196. Do you guys ever get nostalgic for the early/early-mid 2000s?
  197. New Atheism and the same old sexism?
  198. For my friends on the Left: Who do you feel is Obama's most formidable opponent among
  199. Uhoh, It's The End Of White America
  200. Swap:1,027 Palestinians for 1 Israeli
  201. oil spill in tauranga, new zealand
  202. U.S. Sending Combat Troops to Central Africa
  203. Margaret Thatcher and the new conservatism (from 1975)
  204. The Woman Who Knew Too Much
  205. Iranians Behind U.S. Terror Plot
  206. Performance Artist To Give Birth In Gallery With Audience
  207. 12 scary quotes about the forthcoming systemic breakdown
  208. Pro-tax Occupation Protests Held Across U.S. (O.W.S. Thread)
  209. Paul/Kucinich - Dream Team 2012
  210. RIP Steve Jobs
  211. Why Men Are In Trouble
  212. Republicans deliberately undermine democracy by sabotaging Congress-fmr GOP insider
  213. Alabama Attacks Illegal Immigration
  214. NYPD Warns Women About Skirts in Brooklyn Sex Attack Probe
  215. Uncreative Writing
  216. NYPD brutality
  217. "I Dream of Another Recession"
  218. No More Schweddy Balls!
  219. WP: It’s not ‘class warfare,’ it’s Christianity
  220. Classic U2 shirt
  221. Help All Kids Have the Chance to Learn Music
  222. Evolution Book for Kids Can't Get Published in U.S.
  223. Op-Ed: The Truth About Evangelicals
  224. Pat Robertson Says Divorcing A Spouse With Alzheimer's Is Justifiable
  225. Cherokee Indians Oust Blacks From Tribe
  226. "Racist" Spicks and Specks app censored by Apple
  227. NY Times Op-Ed on Moral Relativism
  228. How would you tweak your country's government?
  229. gasp of wonderment, tears of sorrow
  230. Democratic Party Nominee 2012-Who Will It Be?
  231. You are wrong if you criticise gender studies or the manner in which it is taught
  232. One Man Fathers 150 Kids
  233. Arizona to charge prison visitors...
  234. Happy Labor Day
  235. Are the Israeli middle class showing the western middle class the next steps forward?
  236. Geert Wilder's speech in Berlin
  237. The Serious Professor
  238. There Will Be Blood - Syria
  239. Melee at Theme Park Over Muslim Headscarf
  240. Liberal democracy cannot exist without a determinedly redistributive infrastructure
  241. What is your "Political Quotient" (PQ)?
  242. Adult Children’s ‘Bad Mothering’ Lawsuit Dismissed
  243. See there?
  244. Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple
  245. Mental Health Group Wants Pedophilia De-Stigmatized
  246. Bog body could be 3,000 years old
  247. Fired For Refusing To Wear A Speedo
  248. Mandatory Health Insurance part 3
  249. Gay Marriage Will Lead to Polygamy and Paedophilia
  250. Nassim Haramein: We are the Center of Creation