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Sherry Darling 08-04-2004 02:34 PM

Springsteen Interview on "Vote for Change" Tour

God I love him! :heart:



BVS 08-04-2004 05:39 PM

Great interview...

Interesting tidbit about his song being used, since we've had so much debate over this same exact thing lately.

STING2 08-04-2004 07:53 PM

Not a surprise, I'm sure Springsteen has voted Democratic in every election that he has voted in. I've recalled him making statements of support to Democratic Presidential candidates in the past.

achtung_zoo 08-04-2004 09:23 PM

i'd like to go to one of those shows, especially bc hes going to be in philly...but since hes not the only one there and since its the "Vote for a Change Tour" and I like Bush...I think I'll wait untill his next tour.

nurse chrissi 08-04-2004 09:41 PM

If you register at moveon.org. you get a chance at a presale for the tickets which go on sale to the public on August 21
STL is getting Pearl Jam/Death cab for cutie/Dixie Chicks/James Taylor - all good but no Springsteen:sad:

oliveu2cm 08-04-2004 10:04 PM

He's going to be on Nightline tonight at 11:35 EST. :cute: :love:

(emphasis mine in the below article)-

Chords for Change

Published: August 5, 2004

A nation's artists and musicians have a particular place in its social
and political life. Over the years I've tried to think long and hard
about what it means to be American: about the distinctive identity and
position we have in the world, and how that position is best carried.
I've tried to write songs that speak to our pride and criticize our

These questions are at the heart of this election: who we are, what we
stand for, why we fight. Personally, for the last 25 years I have always
stayed one step away from partisan politics. Instead, I have been
partisan about a set of ideals: economic justice, civil rights, a humane
foreign policy, freedom and a decent life for all of our citizens. This
year, however, for many of us the stakes have risen too high to sit this
election out.

Through my work, I've always tried to ask hard questions. Why is it that
the wealthiest nation in the world finds it so hard to keep its promise
and faith with its weakest citizens? Why do we continue to find it so
difficult to see beyond the veil of race? How do we conduct ourselves
during difficult times without killing the things we hold dear? Why does
the fulfillment of our promise as a people always seem to be just within
grasp yet forever out of reach?

I don't think John Kerry and John Edwards have all the answers. I do
believe they are sincerely interested in asking the right questions and
working their way toward honest solutions. They understand that we need
an administration that places a priority on fairness, curiosity,
openness, humility, concern for all America's citizens, courage and faith.

People have different notions of these values, and they live them out in
different ways. I've tried to sing about some of them in my songs. But I
have my own ideas about what they mean, too. That is why I plan to join
with many fellow artists, including the Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam,
R.E.M., the Dixie Chicks, Jurassic 5, James Taylor and Jackson Browne,
in touring the country this October. We will be performing under the
umbrella of a new group called Vote for Change. Our goal is to change
the direction of the government and change the current administration
come November.

Like many others, in the aftermath of 9/11, I felt the country's unity.
I don't remember anything quite like it. I supported the decision to
enter Afghanistan and I hoped that the seriousness of the times would
bring forth strength, humility and wisdom in our leaders. Instead, we
dived headlong into an unnecessary war in Iraq, offering up the lives of
our young men and women under circumstances that are now discredited. We
ran record deficits, while simultaneously cutting and squeezing services
like afterschool programs. We granted tax cuts to the richest 1 percent
(corporate bigwigs, well-to-do guitar players), increasing the division
of wealth that threatens to destroy our social contract with one another
and render mute the promise of "one nation indivisible."

It is through the truthful exercising of the best of human qualities -
respect for others, honesty about ourselves, faith in our ideals - that
we come to life in God's eyes. It is how our soul, as a nation and as
individuals, is revealed. Our American government has strayed too far
from American values. It is time to move forward. The country we carry
in our hearts is waiting.

Bruce Springsteen is a writer and performer.

BluberryPoptart 08-05-2004 08:14 AM

OMG, I cannot say how condescending and insulting it is, not to mention pretentious, for these artists to believe that their concerts are going to change someone's mind politically. If I like their music, fine, I don't have to agree with their politics. I won't shove mine in their faces and they needn't preach to me.

Sherry Darling 08-05-2004 08:30 AM

BP, how is it any more pretentious than all of us posting our ideas and opinions here (like you just did), hoping someone might think again, get new information, or cause you to think again? That's what open debate is all about.

Bruce's op-ed is well written, informed, articulate and based on ideals I personally hold dear. I'm very proud to be a fan right now. :bow:


A_Wanderer 08-05-2004 08:35 AM

He has a right to hold his opinion and a right to state his opinion to the world, I have no problem if celebrities want to speak out because I as an individual have the right to agree, disagree or call them a tool. I love freedom of speech.

Great OpEd by the way :up: , its not going to change my mind about the Invasion of Iraq but it certainly raises some good points that I agree with.

BluberryPoptart 08-05-2004 08:39 AM


BluberryPoptart 08-05-2004 08:41 AM

Everyone has a right to their opinion, and to speak it. But there is a difference between simply doing that and believing you have the power to change the minds of the masses using your fame. That is what's pretentious.

Also, we are only speaking our minds on a message board no one can see unless they are member. This is a major public event. I hope no one is stupid enough to change their vote because of a bunch of egotistical celebrities alone. :tsk: Other than REM and JT I dislike all these artists anyway, so I wouldn't go to the show if it weren't political, and even if it were free.

LarryMullen's POPAngel 08-05-2004 08:45 AM

I'm excited for these concerts, but at the same time I'm hoping it doesn't hurt Kerry's chances, since there was all sorts of fallout last year after so many artists spoke out against the war.

BluberryPoptart 08-05-2004 08:56 AM

Yeah that's what I mean too, it could backfire if other people see them the same way I do.

But for those of you who enjoy the bands, have a good time! If I liked the bands, I might go just to see the music, but not let them influence me. Still, if my money went to moveon, nah.

kobayashi 08-05-2004 08:57 AM


Originally posted by BluberryPoptart
Also, we are only speaking our minds on a message board no one can see unless they are member. This is a major public event. I hope no one is stupid enough to change their vote because of a bunch of egotistical celebrities alone. :tsk: Other than REM and JT I dislike all these artists anyway, so I wouldn't go to the show if it weren't political, and even if it were free.
good for you. you shouldn't go.

you rationalize that free and open debate is tolerable here because membership is required, while this by itself is flawed, it still rationalizes open speech at these concerts as they are ticketed.

one would need an email address and a user name to participate here just the same as one will need x amount of $s to gain entrance to these shows.

pax 08-05-2004 08:59 AM

Well, then, I guess Bono is just a pretentious asshole for doing the broadcasts from Sarajevo during ZOO TV, for even writing "Bullet the Blue Sky," for working for years for debt relief and fair trade for Africa... What a pompous prick, eh? :|

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